Monday, November 29, 2004

My new web site!

Just did a website to organize my photos:
intelllidryad's forest
partially done, but will gradually add things

when will it be done?
will, some I-don't-know-when time in the future :)

Histology photos updated!

just added today's integumentary system photos
click here

Sunday, November 28, 2004


photos here

最高速度:55.4km/hr(mine, 下坡)

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Don't buy flexible toothbrushs with a rubber flexible joint

I broke my tooth brush, after only less then 3 week's use, and I thought that they say on most packages that you should change brushs every 3MONTHS!!

does your tooth brush looklike this? Posted by Hello

It was a "flexible" tooth brush, a brand starting with the letters "aqua..."
At first it was quite soft, but then it broke, where it was supposed to bend but not break.

see what I mean?

What a crap!! I'm not buying any flexible brushs any more.
Can I get a refund?

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


隨著討論版, 簡訊和即時傳呼軟體的流行, 表情符號也越來越多, 我的sony PDA(日文機)甚至內建表情符號(日本人稱之為"顏文字")選單, 還分類為"笑", "泣", "怒", "驚", "焦", "謝禮", "返事"和"其他", 可以直接選, 聯打都不用打(日本人還真是的...)
好啦, 我真正的用意是要推薦這篇文章, 有表情符號介紹; 還有"orz"的來源介紹喔!
(推:鋼彈版orz圖片 XD)
udn-yam 表情符號 千變萬化

>みんなの作った _| ̄|○クラフト "paper craft of orz"
~各種orz的圖片, 還有orz紙雕教學...
~挫折禁止orz交通號誌; 有人要拿來當msn照片嗎?

另外, 在google搜尋orz就更有趣了
>哦好熟悉, 這不是mXn嗎XD
>Windorz Update~哦好熟悉, 你的windowsXP更新了嗎XD

Sunday, November 21, 2004




Thursday, November 18, 2004


BXの新いblog:BX's kingdomは新作成!
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Damn, Biochem took me by surprise!

So I've been studying Histology for a week, thinking that Biochem is still sometime away and I simpily focused on Histology and forgot about it. Until just a while ago, I called up my organizer to see how many days I have to relax after the Histology exam. Then my jaws droped. The Biochem exam is JUST THREE DAYS after the Histology exam, which means I heardly have time to prepare, and I havent touched the Biochem book for a long time!
Damn was I stupid!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My stupid new quary file(名片檔) at ptt2 XD

Intellidryad is busy
I've gone on an on going conquest
killing time-eating evil EXAMS...
one each week

Monday, November 15, 2004

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Brain malfunction XD

I woke up one day, not knowing where I am, what time it is. I don't know what I should do. I don't know what I can do. I don't know if it's an earthquake or just me. I don't know if this is a dream or real life.

All I know is that I don't feel good, and as far as I know (which isn't much), I can do nothing about it.

--------brain recovering---------------

Alright, do something, anything, get busy. Just don't think about what you were previously thinking...*※#~...
┌──────────Fatal Error──────────┐
│The program just proformed a prohibited │
│action. Reset required.
│ [ Reset ]
...rats, brain short circuiting again...

Saturday, November 13, 2004

News: Setting the web on fire~Firefox 1.0 is out today

Behold...the ultimate browser.
Get Firefox!
To switch>english version here >中文版下載
News on cnet
(They're going to do an ad campain on the New York Times, so download it fast, before a whole lot of New York Times readers clog the server, making it slow!)
but I would suggest that those who are upgrading from previous versions or those who like extensions(stuff that add functionality) and themes(skins, stuff that change the look) should wait a day or two. I guess the firefox update site, where you get themes and extensions, is down because of heavy traffic...

browser=瀏覽器, 是用來上網逛網站的軟體
最多人用的是windows內建的IE, 但IE會自動下載病毒和廣告軟體喔
(註:大家喜歡的kkman是一個IE外掛, 不是獨立瀏覽器, 所以有跟IE相同的安全性問題)


「今天是個天氣晴朗的日子。刺眼的陽光從窗外照進來。走到戸外,蝉正在樹頭上高聲嗚叫 ...」請問以上引文是在描述那個季節?
如果這是一張國文考巻上的問題,答案是? ...「簡単,一定是夏天嘛!」
但問題是 ...這是我今天早上走出宿舍時看到的耶!現在是 11月, November耶!蝉還在這叫?!這是怎様,連亞熱帯地區的台北都可以是「永夏」?
是 CO2過多?還是地球原有的周期性氣温変化?Is there any thing we can do?
難道 1,2年後的國文老師教到這種題目時要説:「這是以前的状況,現在没有季節之分」 XD


2nd Biochem exam~edited!

>Time: 據說改到11/23, Tue 晚上6:30 ~ 8:30(time copied from ptt 生科work版)
(抱 歉, 為了搶救物理, 我第一次翹生化, 聽說是新老師, 而且比之前的教得更爛! 怎麼說哩? 之前的雖然大家一直罵, 但我若中午先走, 事後問BX說他教了什麼, 他至少都說得出來; 但這次他的回應竟然是: "他教麼爛我怎麼知道他教了啥?", 難道我第一次翹課就被我翹對了XD?)

