Monday, December 27, 2004

Thought: Semi-split self

"Where am I?"
"at school, of course!" / "some strange place??"

"Who am I?"
"come on, you don't have to check your ID, do you?" / "I don't know"

"Why am I here?"
"To learn" / "I'm not sure"

"Am I dreaming?"
"pinch yourself and you'll know you're not" / "Maybe..."

Seems that there's two of us inside this body.
One confident, optimistic and rational, can answer each of the questions above.
The other not sure about any thing, pessimistic and sentimental, always not satisfied with the rational answer.
Actually, I'm not really sure which one is really me...

My emotions are going up and down at a fast frequency, alternating between the two selves.
Some voice tells me I need to improve my EQ; another telling me there's a hole in my heart that I need to patch, with what??

One thing I'm sure, I'm really confused, but not sure of what.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

心情:On this morning's post

Well I was quite down this morning...
But feels much better after venting out my emotions here.
Just I don't have to do this over again tomarrow morning.
I've got to improve my EQ.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Optimistic on the outside, pessimistic on the inside.
You smile in front of all your friends, you laugh with everybody else, but you are crying on the inside.
Your friends tell you you're strong, healing so fast, but they don't see the helplessness inside.
Your heart is bleading, you try to run away, but realize there's on way you can run away from yourself.
Everyday you try to forget about it, but it just keeps comming back in the morning.
It haunts your mind everytime you're all alone, you can't concentrate on anything.
Turning up the volume, turning up the bass, want to scream with the music.
Lost all confidence, in self denial, wondering whay doing it in the first place.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

心情: A Lesson of Life

You could do all the day dreaming as much as you like
You could admire someone as much as you like
But you just can't ignore reality
I am thankful that I meet you and I learned a lot from this experiance
I now know more about my strangths and my weaknesses
And I now know how you could live such an intresting life

I well treasure the good memories
And it's always good to have a good friend

~Learning is what growing up is all about.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Thought: Done my Christmas shopping(finally)

Actually, it's my first time doing this my self
And the first time doing it for someone special.
I guess I've learned some things from this:
1. Good planning could save some time(yeah, I just went, found it and, viola, this is it!)
2. You could get wrapping paper at the bookstore for 70, but you can also get that for only 8 if you know where to find^^
3. Don't even look at the "pre-packaged fancy gifts" like a teddy bear in a plastic clear box with candy--they try to be fancy, but usually suck. Besides, it would be much better to package the present with your own hands, you could add a little touch to it.

Anywas, happy holidays!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Commentary: The Return of the Sprit of the Internet

I remember back in the early 90's (yeah, I'm an early web user) when the net was just starting to develop(well back when Yahoo was the only search engine), the web was once such a wonderful place. New stuff was comming out everyday, there was even a link on the Netscape toolbar labeled "what's new" which lists the newest sites. It was the era of rapid internet growth, with far less ads and almost everything free. Free news, free streaming music, free software, free email, free web space...etc. That's what it's all about, generosity. The spirt of the web was once "everything free".

Then came the internet bubble burst, taking a lot of the free stuff down. Maybe, people thought, it was just a little too generous. Then websites started to want people to pay. First, email spaces started to shrink, and they want you to pay for extra storage. Then they started to take down some of the other free services. Later on "registering" started to be all over the place, some free, some not. At last, the ultimate advertising era, with mail boxs full of spam; adware that don't charge you money but overwhelm you with ads; pop up ads everywhare; then automaticaly self-installing ad serving programs.

Now they are really getting on our nerves. People started to fight back. Now we have spam killers, pop up blockers, ad blockers that take out the ads from a page. I've even heard of a site called "bug me not" that do something like regestering for you.(well, the free ones I guess, but I haven't tried it)

But now, we are not only fighting back, we are making it better. People are doing more and more free projects that are open for anyone to contribute, eg. wiki, open source software. Great free services are comming back, and better too, with Google's Gmail taking the lead. What's more people are using free stuff to revolutionize media, with blogs and wikis, trying to do better then traditional misleading media. The whole internet community of the globe is pitching in to make improvements, and counteract the greed of big corporate behemoths. Now the web is finally improving once again.

Here are some great free stuff!
1. Blog hosting: (now owned by Google)

2. The wiki stuff:
3. Email:
>Gmail beta (not open to all yet, you need an invitation, but I'm sorry to say that I haven't got a single invitation to give since I got in)
>Many other older email services has ballooned to 250MB thanks to Gmail

4.Open source software:(which should be free)
>Linux OS(Although I'm not familiar with this, it's so significant that I must mention this, you can do a research, if your intrested, though)
> A spin off of Netscape, with many projects, including:
  • Firefox browser that's rapidly gaining ground, with pop-up blocking, and tabbed browsing.
  • Thunderbird mail application with spam filter and other great features.
  • The up comming Sunbird calender application
  • a mobile browser called Minimothat's coming to cell phones soon.
  • And of course, the old Mozilla browser suite(built on the old Netscape code) is still alive.
5.Other freeware:
>Skype- free VOIP net phone

6. Creative commons- see how people are sharing intellectual property, including music, texts and more.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

心情:great, I screwed up again

If you play it safe in life, you've decided that you don't want to grow anymore.

