Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why I hate the Apple iPad

  1. First of all, for the last few months, it has flooded all tech news websites. I am tired of overexposure.
  2. It's based on the iPhone OS. Which means that you can only launch one application at a time, just because Apple likes it that way.
  3. The iPhone OS also means to change settings of anything you have to quit an app and jump back to the home screen, ditto for copy & pasting across different apps.
  4. In the above two ways, it makes the iPad way less useful then netbooks, but it costs almost the same as higher end netbooks.
  5. And so, it's just an iPhone with a larger screen, but it takes the space of a netbook. Now, would you prefer bringing something in your pocket, or bringing around a backpack?
  6. With that huge screen, it should include the full version of iTunes, not just a huge iPod app.
  7. You need to sync it to your computer, so it's just a computer accessory, the same idea as Palm Pilots. If it's the size of a computer, why not just bring your whole computer?

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就我咩 said...

這玩意讓我不由得回想起palm的那台逸品(?):foleo(oh my god!! why the hell do I still remember its name......)