Saturday, March 31, 2007

Five for Fighting | Two Lights

After listening to Five for Fighting's "The Riddle" on Pandora for some time, I was addicted to the song, and went to a store to pick it up (for 12USD, the normal price in the US, yet expensive from Taiwan's standards). It's been many years since I last find an English song that I truely find touching and can't resist the desire to buy. Five for Fighting, which is really a one man band of John Ondrasik from LA, does light rock music on a wide range of topics from love, peace to family, and even wisdoms of life. This is really what I like the most, songs about experiences, memories, struggles, all the feelings that you get in real life. Like a breath of fresh air in a world filled with "love songs" that only focus narrowly on romantic relationships.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yahoo mail's storage turns infinity

Yahoo is expected to remove it's 1GB storage limit from it's free email service, by it self, a pretty cool decision. Yet, as a long time Yahoo mail user and a Gmail convert, I think Yahoo missed the point. Although this upgrade would give Yahoo a great competitive advantage over competitors (Gmail has a constantly growing limit, now at 2.8GB and still growing slightly everyday; Hotmail has a limit of 2GB), that would not win me back over to use Yahoo mail as my main email.

Yes, at first I tried Gmail because Yahoo mail at the time has only 6MB, while Gmail has 1GB. But then, I was hooked on to Gmail's simple and fast AJAX based interface. Soon after, Yahoo updated their service to have 1GB storage, and then added an AJAX interface that, frankly, looks better then Gmail's. I considered moving back to Yahoo, which was my first email account, I sure did. Then 2 things bugged me.

First of all, Gmail has a nice notifier that pops up the moment you get new mail, allowing me to give real fast replies, and never worry about forgetting to check my mail. Well, with Yahoo, I sure can fix that with a widget or Yahoo messenger's mail notifier. Not as elegant, yet does the job.

But here's the real pain in the ass: spam. Gmail's spam filter does so good a job that I only see spam about once a month: it is only the graphic based spam that could get pass the filter. Gmail allows me to enjoy email once again. On the other side, Yahoo lets at least 2 spam mail into my inbox everyday. Yahoo even has a fancier name for it's spam filter: "Spam Guard (TM)", yet, it lets the same spam past again and again. I could click the "this is spam" button to train the filter, yet the same identical spam shows up tomorrow, reminding me that the " this is spam" button never works.

Yahoo still doesn't get the point. They add fancier functions time and again, yet the spam filter still doesn't work for me. While Gmail keeps my inbox clean, and also provides the luxury of simple text ads that don't bother me, and tight integration with other Google apps, such as spreadsheets, docs and much more.

Watch the fun Gmail puppet show on YouTube :)

Monday, March 26, 2007


TMNTWho's interested in remembering some memories from childhood? Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles are back, this time in modernized 3D computer animation. Ah, the good old days as a kid, always having fun... By the way, did I say this movie come back has gotten highest sales in box office last week in the US?

In theaters March 30th in Taiwan, anyone wanna go? Anyone?

Official site
Intro on Yahoo Taiwan

Sunday, March 25, 2007

New tires

Today I changed my bike's tires from the chunky XC tires (the CHT cheep 26/1.95 tire that came with the bike in front and Kenda Karma 26/2.0 in the rear) to the newly bought road tires that my friends got me from Taichung (Kenda Kwest, 26/1.25). It is much thinner, and smoother, with no chunks. The road tires were actually for my Hokkaido trip in Summer, but I really wanted to test it out and wear out the wax that came on new tires.

Changing the tires turns out to be a 2.5 hour bike maintenance since in the process I noticed that my rims was coated with a thick layer of brake shoe "powder" (the debris from the rubbing of the brakes with the rim), by bike really dirty, my brakes worn out (and the metal parts in the brake shoe was already starting to eat into my rims, ouch!), and my chain also real dirty. So, after the lengthy tire & brake shoe change, and cleaning up my chain, gears, rims, fork and body, I finally got to go out for a test ride.

Switching to road tires was a strange feel. When I first started riding good bikes (more expensive one, in contrast with commuter bikes), I was really satisfied with that "vroom" sound that the chunky tires give, which really sound like motorcycles. But now, it feels a little, well, too silent. With a newly cleaned chain & gear set, and smooth road tires, it's like you glide on the road, with no more then the sound of the wind. It's supposed to be more energy efficient with road tires, but the feel isn't that dramatic, since the roads around my home wasn't that smooth (you get a lot of pot holes and rocks on the road); the difference really kicks in when you start going up hill, when you notice that you can still maintain a speed of 25km/hr on slight hills, it's like all hills are much easier now. Going downhill is another story. Since the tires are thinner (1.25), the downhill curves aren't as stable, as I yet to get used to the handling of the feel. I need more practice to get full control of these tires.