Damn it! I'm playing it safe once again.
I've got to break this habbit, now what do I change first?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

知識: 關於鋰電池

鋰電池充電的次數是固定的, 不管你是一次充飽, 還是充個幾秒鐘就拔掉; 只要達到那固定的次數, 電池就掛了...

我想, 關於鋰電池的傳言我大概聽過n種版本了
於是我上wikipidia查了一下"lithium ion battery"
1.鋰電池每次完全放電, 都會大大減短壽命, 所以不要把它當鎳鎘或鎳氫電池來完全放電
2.鋰電池的壽命一般是不會變化太大的, 不管你充電次數多少, 從"出場日"起算三到五年後它就掛定了. 下次買電池記得看製造日期呵!
3.若有一段很長的時間不會用到它, 保持在約40%的電力最好
4.高溫會加速它老化, 但也不要放冷凍庫

Saturday, December 11, 2004


畢竟pda可以替代隨生聽, 遊戲機, 照相機, 甚至是筆電的上網和文書處理功能
結果, 遊戲機和筆電是取代掉了
但是mp3隨身聽功能現在是用上癮了, 覺得記憶體不足, 想買個20GB的硬碟型隨身聽(sony walkman HD3)
然後, 加入單車社後, 騎車到很多風景很棒的地方, 開始覺得pda的3.1萬像素有點虛, 偏偏此時sony又出了付旋轉螢幕的510萬相素cybershot數位相機
(>_<);" >我又不是班上某同學, 為了隨身攜帶那成千上萬的高科技產品(anything, you name it, he brings it all the time), 還去買一個大到可以塞一個國小3年級學生的背包...

好吧, 買台好的腳踏車就好了.(然後專找資訊賣場試玩試玩, 過過乾隱)

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Note: New look for this Christmas and winter

Although I really live in a so called "tropical island" (Taiwan), it's still good to have a snowy theme, gives people that feeling of winter. And the red colors and green leaves give a some what warm feeling of Christmas. Christmas is on it's way, a time to celebrate, a time to get together, a time to share, a time to give, a time to have fun.
So I give you the new "Christmas look", how do everybody think? Kinda borrowed the idea of "snow" from japan's Yahoo. But all materal is freshly made, no copy and paste. Hope everybody'll like it.

Speaking of Christmas, wish everybody a merry Christmas, and wish everybody could be with friends, family and whoever they love on Christmas. And yeah, has anybody gone Christmas shopping? I'm wondering if there's any good ideas for Christmas presents.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

News: M$N 的新blog空間服務

也不甘示弱,來個「M*N 空間」(基本上就是blog)

「對於您張貼或以其他方式提供給 M******ft 相關「M*N 網站」資料 (以下簡稱「提供資料」),您同意 M******ft 得 (1) 使用、複製、散佈、傳送、公開展示、公開表演、重製、編輯、修改、翻譯和重新格式化 (Reformat)「提供資料」」

"CONTENT OWNERSHIP Unless stated otherwise for specific services, Member will retain copyright ownership and all related rights for information he or she publishes through Blogger or otherwise enters into Blogger-related services."

MSN Spaces = soylent green )







Saturday, December 04, 2004

Comments: On Fortune telling...belivable?

Fortune telling, horoscopes, tarot cards and the like have a common problem. I'm not saying there's any thing wrong with fortune tellers, I tend to believe that most of them do their best to give you a picture of the future.
Some people think these things are unbelevable, because "they're un-scientific", "just a matter of probability"or "myths". But although they are not proven (and unprovable) by modern scientific methods, they are also un-disprovable, you can't design a good experiment and directly prove them wrong. We don't even know if there are any of those so called "powers"or "channels". Which I would consider limitations of modern science.

Well then, ARE they believable? Read on.
The big problem of fortune telling actually comes from this unanswerable question. Just because people are unsure, most people(well the people that have learned what is science, that is; people who don't might just believe it) tend believe WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE. If people were told they well have bad luck, they pascify them selves by thinking: "That's not true, after all, fortune telling isn't scientific." On the other hand, if people were given good news, they would say: "Sounds reasonable", and tend to believe it. This is just what people are best at, selective faith. It's analogus to the reaction "I can't believe it!" when some thing bad happens to somebody. I guess it's something that evolved to lighten psycological stress on our brain.

So, if you want to be a respectable fortune teller, you not only have to be good at your profession, but you may also need to know a little psycology. (Is this why I more often get good readings then bad reading from my horoscope?)

And as clients, I would just take it for fun. Getting reading and waiting to see if it'll come true is kinda fun and exciting. But be careful not to spend too much time on these stuff and relating websites. If you spend most of your time here, the bad part of your readings might come true just because you aren't doing good use of your time. (some thing like getting an F on exams :) )

Thoughts: Absorb.Reform.Evolve...

The slogon of my blog: "Absorb.Reform.Evolve" is actually my resolution apon going to collage.
When I was a freshman, I tried to stick to just that. Because once in collage, you've got freedom, so learn as much as you can, what ever you want; and you've grown up, so reform, change and throw away the unmature, childish stuff. And then evolve into a better man when you graduate. I thought I was always afraid of this and that, giving my self too much limits, so I also wrote down a quote from Goethe: "Plundge boldly into the thick of life", as a memo.

