Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Finished Hanoi Tower!!

Just finished my own version of Hanoi tower with C#. Non-recursive, no gray code.
I know this should be a piece of cake for programers, but for me, a beginner, it took me at least 8 hours in total, from asking questions, looking for referance, to plaining , coding and debuging. Boy was it satisfying!


Now, a late night meal to replanish all the glucose I used up in tackling this thing.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Firefox ads on firefoxflicks!

Firefox Flicks!
Here's some intresting Firefox advertisments, all made by Firefox lovers. Since the Ad submission contest is nearing an end, they're posting up some of the best each day. Enjoy!

Now this is truely the best: This is hot
Amazing animations!

Like it? Click on the Firefox flicks button on the top!

Alpha series DSLR, reborn.

Konica Minolta sold it's camera technologies to Sony last year and backed out of the camera market. Minolta was once a highly recognised brand, but has been suffering for the last few years. At some point, it was bought by Konica, and now it's assets sold to Sony.
(See Konica Minolta's last DSLR here)

Sony has just anounced that the sony branded DSLRs well be marketed under the "logo" moniker, and the first products, with Minolta's alpha-lens-mount system, will be avaliable this summer. More choices is always better for any market. So it's a good thing that Minolta's ledgend won't be going away. Can't wait to see what Sony will do with DSLRs.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Life science math homework notes

So that whole system of short hands of PDE calculations is called the Einstein notation:

The Levi-Civita symbols, also called permutation or antisymmetric symbols, is actually the εijk part:
=+1 if (i,j,k)=(1,2,3), (2,3,1)or (3,1,2)
=-1 if (i,j,k)=(3,2,1), (1,3,2)or (2,1,3)
=0 if i=j or j=k or k=i

While the δij part is the kronecker delta:
δij =1 when i=j
else, δij =0

For info on the last question (caution, very long):

For (i) in the 2nd question, it wants us to explain the " Euler equation", however, the seems to be tens of hundreds of " Euler equation", and I can't find the right one. Please do tell me if you can.
(∂v/∂t)+ v・∇v = -(1/ρ)∇p - ∇φ

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pandora: Can you help me discover more music that I'll like?

Find Music You'll Love - Pandora

Just found this amazing web jukebox in an article on rohdesign, and it really amazing!

It's a flash based music player. You first enter an artist you'd like to listen, it then starts playing a computer generated playlist with songs of a similar taste, guessing the type of music you'd like. If it picked one you don't like, you could tell it to choose another one, and it'll refine it's guess, to better suit your taste.

The sound quality is quite nice by on-line streaming audio standards. What I like is that it's just like a personal radio station designed just for you, and you could accidentally stumble upon a piece of music that you like but never heard before.

Back to the basics of handhelds

Rohdesign Weblog: Back to the Future: from Zire to Clié
Jim's Tips | PDAs: Back To The Basics
PDA 247 | In Praise of the Z22 by Tom Stoneham

Here's 3 articles on the basics of PDAs: personal information managment. It's intresting that most people don't get it that Palm PDAs are first and fore most electronic organisers.

Yes they can play music, they can surf the net, they can view documents, they may take pictures... you name it. But it's core function is to organise, an evolution of your dayplanner, your pocket notebook. It remembers your appointments, remind you of them; it saves all your contact information, all your notes; it has a list of the things you must do but haven't. PDA stands for "Personal Digital Assistant", it manages your information, your appointments, just as a real assistant should. It s not just a synoym for "flashy toy that does everything". Everyone asks me if it does phone calls, or GPS. What's so important about those two? Isn't your normal phone enough? Don't you know where you are going? Can't you ask your friendly pedestrians for directions?

Yeah, it could play games, it could play videos. But the one single function that make it indispensable is the PIM functionality. It's the important things that count, it's the zen of Palm.

There must be a better way to live

I have turbulent, labile emotions.



Monday, April 17, 2006

More snakes



BX怕蛇= =|||

Saturday, April 15, 2006


省道118, 又稱羅馬公路, 新竹馬武督山到桃園羅浮
之前聽服務課助教說他騎跑車去過, 一天來回
今天,在報紙上看到介紹, 真想去
不過, 要玩的高興, 需要3天吧

Thursday, April 13, 2006

A day of pythons and stupidity







在社辦,我忘了是誰拿我的耳機去玩了。後來一回到圖書館,就發現我那不到一年的,Made in China的爛耳機竟然接觸不良,掛了!貪小便宜買sony入門款果然是不對的。不過,也真是的,我這個沒音樂就活不下去的笨蛋,竟因耳機不能用,就心情盪到谷底,今晚也就沒唸到書。唉,雖然現在心情正常了,不過,明天要花800上下去買新耳機了。不過了,on the bright side,至少我不像朋友一樣,只要有「主機板」的東西,管他是桌上型電腦、筆電、手機、PDA全掛。很好,只掛個耳機的我也算是幸運的吧XD

Now, Google's online calendar

Google Calendar
Google just came out with a new web app: google calender. Nice and elegant, similar to Gmail. However, I keep everything in my Clie, which is always with no matter if I have a web connection or not. Also, I can't seem to find a simple way to import my datebook data from Palm desktop.
However, what's intresting here is that Calender+Gmail, means an on-line competitor to Outlook. Eat dust, Bill Gates!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Plans for the remaining days of my undergrad life

As I start preparing for tests and prior work for grad school applications, I start to feel that I don't have much time left here.

