Monday, December 27, 2004

Thought: Semi-split self

"Where am I?"
"at school, of course!" / "some strange place??"

"Who am I?"
"come on, you don't have to check your ID, do you?" / "I don't know"

"Why am I here?"
"To learn" / "I'm not sure"

"Am I dreaming?"
"pinch yourself and you'll know you're not" / "Maybe..."

Seems that there's two of us inside this body.
One confident, optimistic and rational, can answer each of the questions above.
The other not sure about any thing, pessimistic and sentimental, always not satisfied with the rational answer.
Actually, I'm not really sure which one is really me...

My emotions are going up and down at a fast frequency, alternating between the two selves.
Some voice tells me I need to improve my EQ; another telling me there's a hole in my heart that I need to patch, with what??

One thing I'm sure, I'm really confused, but not sure of what.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

心情:On this morning's post

Well I was quite down this morning...
But feels much better after venting out my emotions here.
Just I don't have to do this over again tomarrow morning.
I've got to improve my EQ.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Optimistic on the outside, pessimistic on the inside.
You smile in front of all your friends, you laugh with everybody else, but you are crying on the inside.
Your friends tell you you're strong, healing so fast, but they don't see the helplessness inside.
Your heart is bleading, you try to run away, but realize there's on way you can run away from yourself.
Everyday you try to forget about it, but it just keeps comming back in the morning.
It haunts your mind everytime you're all alone, you can't concentrate on anything.
Turning up the volume, turning up the bass, want to scream with the music.
Lost all confidence, in self denial, wondering whay doing it in the first place.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

心情: A Lesson of Life

You could do all the day dreaming as much as you like
You could admire someone as much as you like
But you just can't ignore reality
I am thankful that I meet you and I learned a lot from this experiance
I now know more about my strangths and my weaknesses
And I now know how you could live such an intresting life

I well treasure the good memories
And it's always good to have a good friend

~Learning is what growing up is all about.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Thought: Done my Christmas shopping(finally)

Actually, it's my first time doing this my self
And the first time doing it for someone special.
I guess I've learned some things from this:
1. Good planning could save some time(yeah, I just went, found it and, viola, this is it!)
2. You could get wrapping paper at the bookstore for 70, but you can also get that for only 8 if you know where to find^^
3. Don't even look at the "pre-packaged fancy gifts" like a teddy bear in a plastic clear box with candy--they try to be fancy, but usually suck. Besides, it would be much better to package the present with your own hands, you could add a little touch to it.

Anywas, happy holidays!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Commentary: The Return of the Sprit of the Internet

I remember back in the early 90's (yeah, I'm an early web user) when the net was just starting to develop(well back when Yahoo was the only search engine), the web was once such a wonderful place. New stuff was comming out everyday, there was even a link on the Netscape toolbar labeled "what's new" which lists the newest sites. It was the era of rapid internet growth, with far less ads and almost everything free. Free news, free streaming music, free software, free email, free web space...etc. That's what it's all about, generosity. The spirt of the web was once "everything free".

Then came the internet bubble burst, taking a lot of the free stuff down. Maybe, people thought, it was just a little too generous. Then websites started to want people to pay. First, email spaces started to shrink, and they want you to pay for extra storage. Then they started to take down some of the other free services. Later on "registering" started to be all over the place, some free, some not. At last, the ultimate advertising era, with mail boxs full of spam; adware that don't charge you money but overwhelm you with ads; pop up ads everywhare; then automaticaly self-installing ad serving programs.

Now they are really getting on our nerves. People started to fight back. Now we have spam killers, pop up blockers, ad blockers that take out the ads from a page. I've even heard of a site called "bug me not" that do something like regestering for you.(well, the free ones I guess, but I haven't tried it)

But now, we are not only fighting back, we are making it better. People are doing more and more free projects that are open for anyone to contribute, eg. wiki, open source software. Great free services are comming back, and better too, with Google's Gmail taking the lead. What's more people are using free stuff to revolutionize media, with blogs and wikis, trying to do better then traditional misleading media. The whole internet community of the globe is pitching in to make improvements, and counteract the greed of big corporate behemoths. Now the web is finally improving once again.