After almost a year and a half in collage, I guess I didn't do very well, according to my "freshman's resolutions". First of all, I've still been too cautious, still losing many great oppertunities. Second, trying to live a more meaningful life, indeed I changed a lot, but my grades are slowly going down. I've got to try to balance school grades with play. Third, I put most of my time on play, web surfing and studying, leaving no time for additional book reading. Like, we've got a huge library, but you haven't read even a tiny part of the books, what the hec are you doing?

Alright, I've still got lots of stuff to improve on and lots of lessons to learn. Lots of stuff to learn more about, on my studies, on life, on love, on relationships...

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

News:What? A typhoon in December?

Watch out everybody, according to some news report, this could be the first typhoon to strike Taiwan in December in history!
40年首見冬颱 南瑪都最快明晚警報

Or is it just another weather report to keep readers reading on?
I just read the other day in a magazine that modern weather reportors don't always report professional predictions, but report the worst instead, because their supervisers want more people glued to the news reports--and the ads, that is.
Edit of 12/3:Hay it's comming for real! I hate typhoons! Go away! Get lost!

anyways, here's the prediction from CWB:

or from the US Navy:
Joint Typhoon Warning Center

Monday, November 29, 2004

My new web site!

Just did a website to organize my photos:
intelllidryad's forest
partially done, but will gradually add things

when will it be done?
will, some I-don't-know-when time in the future :)

Histology photos updated!

just added today's integumentary system photos
click here

Sunday, November 28, 2004


photos here

最高速度:55.4km/hr(mine, 下坡)

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Don't buy flexible toothbrushs with a rubber flexible joint

I broke my tooth brush, after only less then 3 week's use, and I thought that they say on most packages that you should change brushs every 3MONTHS!!

does your tooth brush looklike this? Posted by Hello

It was a "flexible" tooth brush, a brand starting with the letters "aqua..."
At first it was quite soft, but then it broke, where it was supposed to bend but not break.

see what I mean?

What a crap!! I'm not buying any flexible brushs any more.
Can I get a refund?

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


隨著討論版, 簡訊和即時傳呼軟體的流行, 表情符號也越來越多, 我的sony PDA(日文機)甚至內建表情符號(日本人稱之為"顏文字")選單, 還分類為"笑", "泣", "怒", "驚", "焦", "謝禮", "返事"和"其他", 可以直接選, 聯打都不用打(日本人還真是的...)
好啦, 我真正的用意是要推薦這篇文章, 有表情符號介紹; 還有"orz"的來源介紹喔!
(推:鋼彈版orz圖片 XD)
udn-yam 表情符號 千變萬化

>みんなの作った _| ̄|○クラフト "paper craft of orz"
~各種orz的圖片, 還有orz紙雕教學...
~挫折禁止orz交通號誌; 有人要拿來當msn照片嗎?

另外, 在google搜尋orz就更有趣了
>哦好熟悉, 這不是mXn嗎XD
>Windorz Update~哦好熟悉, 你的windowsXP更新了嗎XD

Sunday, November 21, 2004




Thursday, November 18, 2004


BXの新いblog:BX's kingdomは新作成!
Please check my links in the sidebar on the left of this page.
or click here

Damn, Biochem took me by surprise!

So I've been studying Histology for a week, thinking that Biochem is still sometime away and I simpily focused on Histology and forgot about it. Until just a while ago, I called up my organizer to see how many days I have to relax after the Histology exam. Then my jaws droped. The Biochem exam is JUST THREE DAYS after the Histology exam, which means I heardly have time to prepare, and I havent touched the Biochem book for a long time!
Damn was I stupid!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My stupid new quary file(名片檔) at ptt2 XD

Intellidryad is busy
I've gone on an on going conquest
killing time-eating evil EXAMS...
one each week

Monday, November 15, 2004

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Brain malfunction XD

I woke up one day, not knowing where I am, what time it is. I don't know what I should do. I don't know what I can do. I don't know if it's an earthquake or just me. I don't know if this is a dream or real life.

All I know is that I don't feel good, and as far as I know (which isn't much), I can do nothing about it.

--------brain recovering---------------

Alright, do something, anything, get busy. Just don't think about what you were previously thinking...*※#~...
┌──────────Fatal Error──────────┐
│The program just proformed a prohibited │
│action. Reset required.
│ [ Reset ]
...rats, brain short circuiting again...

Saturday, November 13, 2004

News: Setting the web on fire~Firefox 1.0 is out today

Behold...the ultimate browser.
Get Firefox!
To switch>english version here >中文版下載
News on cnet
(They're going to do an ad campain on the New York Times, so download it fast, before a whole lot of New York Times readers clog the server, making it slow!)
but I would suggest that those who are upgrading from previous versions or those who like extensions(stuff that add functionality) and themes(skins, stuff that change the look) should wait a day or two. I guess the firefox update site, where you get themes and extensions, is down because of heavy traffic...

browser=瀏覽器, 是用來上網逛網站的軟體
最多人用的是windows內建的IE, 但IE會自動下載病毒和廣告軟體喔
(註:大家喜歡的kkman是一個IE外掛, 不是獨立瀏覽器, 所以有跟IE相同的安全性問題)


「今天是個天氣晴朗的日子。刺眼的陽光從窗外照進來。走到戸外,蝉正在樹頭上高聲嗚叫 ...」請問以上引文是在描述那個季節?
如果這是一張國文考巻上的問題,答案是? ...「簡単,一定是夏天嘛!」
但問題是 ...這是我今天早上走出宿舍時看到的耶!現在是 11月, November耶!蝉還在這叫?!這是怎様,連亞熱帯地區的台北都可以是「永夏」?
是 CO2過多?還是地球原有的周期性氣温変化?Is there any thing we can do?
難道 1,2年後的國文老師教到這種題目時要説:「這是以前的状況,現在没有季節之分」 XD


2nd Biochem exam~edited!

