Saturday, October 23, 2010


前年 St. Patrick's day 買的三葉草似乎很怕冷。夏天長得很茂密,但葉子換超快,每3~5天就倒一堆又長出新的一叢。



Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gap's Jeans sell

Went to Gap because they are holding a "recycle your old jeans" promotion, where you get 30% off a pair of Jeans if you bring in an old pair; 10% more off if you bring a coupon from Gap's Facebook page.
So I dropped by our local Gap just to realize that all Jeans are 40% off already, no need for any coupon nor old jeans recycle. So the recycle promotion is a joke? Anyways, 40% is nice. But then the Jeans they have don't feel as good as the worn out Gap Jeans I brought in to recycle... And the huge words "MADE IN CHINA" are written in extra large text on the pockets inside. Man, these Jeans are $32 after the discount, and you print this oversized (the area size of a adult's foot) sign of blatent cost cutting? Are you trying to send people to Target and find Jeans for $19.99 instead?
End of Rant, Gap was awesome 5 years ago, not so much anymore.mood

Friday, October 08, 2010

After math of Peregrine coffee

After that first try of Peregrine roasted Kona coffee, it really left such a bad taste in my mouth that I didn't felt like drinking any coffee for the past few days.

Tomorrow's coffee party I'll only be doing beans roasted by Old city coffee, at least I am sure they do great coffee.

Thursday, October 07, 2010


因為去人本帶過兩次冬令營,所以我的email就進入了人本的宣傳email list了。也因為去參加過活動,對人本多多少少有點感情,所以這些廣告信有時間我還是會看一下。




Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Interwebs BS

The internet is full of BS. People write articles that seem scientific, but don't provide any scientific evidence. Instead they try to "seem creditable" by throwing in as much degree names (a Ph.D. here, an MD there...) and celebrity names in the article.

Yet it is just human nature to believe what they want to believe, instead of what's supported by hard evidence. Though it is surprising to realize that some of your extremely bright friends are among those psudo-science believers, too.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Future of Friends

I knew that's the way it is, I saw it coming, I've experienced it again and again, yet I still don't feel comfortable about it everytime it happens.

Once a good friend finds his/her mate, they need and want to focus on their mate, thus they spend less time with their old friends, it's just human nature. Yet, being the friend left behind, it still feels sad that it'll never be the same good old times again.

Old MacBook

My Old MacBook has been showing it's age for a long time.

It's slow for many tasks, and would shut down it self if I move it. Thus I've relegated it to web surfing only.

Yet recently Adium (my IM client) has been acting up, somehow it always thinks some of my MSN friends are off line; and it always tells me that it couldn't add some friends to my list. Trying to fix it, I reinstall it, and it cannot even log into the MSN messenger network anymore.

I've found that the latest version of Adium fixes all issues, yet that requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). But my old MacBook is still on 10.4 (Tiger).

I wonder should I upgrade my OS. My old computer worked very well on Tiger, so I was just too lazy to upgrade. But now, I also wonder if my old, old hard drive would survive the upgrade...

Ahh... issues with a 5 year-old computer. Why can't MSN just work like it did in the old days? Why should I be forced to upgrade the software?

[Coffee notes] Hawaii Kona Moki's Farm, roasted 9/28 by Peregrine coffee

Hawaii Kona beans of Moki's farm ordered from Peregrine coffee, roasted Sep 28.

Got the beans approx. 5 days post the roast date, thus this should be when it tastes best.

Ground with hand mill to a thin powder. A strong creamy smell while grinding.

Brewed with Vacpot, water slightly over boiled.
Beans were light brown, yet the resulting coffee is quite dark.
Hint of blueberry smell about 30secs into brewing. No special notes afterwards.
Little cream seen when coffee drops into the bottom pot.

Resulting coffee tasted dry with little oil. A little burnt flavor when hot.
Nutty flavor, thin body, very low in sweetness. No farther change in taste after cool down.

Should try:
Lower water temperature to avoid burnt tone. Longer extraction time to try to get some more body out. Dryness and lack of oil seems unfixable.