Saturday, June 30, 2007

北海道自転車旅行:Jun 30, 1st half: The flight

A nice cool morning, 4am. Woke up slightly tired. Yesterday was a busy one, with a whole morning of report typing and packing in the afternoon way into midnight. Packing a bike is way harder then I thought. Factor in the box modding (cutting it smaller), disassembling the bike and fitting it in, and then controling the weight within 18kg(the limit was 20, but I wanted to be on the safe side).

Well, after breakfest, loaded my baggage and got in dad's car to the airport. The work on the box was will worth it, as it fitted just right in the trunk. My friends were already there when I arived, sealing their boxs with tape. As airport usage was so familiar to me as 2nd nature, I got the name tags, stickers and "fragile" labels, and start working. Check in took so long because it was so overbooked, and they tried to talk us into taking another flight, 1hr later. Well, the youth hostel we booked had a relatively early check in office hours, so it was eventually no deal. Good bye to the free breakfast & 2000NT compensation for enough time to get from the airport to Sapporo.

It was 毅軍's first flight abroad. He was so excited and intrested with everything in the airport, taking pictures of practically everything. Now, the fun part is in the take off. He was shouting like a kid, going like (translated): "Oh my god, I'm flying, I'm flying, my heart's beating so fast, the plane's shaking, we're floating... I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky... We're turning..."

For me, it's first time on China airlines. It was a 737-800, one of the newest incarnations of the ledgendary Boeing 737. The interior is more modern and comfortable then a 747-400, and Iam farely surprised that a single isle plane can provide such a smooth ride. Service is very good. Something special is the they let the people seated in the rare board first to avoid congestion in the isles. There's even moisturizing lotion in the lavatory. Yet there are no peanuts nor snacks before the meal, and the meal, though tasting good, a little less in dishes then Japan airlines, which I usually fly. For example, no soba noodles, the cake simpler(creamless), and no bottled water.
Something special about this flight is that, unlike 747s with which the checked baggage is packed into cargo craters before loading onto the plane; our checked baggage is loaded directly into the cargo bay. And as we've got 3 huge boxes, we could spot them easily, and sure enough, we saw from the terminal waiting room, our boxes loaded onto the plane.

Sapporo is farther then I thought. The estimated flight time is 3.5hrs, as compared to 2.5hrs to Tokyo. Yet I'm not sure if there is any difference between the speed of a 737 and a 747, which I usually take to Tokyo. be continued.
June 29th: Packing << | >> June 30th /2: 札幌

Friday, June 29, 2007

Packing my bike: fighting shipping damage and the 20kg limit

I got a box that doesn't fit very well. A little too short in height, and way too long. Thus, after disassembling my bike and modifying the box, it was like 3 hours past. Well, was a special experience anyway.

I took apart almost everything. I took off the usuals: seat, wheels and paddles. And then, the whole rear derailer and the handle bar. Oh, yeah, the chain, also :)

See the plastic "gloves"? My chain's inside :)

>>June 30th, the flight

Thursday, June 28, 2007

MTA510 減肥成功!!

我的愛車 MTA510 - Celer Actin 網站標示重量 13.8 kg
無牌煞把 + Deore 變把 -> Deore 煞變把
Deore 鏈條 -> KMC X9SL
正新 1.75 廉價胎(有鋼絲吧) -> Kenda Kwest 1.25 光頭胎
然後加裝座墊包(含補胎組、六角板手組、打鍊器、備用內胎、輕便雨衣) + 水壺架 + 打氣筒 + 碼表再拆掉腳架後
重量變 11 kg!!

13.8->11, a 20% decrease!

車 + 座墊包 + 水壺架 + 打氣筒 11 kg
紙箱 4kg (好恐怖...)
貨架 0.5 kg
馬鞍袋 2 kg
共 17.5 kg (小於華航的20kg上限)

安全過關^^ 不過馬鞍袋還沒裝東西。希望馬鞍袋可以當carry-on, 那才是真正安全過關。


Tuesday, June 26, 2007


上週還全心投入在實驗室的 Deletion construct 和 Reporter assay 中,就算期末考將近,也完全沒有心情,也沒有動力唸書。已經一隻腳踏出校門的準畢業生,看到課本中一堆理論的東西,都覺得很不實際,跟實驗室中實際的實驗或甚至校外的真實生活沒甚麼關聯。於是覺得考試、上課是無聊的東西,不太想碰。一頭栽入實驗的世界裡,整天待在醫學院;上週五為了去保健中心看皮膚科而回總區亂逛時,竟然已經開始有種懷念卻陌生的感覺了。

而隨著 Reporter assay 結束,細胞處理掉了、Construct 送 sequence 靜待結果,實驗室的工作也差不多告一段落了。這次 construct 能夠跟 lab mate 馨誼合作真的學到很多。因為過去已經連續敗在 DNA cloning 的手下兩個夏天了,對於這次 construct 的初步檢定結果都只要沒有完美的顯示成功就悲觀的告訴自己「又失敗了,重作吧!」我心裡想得只有 debug 實驗過程和重作。馨誼卻以很特別而樂觀的觀點來解釋我們的結果。恩,直接送 sequence 吧,一定有的。沒想過我對實驗結果得解讀會因為過去的失敗經驗而受影響。希望這次,construct 真的能成功。