>Time: 據說改到11/23, Tue 晚上6:30 ~ 8:30(time copied from ptt 生科work版)
(抱 歉, 為了搶救物理, 我第一次翹生化, 聽說是新老師, 而且比之前的教得更爛! 怎麼說哩? 之前的雖然大家一直罵, 但我若中午先走, 事後問BX說他教了什麼, 他至少都說得出來; 但這次他的回應竟然是: "他教麼爛我怎麼知道他教了啥?", 難道我第一次翹課就被我翹對了XD?)

>Exam range: starting from 講義p12~hiarchey of proteins
&emphinson's experiment: the determination of protein sequences
to~??(I don't know)

mechanism of Lysozyme and Chymotrypsin(p216,217)
*serine protease:
the active site- Catalytic triad催化三分体~Ser, His, Asp

>no homework prior to exams

News: A new way to read my blog!

My blog has an atom site feed!
(What is atom?)
That means that you can make a live bookmark if you use Firefox 1.0 or 1.0pr
And you don't have to goto the homepage to check for new posts, just check your live bookmark folder in firefox, and all of my latest posts will just showup there, easy as that!

So how do you do it?
(You've got to be using Firefox1.0 , of course!)
Just go to the homepage of my blog (if you're reading this in the page with this post only, please click on the blog's title)
and the little orange "live bookmark"icon will light up(on your right lower corner, on the status bar)
click on it and click "subscribe to 'intellidryad's blog'..."
choose where you want the folder to be and you're done!

Of course, you could do the same thing with other sites whenever that little gray icon turns orange.

By the way, if you have other feed readers, my feed is at:

Share: Great Music - A Japanese Indies group "J.e.t"

Great music don't need to come in an expensive CD
I found some websites that let people download FREE MP3s of so called "indies" music.
These are great people who like making music, and share their works with the world for free.(But some of them still sale CD's if you like them)
Among these groups, I expecially like a group called "J.e.t", their music gives you a clean feeling. Since I'm not very good at discribing music, just download and listen for your self.
The J.e.t. page at
Their own homepage

~If you want to save money but are afraid of being sued, just listein to music that's legally free~
On copyright for sharing, please visit the Creative Commons site.

Monday, November 08, 2004

A slide from Histology class Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 04, 2004

note: 有意義的文章回來了!



Just went to a great seminar~An Expanding Genetic Code

Our Biochem Teacher went abroad to attend a meeting, and a much better one came to teach this weak. Finnaly a good teacher who can at least get us intrested in Biochem once again. Today, he told us there was this seminar when the name "Peter Schultz" appeared in the text book. He said that this guy might get a Nobel prize in the near future for his great work, and that Schultz HIMSELF would be speaking here at school this afternoon. Finally a great seminar that I have time to go! And I just went "Wow" and grasped the chance.
Actually, I never thought Biochem could be so intresting before this. The title was "An Expanding Genetic Code", and he talked about how he changed a gene coden to represent a 21st amino acid, in addition to the normal 20 amino acids found in organisms. He thought "Why are there only 20 amino acids encoded in the genome in all life? What if God also worked on Sunday, would the number be something like 21, or 22?" (Which makes me think: How come Christens can always add "God" to every thing they think of?) And so they(him and his team) started out on a project to add more amino acids to an organism (E.coli actually) and see what could happen, and see if it will have an advantage or disadvantage over life with only 20.
In the process of translating mRNA (which is a info carier transcribed from DNA) into proteins, ribosomes read the mRNA strand and tRNAs bring the correct amino acid to ribosomes and add the amino acids up into a polypeptide chain (a precursor to proteins). In the process, an enzyme called "Aminoacyl-tRNA synthatase" load tRNAs with the correct amino acids.
So they tried to mutate tRNAs and Aminoacyl-tRNA synthatases to carry and load the specific amino acid they wanted to add. Surprisingly, it took them 6 years, several tries to produce what they want. I guess you need incredible patience to succeed in such an ambitious and ground breaking research, and you need lots of funding to do it, too. So it took them 6 years just to get the right tool they needed, now they finally are starting to add unnormal amino acids to E.coli.
They tried several different kinds of amino acids, even artificially synthesized amino acids with unseen-before side chains, with much success. Even more astonising, he said that because most triplet codes in the genome are already used for important Amino acids, only 2 not commenly used codens could be utilized to introduce additional ones. In order to add more, he did further mutating to get tRNAs and Aminoacyl-tRNA synthatases that use codons with 4 basepairs! And success again! Now there are already major pharmaceutical companies using these methods to develop new protein based medicines. In conclusion, he said that the proteins of life are constrained by the genetic codes, to only 20 amino acids, with no apperent reason.
What's intresting is that in the making of those tools, they made large mutation pools, insert into E.coli, and use negative selection to get the one they wanted, by adding genes that make the unsuccessful ones die off. What's more, in the adding of 4-based codens, it also competes with the less seen triplet codes which has a same sequence as on the 4-based. This is very like the development of T and B lymphocytes of the immune system, which also selects the sucessfull cells and let the failed ones die off. Which also makes me think of the similarity to the process of evolution of life it self. How intresting it is that the rule: "survival of the fittest" applies not only to the evolution of species, the developement of lymphocytes, but also to genetic engineering techneques. Maybe this is THE ULTIMATE RULE of life. Wonder if it also applies to anything else associated with life?