Here are some great free stuff!
1. Blog hosting: (now owned by Google)

2. The wiki stuff:
3. Email:
>Gmail beta (not open to all yet, you need an invitation, but I'm sorry to say that I haven't got a single invitation to give since I got in)
>Many other older email services has ballooned to 250MB thanks to Gmail

4.Open source software:(which should be free)
>Linux OS(Although I'm not familiar with this, it's so significant that I must mention this, you can do a research, if your intrested, though)
> A spin off of Netscape, with many projects, including:
  • Firefox browser that's rapidly gaining ground, with pop-up blocking, and tabbed browsing.
  • Thunderbird mail application with spam filter and other great features.
  • The up comming Sunbird calender application
  • a mobile browser called Minimothat's coming to cell phones soon.
  • And of course, the old Mozilla browser suite(built on the old Netscape code) is still alive.
5.Other freeware:
>Skype- free VOIP net phone

6. Creative commons- see how people are sharing intellectual property, including music, texts and more.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

心情:great, I screwed up again

If you play it safe in life, you've decided that you don't want to grow anymore.

Damn it! I'm playing it safe once again.
I've got to break this habbit, now what do I change first?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

知識: 關於鋰電池

鋰電池充電的次數是固定的, 不管你是一次充飽, 還是充個幾秒鐘就拔掉; 只要達到那固定的次數, 電池就掛了...

我想, 關於鋰電池的傳言我大概聽過n種版本了
於是我上wikipidia查了一下"lithium ion battery"
1.鋰電池每次完全放電, 都會大大減短壽命, 所以不要把它當鎳鎘或鎳氫電池來完全放電
2.鋰電池的壽命一般是不會變化太大的, 不管你充電次數多少, 從"出場日"起算三到五年後它就掛定了. 下次買電池記得看製造日期呵!
3.若有一段很長的時間不會用到它, 保持在約40%的電力最好
4.高溫會加速它老化, 但也不要放冷凍庫

Saturday, December 11, 2004


畢竟pda可以替代隨生聽, 遊戲機, 照相機, 甚至是筆電的上網和文書處理功能
結果, 遊戲機和筆電是取代掉了
但是mp3隨身聽功能現在是用上癮了, 覺得記憶體不足, 想買個20GB的硬碟型隨身聽(sony walkman HD3)
然後, 加入單車社後, 騎車到很多風景很棒的地方, 開始覺得pda的3.1萬像素有點虛, 偏偏此時sony又出了付旋轉螢幕的510萬相素cybershot數位相機
(>_<);" >我又不是班上某同學, 為了隨身攜帶那成千上萬的高科技產品(anything, you name it, he brings it all the time), 還去買一個大到可以塞一個國小3年級學生的背包...

好吧, 買台好的腳踏車就好了.(然後專找資訊賣場試玩試玩, 過過乾隱)

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Note: New look for this Christmas and winter

Although I really live in a so called "tropical island" (Taiwan), it's still good to have a snowy theme, gives people that feeling of winter. And the red colors and green leaves give a some what warm feeling of Christmas. Christmas is on it's way, a time to celebrate, a time to get together, a time to share, a time to give, a time to have fun.
So I give you the new "Christmas look", how do everybody think? Kinda borrowed the idea of "snow" from japan's Yahoo. But all materal is freshly made, no copy and paste. Hope everybody'll like it.