期末考科數不多,每科都大玩臨時抱佛腳大法(這樣反而還不會有「唸過但忘記了」的狀況發生)。今天最後一科:基因科技,很幸運的出了應用題,考了實驗室最常有人做的EMSA和過去一個月一直在研究的serial deletion & site directed mutagenesis。好耶,不用念就會的東西。於是,很高興的寫完,第一個交卷。

本週,脫離了以實驗為重心的生活,忙著跟一堆人道別&做北海道之旅的最後準備。今天跟 BCT 的學生聚餐,聊了很多。一直因為覺得當助教常被學生問倒,不能給他們讓我自己滿意的回答而自責的我,今天才知道他們竟然認為我懂很多,大部份問題都回答得出來。是我自我要求太高?自信心不足?不過,經過當助教被學生用一堆五花八門的問題轟炸的經驗後,我發現自己在實驗室跟 lab mate 討論時比較能夠表達自己的看法,對實驗各種狀況的解釋也比過去扎實了。


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Music phone manners

MP3 capable music cell phones are slowing getting into people's pockets, replacing Walkmans, iPods, and other music players. The first batch of music phones used to be clunky, hard to use and only has memory to hold 5~10 songs. Then they start to get memory card slots alowing huge memory upgrades, and the user interfaces got better and better. Then came Sony Ericssion's Walkman phones and Motorola's iTunes phones, using branding to remind consumers that phones really can play music well, a feature previously largely ignored by consumers. It is then that music phones starts to boom.

What's different between music phones & dedicated music players? Other then the ability to make calls, phones have real loud speakers that were made to do loud rings. In the case of music phones, manufacturers saw that this speakers would be nice for music playback, and tweaked them to play loud music in good quality.

Now, the walkmans with headphones start to be replaced by phones with speakers. Thus you get a modern digital pocket boombox. Some people start to do away with headphones and play music loudly with phones in the public. You see dumb asses on the bus, the seat right behind you, booming out their favorite music, which happens to be the very tune that you hate the most. Hay, other people are not deaf! Give a little consideration to others when you are in the public, will you?

When new forms of tech comes into life, people forget to apply manners. Rude e-mails, phone rings in speachs & meetings are all examples. Come on, just apply a little common sense and be considerate to others. Excuses of "Mom didn't taught me back then"just doesn't cut it.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

BCT 助教工作結束

帶生技系的學弟妹做實驗是個很快樂的回憶。不但在教學得過程中可以複習 BCT 教過的東西;也了解了很多我從沒想過的看實驗的不同看法;各種千奇百怪的實驗失誤方式也令人大開眼界(Load DNA gel 沒加 dye, DNA漂掉了才加 dye... 塗菌棒燒紅了馬上插到整杯酒精中整個燒起來...);在配藥與分裝藥品的過程中更是把修課時因助教代勞而沒學到的前製工作搞清楚了,總之當助教的收穫真的很大。不過更重要的,又因此認識了很多很high很歡樂的朋友(奇怪,為甚麼生技系可以這麼歡樂?)。



上週四,最後一次上課。在均郁請喝飲料、大家狂拍照、還有錄影、發表感言、和一片歡笑之中,這學期的 BCT 週四班就告一段落了。跟大家這樣度過了一學期,就這樣結束,有一點點些微的哀傷。





「小助,有沒有 dd water?」

Thursday, June 14, 2007



總之,最近 blog 很乾不是因為不想寫,而是生活太精彩,沒時間寫。
(事情多到連 lab notes 都一直寫不完,期末一科都還沒念...orz)

衝啊~ Deletion construct 跟 Reporter assay 都要給我出來!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

WWDC '07

It's Steve Jobs' show time again! This is really going to be big for Apple, new OS, great popularity, fast growth...

The first big thing I see from Engadget's keynote live transcript is EA, the largest game publisher in the world, announcing Mac support for several new games. Count in also the most successful game company Blizzard, which has supported the Mac all along, and you can wave the days of "game-less Macs" good bye.

Sure's amazing for Apple. In the past year, I've got so many classmates asking me about Macs. And with every one I know who tried Windows Vista complaining about how they hate it, I think it is likely that many of my friends will be "upgrading" to a Mac when they get tired of Windows XP. Wait till Apple releases a light weight Macbook that doesn't heat up too much, and people will be buying them in doves :)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


送舊、謝師宴、聚餐... 原來畢業也頗忙的...


Sunday, June 03, 2007


回家時,到火車站,車剛打包完又剛剛好一班車開走... (這半年來,凡舉公車、客運、捷運、火車都有 90% 以上的機率碰到這種事。無論我何時出門一定會見到一班車從我面前走掉,這不是滖是啥?)接著,下一班原本30分鐘後的車誤點20分鐘,等於我在車站耗了一個小時以上。不過剛好在我有帶相機時見到太魯閣號,算是不幸中得一點補償吧...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

車社送舊 & マダオ

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