News:(kind of old news though) Bush gets to stay in DC for another 4 years

Looks like Bush won by a slight difference again. Actually, from an american point of view, I don't think there's much difference between Bush and Kerry. (Well, if you ignore the jokes on the tonight show that Kerry and his partner are constantly kissing and hugging like gay...) And I think that's why the 2 got a similar number of votes. But from a Taiwanese point of view, I'd say I'm happy because Bush is less likely it butter up China, and is more friendly to Taiwan. Which means that we could live safely for another 4 year, with a less possibility of war with China, since Bush will protect Taiwan.
Anyways, congrats to Mr. Bush, and good to see Kerry's a good person who is willing to admit he lost.
Good thing that he didn't went around saying" Not fair", shouting "Vote not valid", sueing everybody, creating riots, and practically messing up the whole country~~like some loser did when he wasn't elected the Taiwanese president(may be hard to understand if you're not a Taiwanese, but some people are really childlike). 1 or 2 bad losers is enough to mess up this country, those guys should see Mr. John Kerry as a role model.
Maybe we should write a law that says:"Losers who didn't behave well after an election can never apply to race again in their life."

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

心得: 植多實驗畫圖原則




(當然還有最基本的 1.用點呈現陰影 2.線條不要交叉)


Sunday, October 31, 2004

Photos: 自己無聊騎車衝木柵

發現往左通??~好我忘了, 只記得有一家即將開幕的家樂福...以後可以騎車到家樂福耶

大師啊~po個連結到你的個版吧Posted by Hello

對了, 這次又再次證明了我們成功是台北市最小的高中這個事實...
我經過景美時, 發現他們光警衛室就至少是成功警衛室的4倍大XD

A Thought...The consequences of BK's free drink refills prefer Burger King over the "m" talk your self into buying a drink, even if you're not thirsty decide to eat in instead of bringing the food home- just for the refills try every flavor, coke, sprite, tea, orange soda, ... drink until you feel like your bladder is going to burst tell your self:"No, it won't burst, it's made of transitional epithilium...", and you still keep on drinking
7.your bladder starts to hurt, and you thought:"come on, just a little more, I payed for this."
8.after you finally leave, all you can do is constantly running in and out of the restroom
9.and your bladder still hurts baddly...

Alright, just an exaggerated joke, I didn't experence this in person :)
But you've got to have some self control before walking into BK.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

cereal in a box, chinese style, part of this complete breakfast. Posted by Hello

Monday, October 25, 2004

Biochem HW of Oct 26

1. Where on a phospholipid chain does the enzyme phospholipase A1, phospholipase A2, and B, C, D cleave?(check the text book)

2. In what range of degrees will alpha helix and beta sheet occure on the Ramachandran plot? (check the text book p125)


Sunday, October 24, 2004

news: 納坦颱風來, 明天放假


中央氣象局 颱風警報單
發 布 時 間:民國93年10月24日22時15分

警 報 種 類:海上陸上颱風警報
颱 風 強 度 及 編 號:中度颱風,編號第24號
...from here


>明天(Oct 25)放假XD
but anyways, 書唸不完的同學們把握機會!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Notice: Yeah! This site has had more then 1000 visitors!

Visitor flow has been growing since I've opened about 2 months ago.
Although I, my self still constitutes a part of that number, it's still feels kind of good.
Intrestingly, most of you visitor, are my classmates, seeking for those Biochem HW questions.
Wish you would also find my other posts intresting, as I try to keep the quality of the blog, and try to make it better.

心得: 跟著單車社殺山路

今天是入社以來第一次跟單車社的同學們出去騎車。因為自己只有學生車,只好借社車。騎好車殺山路豈止一個爽自可以形容!過去都是自己一個人,沒技巧,騎便 宜的登山車,靠蠻力,又騎又牽車的。現在車好、變速好,再加上有技巧的踩踏和新的觀念,輕輕鬆鬆,不必下來牽車就殺上去了。中途下車的路段,除了是大家集 體休息或等候面的同學外也只有拍照時才會下車。

great scenary Posted by Hello /curving road Posted by Hello

vegetation Posted by Hello

looking down from the top Posted by Hello
另 外,以前都覺得能在陡坡尚祈車繼續踩踏前進而不必牽車的人很厲害;其實是靠「好車」的加持才做的到的(當然,若在山坡上還能用高速檔前進那就太強了)。 「好車」騎起來真的感覺很棒。檔位多,變速反應極快,煞車靈敏,車價輕……只是一萬塊以上的價格真的很恐怖。但這下真正體會到consumer report雜誌所說的:「若要買車絕不要在低價大賣場(discount store)買!」


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Biochem HW of Oct 21

1. How many kinds of different protein folds may be produced by a protein coil/chain with 5 pairs(a total of 10) of sulfhydryl groups?

and the HW of Tue is here
(or just look further down the page...)
(重要:please click the comment link)



(expecially you..., if you are reading)

心情: 學校的課外活動...