Speaking of Christmas, wish everybody a merry Christmas, and wish everybody could be with friends, family and whoever they love on Christmas. And yeah, has anybody gone Christmas shopping? I'm wondering if there's any good ideas for Christmas presents.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

News: M$N 的新blog空間服務

也不甘示弱,來個「M*N 空間」(基本上就是blog)

「對於您張貼或以其他方式提供給 M******ft 相關「M*N 網站」資料 (以下簡稱「提供資料」),您同意 M******ft 得 (1) 使用、複製、散佈、傳送、公開展示、公開表演、重製、編輯、修改、翻譯和重新格式化 (Reformat)「提供資料」」

"CONTENT OWNERSHIP Unless stated otherwise for specific services, Member will retain copyright ownership and all related rights for information he or she publishes through Blogger or otherwise enters into Blogger-related services."

MSN Spaces = soylent green )







Saturday, December 04, 2004

Comments: On Fortune telling...belivable?

Fortune telling, horoscopes, tarot cards and the like have a common problem. I'm not saying there's any thing wrong with fortune tellers, I tend to believe that most of them do their best to give you a picture of the future.
Some people think these things are unbelevable, because "they're un-scientific", "just a matter of probability"or "myths". But although they are not proven (and unprovable) by modern scientific methods, they are also un-disprovable, you can't design a good experiment and directly prove them wrong. We don't even know if there are any of those so called "powers"or "channels". Which I would consider limitations of modern science.

Well then, ARE they believable? Read on.
The big problem of fortune telling actually comes from this unanswerable question. Just because people are unsure, most people(well the people that have learned what is science, that is; people who don't might just believe it) tend believe WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE. If people were told they well have bad luck, they pascify them selves by thinking: "That's not true, after all, fortune telling isn't scientific." On the other hand, if people were given good news, they would say: "Sounds reasonable", and tend to believe it. This is just what people are best at, selective faith. It's analogus to the reaction "I can't believe it!" when some thing bad happens to somebody. I guess it's something that evolved to lighten psycological stress on our brain.

So, if you want to be a respectable fortune teller, you not only have to be good at your profession, but you may also need to know a little psycology. (Is this why I more often get good readings then bad reading from my horoscope?)

And as clients, I would just take it for fun. Getting reading and waiting to see if it'll come true is kinda fun and exciting. But be careful not to spend too much time on these stuff and relating websites. If you spend most of your time here, the bad part of your readings might come true just because you aren't doing good use of your time. (some thing like getting an F on exams :) )

Thoughts: Absorb.Reform.Evolve...

The slogon of my blog: "Absorb.Reform.Evolve" is actually my resolution apon going to collage.
When I was a freshman, I tried to stick to just that. Because once in collage, you've got freedom, so learn as much as you can, what ever you want; and you've grown up, so reform, change and throw away the unmature, childish stuff. And then evolve into a better man when you graduate. I thought I was always afraid of this and that, giving my self too much limits, so I also wrote down a quote from Goethe: "Plundge boldly into the thick of life", as a memo.

After almost a year and a half in collage, I guess I didn't do very well, according to my "freshman's resolutions". First of all, I've still been too cautious, still losing many great oppertunities. Second, trying to live a more meaningful life, indeed I changed a lot, but my grades are slowly going down. I've got to try to balance school grades with play. Third, I put most of my time on play, web surfing and studying, leaving no time for additional book reading. Like, we've got a huge library, but you haven't read even a tiny part of the books, what the hec are you doing?

Alright, I've still got lots of stuff to improve on and lots of lessons to learn. Lots of stuff to learn more about, on my studies, on life, on love, on relationships...

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

News:What? A typhoon in December?

Watch out everybody, according to some news report, this could be the first typhoon to strike Taiwan in December in history!
40年首見冬颱 南瑪都最快明晚警報

Or is it just another weather report to keep readers reading on?
I just read the other day in a magazine that modern weather reportors don't always report professional predictions, but report the worst instead, because their supervisers want more people glued to the news reports--and the ads, that is.
Edit of 12/3:Hay it's comming for real! I hate typhoons! Go away! Get lost!

anyways, here's the prediction from CWB:

or from the US Navy:
Joint Typhoon Warning Center