Something else noticeable, is that the tires, being thinner requires much less air to fill up. So I can easily pump it to 60psi before my hands get tired (with my tiny mobile pump, I mean), where as with 2.0 tires, I could get tired before I get the pressure up to 50psi. This and the less weight of the tire it self also contributes to the decrease in energy loss. Yet, with the crappy roads around home, that also translates to a bumpier ride.

On the look of the tires, mine has 2 bright yellow strips on the sides of the tires, which really doesn't look too good on my black/brown bike. Oh well, that's what you get when you trade in good looks for bargain prices...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Skinning Google

Google has always been well known for their barebones clean-looking search-only homepage. Now, look what's new with their personalized Google homepage?

I logged in with my Gmail account, set up a theme, and there it is, cute and beautiful. I like it :)
Maybe this will be something that'll make me start using the Google homepage again, since I usually use the search box in the right upper corner of Firefox to search, without even seeing the Google homepage...

--- update---

It's now noon, and the theme changed! Now the tea garden is sunny, and the fox has gone out on a boat ride in the lake :)

Also, as you can see in my Wired news headlines in the screenshot, Wired has a report on this cute move by Google.

Friday, March 16, 2007




「我有在兼職約嗎3200 2H」



Saturday, March 10, 2007

Asahi ビールは...

台灣市面上有2種Asahi: Asahi 生ビール&Asahi ビール 乾杯。前者42元,後者32元。印象中,報紙曾經說過「乾杯」系列是為了打價格戰而推出的。但憑甚麼罐子上多打了「乾杯」兩字就可以便宜10元?今天喝的時候,仔細看了一下標示, 發現Asahi生ビール 一如一班人印象,是日本進口的;而「乾杯」卻來自中國深圳的「青島啤酒朝日有限公司」!


另一方面來說,在台販售的青島卻是代理商在屏東設廠生產的。難道說,「Asahi ビール 乾杯」才是真正中國生產的青島啤酒?

Anyway, one thing for sure, 我家以後再也不會買「Asahi 乾杯」了。

Friday, March 09, 2007

Beer catapult mini fridge!

Some Duke graduate modified his fridge to throw him a beer, while sitting in his couch watching TV, with a flick of a remote! Cool!

Robotic Beer Launching Refrigerator - The funniest videos clips are here

Read the full story at MSNBC

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Logos [in Wikipedia] [in Wiktionary]

In my first Philosophy class, today, the professor talked about a lot of interesting thing, so much at I start to regret taking the class as late as in my last year, which is, now. The sad part is that a lot of the lecture has a strange nature that makes you really don't feel it's right, but can't think of any good way to retort, and can't help but agree with him in the end. But over all, the lecture today makes me think, makes me feel like I have a fresh, enlighted mind. I am now starting to have a taste of what the famous quote of René Descartes: "cogito ergo sum" (I think, there fore I am.)

The professor mentioned 2 important ideas of Philosophy: Be able to express/talk (as the greek word: Logos), and be willing to speak. He said: "People who don't speak are no different from dead people to me." Well, that sure is something I should remember, since I don't express my self very well, and I seldom speak. I should try to trash the "silence is gold" crap, and adopt Logos as part of me.

Saturday, March 03, 2007




Friday, March 02, 2007

用 MacOS 內建的 Terminal 上BBS!

當有人問說用 Mac 如何上 BBS 時,「去灌 Alien BBS」似乎已經快要成為標準答案了。不過昨天竟然有朋友說不好意思在公用的電腦上灌軟體,希望 Mac OS 有內建的可以上 B 的東西 orz (老實說,公用電腦是 Mac 很少見呢,不過在創意工作場所出現 Mac 應該是正常的吧) 於是我研究了一下如何讓 正確顯示中文,竟給我成功了XDD
昨天整理了 step by step how to, 現在就 Po 在此,以後有別人問時就可以看這裡了^^

  1. 先找出「終端機」(
    • 若有spotlight (螢幕右上角的放大鏡),直接搜尋「終端機」就可以了。
    • 若是舊版的MacOS可以到 Finder->「應用程式」資料夾->「工具程式」資料夾。
      Finder: 點 dock 中(桌面下面那一排圖示)最左邊那個笑臉


  2. 接著要改終端機的語言編碼設定
    • 螢幕左上方的選單中選「視窗設定」
    • 在跳出的新視窗中,上方的下拉式選單中選「監視器」
    • 視窗中下方的「字元集編碼」改成繁體中文
  3. 改終端機的顏色設定
    • 剛剛的設定視窗中,最上方的下拉式選單中再選「顏色」

    • 然後把標準顏色改「黑底白字」就設定完成了
  4. 最後,由終端機啟動 telnet!
    以ptt為例,輸入”telnet” (也就是 telnet +空白+bbs網址)



Thursday, March 01, 2007


今天在找 seminar 要報告的 paper 時,忽然突發奇想,來找找我去年暑假在洛杉磯做的研究主題的相關論文好了。




還好現在的 project 快要結束了,而且還找不到在做類似東西的 paper...