難道是說是我們考段考的time range拉得太長,




Comments: On our biochem class, *sigh...

Just read the first 3 chapters of the biochem text book. (will, of course not every single word...) And I must say, Biochem is quite an intresting part of science, if it isn't for that guy who teaches poorly and totally screwed it up. Yes, it's not only intresting, it's a hot topic, and still developing, helping the advancement of biology and medicine and eclipcing traditional chemistry. In the words of the Wired magazine, Biochem is still wired, but that guy is tired. I guess I'd be reading the book myself in the future, and attending class just to know what's going into the exams and what's next week's home work.

You may be good at research, but if you are not intrested in teaching or find it annoying, then quit, just do the "glorious research" of yours. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Biochem HW of Oct 19

ch2: 2,3,8,16
ch3: 10,12,14

2.Why in SDS-page the small molecules come out first while in gel filtration the small molecules come out last, although they both utilize polyacrylamide gel.
(Tip: check the difference of their sieving effect. SDS-page 在課本p92; gel filtration=Size-exclusion chromatography, 在課本p90~91)

3. Polystyrene resin is a strong cation exchanger, what is it's structure? How does it bind with a sulfonic acid group?
(Tip: check the Merck Index, or search the trademarks: "Bio-Rad AG 50" or "Dowex 50")

4.the problem on the handout p11~Arrange the order of elution...

5. The structure of Ninhydrin?
(Icetimerの更正:The structure of Ninhydrin and how it reacts with NH2 of amine)
(anyways, 我也漏了後半題但我印完了, 算了)

*And I still don't know where!
alright, if I want to learn some stuff, I need to forget how bad he teaches; but focus on what I can get from him, no matter how less.
But hay, he's better this time!

Photos from the NTU auto show..

porsche carrera/front Posted by Hello ferrari 328 gts Posted by Hello

ferrari interiorPosted by Hello ferrari front Posted by Hello

lexus sc430 Posted by Hello mercedes SLK Posted by Hello

porsche carrera4/frontPosted by Hello smart cabrioPosted by Hello

Great boost of free e-mail space

Since Google came out with the ultimate G-mail beta
which provides 1Gig mail storage for free
it suddenly became every free e-mail provider's pain in the ass
and then there was a big frenzy of free storage space up grades
first it was Yahoo mail, which grew from 5MB(or 6? I forgot) to 100MB
then Hotmail, from 2MB(or 3? I don't use Hotmail, I'm not sure) to 250MB
And then all along G-mail is still in beta
So thank Google for making other companies provide better service ^^

Alright, now what surprises me is that
with no hype, no publicity,
My Netscape mail is silently upgraded from 5MB to 250MB!!
And Netscape mail's site still says 5MB!!

Which reminds me of my Yahoo mail upgrade
Yahoo mail users of the whole world got the upgrade in about early July (I guess)
While Yahoo Taiwan said we should wait till the end of August.
When I saw the news, I was a little mad at first (since I also use a Yahoo Taiwan account)
And I logged on Yahoo mail to check
What I found was some kind of glich or something,
but I got the upgrade just as fast as the users in the US
while all the other friends using Yahoo Taiwan's mail was still stuck with single digit MBs!!

Although I don't have a G-mail invitation
I guess I'm always the lucky ones who get the early upgrades (lol)

But really, I rarely use more then 7MB of my Yahoo account (which I use the most)

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Thought: Learning in this age

Just got a thought...

when you have questions on your studies
there are always those guys with photographic memory
who can give you an answer to your questions right away

But when ever people come and ask me
I'd usually say
"Wait, I guess I've saw that some where..."
"I think I know where to find the answer..."
once I learned something
I don't remember a lot of stuff in detail
but I remember where to find it

wonder which is better?
knowing where to get what you want? or photographic memory?

but of course, I can only play my trick in this age...
I mean, if I live in an age without libraries or google
I'd certeinly be trash...

Friday, October 15, 2004

On music software

Have been using Sony's Sonicstage instead of Apple's iTunes for the past weak
just for the eye candy...
I admit that iTunes is still the best in ease of use and functionality
but after using it for a year
I guess I'm a little sick and tired of that "brushed metal" look

Looking for new stuff to play with
I even downloaded Windows media Player 10
2 days ago
it was quite fun, with color changer and play speed changers
And I thought:
This is a Real player killer
But anyways, even if Windows media Player 10 didn't come out
I guess that crap would just die by itself...

After 2 hours, I decided that it still isn't easy enough to use
and despite the color changer and stream lined user interface
I still like the look of Sonicstage
Sony does know how to make eye candy's
and the easy of use is good--only Apple can do better

心情: Trying not to think about it...

Oh boy
I guess I have a tendancy to think too much when I'm alone
and usually thinking about bad things

Funny that I can seem all that happy and optimistic in front of others
But extreamly melancholy on my own

Joined the bike club today
just to find more friends
and find stuff to do on the weekends
cycling with others seems healthier then moaning for yourself alone in the library
busy doing something would let me forget about it...
at least while I'm doing it...
which means I could be temporally be happy for a while
expecially bike riding or swimming(like I did yesterday)
feeling the speed of the air or the water flowing past me
Guess I'm using the feel of speed for what people use drugs for-- to forget about the sad stuff
Speedaholic I am.