Here's what I'd wish to achieve in the comming 1.5 years before graduation. This is what I call "reasionable day dreaming" :D

Summer 2006
1. UCLA lab work (Horray! I found it!)
2. Buy camera, ソニー サイバショットH3, H5(more control) or N1(coolness)
3. GRE general test
4. Find graduate school targets

Fall 2006
1. GRE subject test, bio & bio-chem
2. send graduate school applications (a least 15, I guess)
3. 家教打工見つける (saving up for biking trips abroad :) )
4. find next lab for the school year (This time, I 'd like to focus on viruses)

?. 北海道自転車旅行(too cold in winter, but I'm busier in summer...)
?. 蘭嶼自転車旅行(all seasons ok)
(of the above, find at least 3 friends, with a max of 6)

Summer 2007
さよなら 大学生活~~!

Monday, April 10, 2006


(Notice:因之前出現錯誤,投票從4/11 1:00AM開始重記,截止日期往後延一天至4/16號)




  1. 狂用flash8... 撥接的,等到死吧;PDA/PSP/smartphone使用者,永遠看不到
  2. 網頁各部分參雜了各年不同風格的網頁,incoherent
  3. 為了美觀,犧牲usability(要連到各頁都要先跳回首頁)

  1. 好看,高水準
  2. 資料豐富(我們的文書呢?)
  3. Navigation頗清楚的,不會迷路
Major objectives:
  1. Elegancy
  2. Usability
  3. Design consistancy
  4. More content
  5. The Wow factor
  6. Interoperability
1, 2, 3, 5, 6都已初步達成,不過都有改進空間。

北市單車 將登錄車籍

自由電子報-生活新聞-北市單車 將登錄車籍

我不爽不是因為我習慣違規,容易被罰錢;而是不爽停車要收錢。莫名其妙。要加裝前燈也很奇怪。1)白天要前燈幹嘛? 2)安全帽才是最重要的。







Saturday, April 08, 2006



昨天去幫Puma store宣傳,光發個傳單,就有「怕會對人家造成困擾」的感覺。結果,發出去的張數比別人少很多。



Life is a struggle.


In spite the impending midterm exam and reports, I still don't feel like preparing. The search for a summer lab slot has been futile, with no ideas what to do next. As for my GRE, I'm still headlessly memorizing vocabulary, with poor achevement. With summer just around the corner, I'm in somesort of panic, feels kinda like I'm going to screw up my future this year. Don't know how to go on, and I find my self avoiding my problems. I began deleting the unacheveable entries in my todo list, and ignoring others. I am franticly riding my bike as much as I can. I borrowed a book of Edgar Allan Poe's poems, to enchant myself, to feel the helplessness in The Raven.

I now see emptyness and fear in my future; I feel the weight of the world on my back. Don't know what to do.

Quoth the Raven "Nevermore."

Friday, April 07, 2006


之前有讀者來信,說陽明山的櫻花應該很棒。可惜當時我比較忙,而且想說新中橫已經看了一堆山櫻花,就一直拖延沒去。今天總算是有時間去了。整個下午因研究所考試而放假 ,雖然期中考快了,不過真的念得很煩,就衝陽明山,行義路上,巴拉卡下,再經淡水回來。



巴拉卡的風景還是一樣棒。不過今天風很大,再加上路面品質差,凹凸不平(胎壓不該灌60的,有夠震的),今天下坡很慢。今天的最高速:64km/hr 很神奇的是在下山後的101上的緩下坡達成的,可見巴拉卡的路況有多差。


YUI / From me to you


去年,YUI的的2張單曲:Tomorrow's way 的MV出現在日本Sony的walkman recommendation site,當時就覺得對於這種乾淨的吉他搖滾音樂有種久違的感覺,就決定等她出專輯一定要買。

整張專輯都是吉他音樂,有點像Michelle Branch的風格,也有點像「光明版」的Avril Lavigne。有趣的是,她很喜歡在歌詞中參雜一些英文,結果,是典型日本人的英文:用的怪怪的,發音也怪怪的XD




Thursday, April 06, 2006


photos here
第一次把車社大活動當ecological tourism, 終於有像「別人眼中的生科系」XD

嗯, Sony Cybershot F707真棒,4、5年前的產品比現在市面上的任何一個非單眼數位相機都好用^^

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Writing tools

Most people use ball point pens, I can not fathom why. To me the mechanical pencil seems to be the best thing for writing. Using good leads, you get a smooth and clean writing experience. With a small eraser, rectifications are simple and easy. Get a mechanical pencil with a big chamber, fill it up with a whole pack of leads (about 20~40), and you can write on for more then half a year with no hassles.

Let's see how pens do. For corrections, you either need a bottle of slow-drying liquid paper(which sometimes clog up); bulky and expensive correction tape; or scraps of paper and glue. Sometimes the pen is old, or you forgot to recap,or you might have accidentaly dropped it, or for no apparent reason, the ink just gets clogged, or ink gratuitously comes gushing out, or maybe the "ball" of the point just fells out. Farthermore, you use up ink fast, either you buy a new one, or get ink refills, every few weeks. Just think of all the hassle.

Clearly, the pencil is much better. All you have to do is concentrate on your writing.


Let's now talk about pen compuuting. Using handhelds for years now, I'm really wondering why we are stuck with keyboards and mouses on PCs. Sure, typing on keyboards is still the fastest input method. But the mouse? You've got to move the cursor to the correct spot, point it and click. that's at least 2 gestures. With a touch screen, all you do is tap, 1 gesture max. Neat and simple. So why didn't touch screens catch on? Price? That is one, but I guess the main reason is that no big company has strongly promoted it on desktops. Microsoft is trying to push it with tablet PC, but with a price way too exorbitant. They threw in a poor writing recognition system, stripped out the keyboard, and told you that you could doodle and scrible. The best combination should really be a touch screen usable with your finger(you could only use the stylus on tablet PCs) to replace the mouse, a good writing recognition system (such as Graffiti on Palms), and retain the keyboard. Wish future desktops are going this way.


So, here's the most used writing tools I use everyday:
-a mechanical pencil
-a stylus