Monday, February 22, 2010


I need a compact camera that can fit in my pocket. My H9 is too bulky for everyday use, it's more like a camera for travels; plus, the shutter button is going bad, one minute it's working, one minute it's not.

The sensor needs to be big, I'm tired of the noise that the minute 1/2.5" CCD on my H9 generates. Night shots are horrible.

And as always, I only use cameras with dials to access manual shutter speed & aperture controls fast. Buttons are a pain. View finders are also a must. Call me old school, I never liked framing with a screen.

Seems that my choices so far are:
Canon G11: still too big
Canon S90: if only it has a view finder
Panasonic LX3: Where's the dials???
Olympus EP2: I could tolerate a larger camera if the lens is interchangable... but what's up with the price that's way higher the DSLRs?
Samsung TL500: I never liked Sammy, but before I can even question if they make good cameras, I noticed there's still no view finder.
Sigma DP2: The senser size is great, but then again, where is the f***ing view finder???

Somehow, I wish the Sony V3 is still available...

Sunday, February 14, 2010


  • 上週末是新生面試/招生週,很高興終於又出現台灣人啦,不知道會不會來倒是真的;去年來面試的動物系學長竟然說「我已經錄取了Yale跟Harvard,我覺得比較喜歡Yale耶......」結果果然開學沒出現
  • 來面試的有個中國女生是個超級high咖,一聽到我是台灣人就很興奮的說她現在在加州借住一個台灣朋友家,學到了說對朋友的長輩要用很嗲的聲音叫「叔叔、阿姨!」orz
  • 除夕夜再度參加TSA春酒,這次去吃的餐廳跟去年一樣吃中國城的「瓊華」。因為去年感覺很不錯,所以今年找同一家很合理。但今年菜色竟然變成「華麗版Food Truck菜」。除夕夜端出左宗堂雞跟炒麵有沒有太誇張了一點。深深覺得這屆幹部被這家餐廳陰了,明年記得告訴下一屆找別家阿
  • 這兩年在這邊到處參加party擴展人脈,但似乎自己不太應付得來。一堆人見了面,自我介紹、握手之後開始在腦中搞混。「那個瘦瘦的到底是Tom還是Bill?還有這一位Michael到底是我認識的第n位Michael?那一位穿西裝的到底是念法律還是念商的?」到最後,全盤忘光光。一個小時後再見面時已經不記得見過面了,再一次自我介紹+握手... orz
  • 除夕夜續攤到朋友家,五杯日本清酒是很爽沒錯,但宿醉+熬夜的結果是隔天早上爬起來還是搖搖晃晃的
  • 嗯,對某件事已經徹底進入主動逃避狀態了
  • 實驗室大樓(Wistar)有一位警衛看起來粗估年紀大概50~60間吧。但今天看到她報著一個小嬰兒,竟然跟我介紹:「這是我曾孫......」天啊,老美也太會生了吧,還沒退休就抱曾孫了?!

Monday, February 08, 2010

How culture shaped the human genome


Today's coffee readings

... A smile :)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Palm Pre is similar to my 1st gen MacBook in so many ways

I got my Palm Pre on the first day it was launched; I preordered my MacBook and got the first shipment.

The Pre is my first smartphone; the MacBook was my first Mac and first notebook computer.

The Pre is the first to use the new ARM cortex A8 CPU; the MacBook was one of the first Intel CoreDuo computers.

The Pre randomly shuts down due to a loose battery; the MacBook randomly shutts down due to a faulty fan controler... Both issues were fixed by switching out faulty parts for free.

The Pre USB port door has a hinge that's designed to crack easily; the MacBook has the palmrest area designed to crack easily. Both issues were ignored by Palm or Apple.

Both are very plasticy, but both look nice.

Both are examples of superb software in hardware with many issues.