Speaking of addictions
The volume of my clie(which I use as a walkman) is constantly rising
frequency of listen also rising...
musicaholic I am, also.

Damn, why can't I just enjoy life?

物理実験レポート について

〜A4 の紙で書く〜
>other 2数据


Thursday, October 14, 2004

隨筆亂寫: 年輕


Hate post: What an asshole!

今天那傢伙(who?我同學都知道吧!但在網路上指名罵人是會被告的...所以還是不要指名是誰, 發洩一下情緒就好)真的超臭屁的
教的不好, 人人嫌, 竟然還能那麼臭屁?!

See for your self.
What he said today:
什麼?不懂? 那我也沒辦法啦.
這麼簡單的東西也不懂, 是怎麼進臺大的?
你們浪費我太多時間了, 我還有很多是要做!"

既然你那麼偉大, 時間那麼寶貴, 那就不要來開課, 去做你的偉大事業好了

Today's Biochem HW ~ Oct 14

1. How does the Dideoxy method work?
2.How does DNA splicing by DNA restriction enzyme work? What is Palindrome?

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

心情: Tonight...

Have been anticipating tonight for days
But things just don't go the way you want them to

With this suddenly obtained free time
I suddenly don't know what to do
since I don't assign 2 tasks to the same time period

Went to renew my swimming pass for another year
I guess there's no better way to pick your self up when you feel down

After some physics problems(for the next day's damn test)
I went to the pool and dive in
And rats, I feel weak after not swimming for the past month
Right foot hurting from yesterday's bike ride
Left leg's gastrocnemius also starting to hurt because it's keeping up with the Joans...
But so much is going on in my mind that I not only forgot about it but can't even swim in a stright line, bumping left into people and right to the lean dividers
Hay, what's going on with me?

Oh boy, so much for "the big day"
Once again, all I can do is keep on waiting

Maybe I am a fool...

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

心情:big day for me I guess

This is it, don't freak out at the last moment again...

Didn't some one said: " If you play it safe in life, you've decided that you don't want to grow anymore."?

Wish me luck, if you are a friend who knows what's going on... :p

Comment: Are we a SINGLE organism?

Wow, never thought of that, but we could actually be seen as an "aggregate" of organisms, instead of simplly one organism. Why? Because we have all sorts of bacteria, fungi and other organisms living in our body. And the strange part is that we only have several trillion human cells in our body, while the bacteria cells in our body has a population of more than 100 trillion cells - many times more than human cells. So we really should inclulde the other residents when we mention a "human body". Although revolutionary, but it's a quite simple thought. Neat, isn't it? Now, again, why we haven't thought about that before?

See: Wired News: People Are Human-Bacteria Hybrid
And hold your chin tight--in case you're so surprised that it falls to the ground.


買了顆拉麵轉轉蛋, 正好給我的招財貓吃...
Posted by Hello

photos: 金山的廁所門...XD

哇, 可以把我彈到月球去嗎?會內傷嗎?
Posted by Hello

Monday, October 11, 2004

Biochem HW of Oct 12

1.p10~What is the pI of the dipeptide Lys-Arg (The three pKa of Lysine are 2.2, 9.0& 10.5 and those for Arginine 2.2, 9.0& 12.5)?
(我也不會算耶,課本好像只有教amino acid的 pI算法 (p84)没教dipeptide的算法)
(~今天(Oct 15)老師草草率率的教了一下...)

2.What is beta oxidation? What is the outcome of the beta oxidation of Serine?(Note: Thr Trp can also undergo beta oxidation)
>為何我查到的beta oxidation 是lipid的反應?

3. Find the dielectric constant of Methanol, Benzene, Acetone; compare them with water(dielectric constant=80) (and discover the magnificance of water~like, yeah right)
>tip: check here
|Methanol (77° F) 32.6
|Benzene (68° F) 2.3
|Acetone (77° F) 20.7 / (127° F) 17.7 / (32° F) 1.0159
|~None is higher then water

Sunday, October 10, 2004

心情;剛班完宿舍 ...






好,接著找同學一同跑光華,買滑鼠(舊的太爛了,你動它,游標不一定會動)、網路線、和麥克風(for skype)
(目前在使用同學的 apple ibook在他的房間blogging,mac OS很棒,但還是不習慣...)


Friday, October 08, 2004


>In big shits, hit your mouth shut
>need: self management, passion, relationships, dreams
>Team work does more -> synergy
>#1rule in relationships: listen to others.
>give your self time to contemplate: What am I doing? Where am I going?

Thursday, October 07, 2004

我の宿舍〜 T_T

原本很高興終於有了宿舍、去向教官報到 ...




Wednesday, October 06, 2004

today's biochem HW Oct 7(更新&除錯完成)

1.Which amino acid has the most chiral centers?

2.p9~How many optical isomers for arginine(Arg)and tryptophan(Trp)

3.How does the amino acid Pye control hair color?(tip: Pye is a precursor of melanin)
^sorry, but I strongly suspect that it should be Phe, not Pye
(Phe-->Tyr--> Melanin)

5. How does sickle cell anemia occur?

XD. What does "eat your heart out" mean? ^^


走走停停,中徒還到多花2分到別の地方看看,結果到達目的地還是只要 19分 35秒,比昨天坐校車快 20分耶!但那様的塞車状況在校車上度過還是較好。

註:my PDA是日文機、故本文中有些字是日式の漢字 ...

