Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Palm Pre is similar to my 1st gen MacBook in so many ways

I got my Palm Pre on the first day it was launched; I preordered my MacBook and got the first shipment.

The Pre is my first smartphone; the MacBook was my first Mac and first notebook computer.

The Pre is the first to use the new ARM cortex A8 CPU; the MacBook was one of the first Intel CoreDuo computers.

The Pre randomly shuts down due to a loose battery; the MacBook randomly shutts down due to a faulty fan controler... Both issues were fixed by switching out faulty parts for free.

The Pre USB port door has a hinge that's designed to crack easily; the MacBook has the palmrest area designed to crack easily. Both issues were ignored by Palm or Apple.

Both are very plasticy, but both look nice.

Both are examples of superb software in hardware with many issues.

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