Saturday, March 26, 2005


Was overwhelmed by emotions,
So tried overwhelming myself with duties,
I realized that the later adds on, rather then replaces the previous.
I found myself washed on helplessly by the undefeatable drift of life.

Was overwhelmed by memories,
So tried depriving myself of the bad rememberings,
I realized that I can't delete them clean, as all that passes leaves a trace,
I found myself haunted constantly by the unpleasent artifacts of the past.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

News: Life expectancy of Americans to drop?

According to a report on, the life expectancy of Americans is due to drop, because of obesity. It's the first time that life expectancy in the US is predicted to drop, so this is going to make history.
That's intresting.
Although it's about americans, but I don't think that only Americans should face the problem, other countrys around the world is adapting a greesy food life style, so these countrys might face this problem some time in the future. Beware.

So guys, watch your weight.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


而張文章竟在第1堂課就把18章最後面的大神教完了 T_T





晚餐時間不吃飯, 跑去游泳
放著進度落後的物理, 分類學, 流行病學和細胞生物學不唸
然後就跟冠宇他們衝烘爐地(老子今天不爽, 不想唸書只想玩)


途中, 騎上坡經驗較少的諺樺在上車時不小心跌倒了, 受了傷...祝早自康復啊~

剛開始一片漆黑, 於是我拿出我的手電筒+橡皮筋
是的, 這窄窄的山路竟會塞車, 只因為太多人上山拜拜orz


夜景 Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 13, 2005


在過去的一段時間中, 我覺得我的人格越來越扭曲...XD, 心情越來越糟, 越來越煩

今天經過一番思考, 這樣是不行的, 一個大學生整天哀聲嘆氣的能幹麻呢?
所以決定從現在起執行"自我改造計畫", 並希望能持續(我承認我的計畫都很少持續的)


  • 悲觀
  • 沒活力
  • 沒自信
  • 熬夜
  • 和同學約時, 會遲到
  • 上課打瞌睡
  • 有自殘傾向
  • 整天沉溺在"好人"的陰影中
  • 樂觀
  • 開朗
  • 節省
  • 守時
  • 有自信
  • 早睡早起
  • 多看閒書
  • 把低落的成績拉回來
  • 多運動
  • 注重身體健康
  • 充分利用生命中的每一刻
  • 承認並戒掉"掛網"的習慣(少上b, 少開msn, 少逛討論版)
  • 多思考

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

News: Sony finally got the flash MP3s right

NW-E507(photo from sony's site)
Sony is about to come out with a new line of flash based MP3 Walkmans. (the E505 comes with 512MB; E507 with 1GB)They have an incredible playtime of 50hr, supports not only sony's ATRAC3 but also MP3 files and doubles as a FM radio. And it also has a beautiful OLED screen that shows 3 lines of text; now that's what the ipod shuffle lacks.
Not only is it packed with functions you'd expect from a modern MP3 player(except that it doesn't record stuff), it looks good. (IMHO, much better then that white stick) Now, just give it a competitive price, and it will force Apple designers back to the drawing board. Actually, I think the ipod shuffle is the worst looking product that Apple ever came up with. (lack of function and just a plain white plastic stick) Come on, let's have better products to go with your good brand.

site on sony japan (of E507) | review of E505 on cnet

Today @ BK

There was this guy standing in the food prep. area, with his arms crossed in front of him, doing nothing except staring at the employees. I guess he must be a superviser or something close. And boy did you see his face, he had this expression that looks as if someone just slaped his face and took his wallet! Surely not a pleasent look. I guess it mustn't feel too good working in front of him(^○^).
But hay, didn't he notice that a customer is looking at him? They should of taught him not to give the "look" to customers...

Friday, March 04, 2005

News: What? you're taking pictures with that MD walkman??

No kidding, you could actually take pictures with a MD walkman.
Sony just released the new MZ-DH10P MD walkman. It has a tiny color screen, a 1.3Mega pixel digicam, and plays the new 1GB Hi-MD. I'd say it's a great gadget, only if it wasn't an MD.
Yeah, it can take pictures, it's got great design, it's got a color screen, ... But, why would you want an MD walkman when you can carry much more music on a HDD based MP3 player? MD's are like so phased out that a BestBuy store I went to was clearing them out a year ago.

Com'on, Sony , wake up to the reality. We want HDD, not MD!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Nearly killed my Clie!

I was just playing with some dangerous software on my clie, then found some system files corrupt. So I tried to delete the files I just installed. But the OS thought it was a system file, not letting me delete it, forcing me to do a hard reset. So I pushed on the power switch and pressed the reset button...but all I got is a normal reset. This is when I realized that my power switch died! Damn!
I tried to manually delete the bad files, but still to no avill.
Now I had only 3 more options left:
1.drain the battery to flush all data in the RAM(which might take hours or even a whole day)
2.send it to get the power switch repaired, which I'm sure would result in the Clie being away for a whole month.
3.unplug the battery, again to flush all data in the RAM.(which, is risky as I don't know if the battery would go wrong)
For time's sake, I took the 3rd solution, which might be the fastest.
So I took off the battery cap and unpluged the battery power cord.
I waited for a few secends then pluged it back in, and...
All I got is a white screen and the power indicator LED flashing on and off...
Now I'm busted.
I repluged it, or repluged it to the AC adapter, but still, the same thing happened again and again.
Durring this, the reset button only temporily stopped the LED flashing.
I gave up and considered sending it in for a repair, then realized that that means that I'd have to go back to a paper based dayplaner, and copy over everything from my computer to my paper least 3 hours going down the drain.
After considering that terrible thought, I pluged in the battery once again, minutes after my last try, and...


I was sooooo happy to see the friendly "Palm powered" logo back again. And it was so good that MS backup worked smoothly as usual. Now my clie is alive again, only that the power switch is dead(not broken but simply not responding). Good thing that the 4 main buttons still turns on the clie.