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

photos: 怪腳踏車...




Monday, October 04, 2004

Biochem homework of Oct 5

1.p7~what percentage of glucose solution can be used to substitute for saline solution?
2.what is the amino acid "Tris"?
3.p7~What is the major amino acid in proteins to be used as a buffering acid/conjugated base to maintaia constant pH in cells or plasma?(tip: use this software to draw structures: "Chem Draw")
4.p7~How is Bohr effect related to the maintenance of pH in red blood cells?(tip: check the graph in your text book)

Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity

Saturday, October 02, 2004

News: Diatom genome mapping

我們可愛的藻類之一diatoms竟然如此神奇, 跟我們人類對於含氮廢物有一樣的處理方式! 那麼他們也會產生尿素摟?
article at

Comment: Palmone Tungsten T5 may come out next week

Updated Tungsten, Treo set for release | CNET
So much for our long wait for the Tungsten T5, it doesn't run OS6, but for a simple reason.
So this is the reason why NO ONE, not even palmone, wants to make models running palm OS 6(colbat)-->It's desktop software dosn't support macs! Ha! Ha!
Palmsource, are you reading this?

But other then the OS, it's still a disapointing handheld, at least to me, so I won't even consider it unless my NX dies.

First of all, that Tungsten E case is ugly.
Second, still no built in WIFI, and only a single expansion slot. Which means that you can't download stuff to a card.
Third, can't they just dump real player/kinoma and write a better audio/video player?
Last, all of the above are not a problem on the clie NX(with a second slot for WIFI) or TH series, so how come Palmone still prefers to play catch up even after Sony left the market? Waiting for HP+Microsoft to eat them up?

^rumored photo from

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

心情: stupid comments

a friend of mine killed his old blog and did a new one
as boring a I might be
I posted a stupid comment longer then his own "re-open notice"
writting about the way he killed his blog...
I guess I read too much of Mary Higgins Clark's novels this summer... :P

photos: 中秋夜...

high lights:

但忙著吃, 卻沒拍什麼照片...
>starring: basa幫主, BX &健淵馬麻


^ 馬麻打虎拳喔...

Comment: The browser wars part II

As with the recommendation of some US security government to trash IE and the release of Firefox 1.0pr, all the magazines and relating sites started to write about alternative browsers like crazy. Funny, how come these guys suddenly started to recommend switching? It's like they are tolerating the lameness and unstableness of IE for years, and then all of the sudden, they finally "relized" that IE sucks. Come on does it really take you years to figure that out?

I have been using Netscape since it first came out, far before IE even started it's development, and never in my life have I switched to IE. I simply can't stand that slow, unstable, ugly and confusing thing from Microsoft. They even built IE into 98 to kill Netscape. What's more, Netscape(ver. 4.x) used to be very stable on 95, but on 98 it started to crash frequently, and I strongly suspect something dirty in 98 was done to make that happen.

But while IE continued to crash into the XP era, since ver.6, Netscape (now with a mozilla counterpart and a gecko rendering engine) seldom crashed on me. Netscape 7.x, no matter on 98 or XP, never, ever crashed in my face. And since IE is integrated into windows, it might be the only browser on this planet that will open security backdoors to your OS.
^a screenshot of Netscape 7.2 with "google bar" and "multizilla" extensions installed

Ironic as it is, after Microsoft unethicaly trashed Netscape years ago, now the offspring of Netscape, Mozilla Firefox is fighting back, geting all the attention and fame.
firefox 0.9.2
^a screenshot of Mozilla Firefox 0.9.2

(I'm not going to do any deeper coverage since you can read more then you need at any news stand or book store, or farther reading here)

Anyways, for a easier life(with tabbed browsing), less ads(ad blocking), less viruses, less worms, a safer computer and much more great reasons(if you are reading this with IE that is), please click on the links on the sidebar on your right and get a mozilla based browser for free right now!

P.S. Flash player doesn't come with Firefox(but it does come with Netsape), so you should get it your self at

Monday, September 27, 2004

Saturday, September 25, 2004

note: 希望の白いウサギは ようこそ~

私の 新しいblogpetは
ここに 住みましたよ~

希望を 持って来ますか?


心情: 等待...

"Everybody's waiting for something..."




opinion: 中秋節吃什麼?





Thursday, September 23, 2004

note: just anotber compatability test


~blogging on myクリエ~

Reval: 關於三菱汽車

Mitsubishi Motors admits to further cover-ups


Comentary: Let the media revolution began!

So, CBS admitted it's "misreport", thanks to a blogger.
This makes me think if I, as a blogger also, have the duty of picking out the media giant's wrong doings.
I am already long unsatisfied with the media, expecially when the TV news in Taiwan sucks like no other, constantly reporting boring stuff such as how "beautiful" some model is, how big is her brest; or praising comunist China as THE superpower of the 21st century; or asking the victims of some disaster stupid questions such as:"How do you feel?"...And much more garbage that makes our whole family ditch TV news more than 6 years ago. What's more, I'm recently ditching radio news because they suck, too. Now, since I've ditched TV and radio altogether, what can I say about the media?
Oh boy, if I can't critisize them, I can still boycott them. And maybe I would post something unreported that I noticed about the world we live in from time to time.

related reading:
Wired News: Blogging the Story Alive

resource: for classmates in plant diversity


plant evo tree

life cycle