>Exam range: starting from 講義p12~hiarchey of proteins
&emphinson's experiment: the determination of protein sequences
to~??(I don't know)

mechanism of Lysozyme and Chymotrypsin(p216,217)
*serine protease:
the active site- Catalytic triad催化三分体~Ser, His, Asp

>no homework prior to exams

News: A new way to read my blog!

My blog has an atom site feed!
(What is atom?)
That means that you can make a live bookmark if you use Firefox 1.0 or 1.0pr
And you don't have to goto the homepage to check for new posts, just check your live bookmark folder in firefox, and all of my latest posts will just showup there, easy as that!

So how do you do it?
(You've got to be using Firefox1.0 , of course!)
Just go to the homepage of my blog (if you're reading this in the page with this post only, please click on the blog's title)
and the little orange "live bookmark"icon will light up(on your right lower corner, on the status bar)
click on it and click "subscribe to 'intellidryad's blog'..."
choose where you want the folder to be and you're done!

Of course, you could do the same thing with other sites whenever that little gray icon turns orange.

By the way, if you have other feed readers, my feed is at:

Share: Great Music - A Japanese Indies group "J.e.t"

Great music don't need to come in an expensive CD
I found some websites that let people download FREE MP3s of so called "indies" music.
These are great people who like making music, and share their works with the world for free.(But some of them still sale CD's if you like them)
Among these groups, I expecially like a group called "J.e.t", their music gives you a clean feeling. Since I'm not very good at discribing music, just download and listen for your self.
The J.e.t. page at
Their own homepage

~If you want to save money but are afraid of being sued, just listein to music that's legally free~
On copyright for sharing, please visit the Creative Commons site.

Monday, November 08, 2004

A slide from Histology class Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 04, 2004

note: 有意義的文章回來了!



Just went to a great seminar~An Expanding Genetic Code

Our Biochem Teacher went abroad to attend a meeting, and a much better one came to teach this weak. Finnaly a good teacher who can at least get us intrested in Biochem once again. Today, he told us there was this seminar when the name "Peter Schultz" appeared in the text book. He said that this guy might get a Nobel prize in the near future for his great work, and that Schultz HIMSELF would be speaking here at school this afternoon. Finally a great seminar that I have time to go! And I just went "Wow" and grasped the chance.
Actually, I never thought Biochem could be so intresting before this. The title was "An Expanding Genetic Code", and he talked about how he changed a gene coden to represent a 21st amino acid, in addition to the normal 20 amino acids found in organisms. He thought "Why are there only 20 amino acids encoded in the genome in all life? What if God also worked on Sunday, would the number be something like 21, or 22?" (Which makes me think: How come Christens can always add "God" to every thing they think of?) And so they(him and his team) started out on a project to add more amino acids to an organism (E.coli actually) and see what could happen, and see if it will have an advantage or disadvantage over life with only 20.
In the process of translating mRNA (which is a info carier transcribed from DNA) into proteins, ribosomes read the mRNA strand and tRNAs bring the correct amino acid to ribosomes and add the amino acids up into a polypeptide chain (a precursor to proteins). In the process, an enzyme called "Aminoacyl-tRNA synthatase" load tRNAs with the correct amino acids.
So they tried to mutate tRNAs and Aminoacyl-tRNA synthatases to carry and load the specific amino acid they wanted to add. Surprisingly, it took them 6 years, several tries to produce what they want. I guess you need incredible patience to succeed in such an ambitious and ground breaking research, and you need lots of funding to do it, too. So it took them 6 years just to get the right tool they needed, now they finally are starting to add unnormal amino acids to E.coli.
They tried several different kinds of amino acids, even artificially synthesized amino acids with unseen-before side chains, with much success. Even more astonising, he said that because most triplet codes in the genome are already used for important Amino acids, only 2 not commenly used codens could be utilized to introduce additional ones. In order to add more, he did further mutating to get tRNAs and Aminoacyl-tRNA synthatases that use codons with 4 basepairs! And success again! Now there are already major pharmaceutical companies using these methods to develop new protein based medicines. In conclusion, he said that the proteins of life are constrained by the genetic codes, to only 20 amino acids, with no apperent reason.
What's intresting is that in the making of those tools, they made large mutation pools, insert into E.coli, and use negative selection to get the one they wanted, by adding genes that make the unsuccessful ones die off. What's more, in the adding of 4-based codens, it also competes with the less seen triplet codes which has a same sequence as on the 4-based. This is very like the development of T and B lymphocytes of the immune system, which also selects the sucessfull cells and let the failed ones die off. Which also makes me think of the similarity to the process of evolution of life it self. How intresting it is that the rule: "survival of the fittest" applies not only to the evolution of species, the developement of lymphocytes, but also to genetic engineering techneques. Maybe this is THE ULTIMATE RULE of life. Wonder if it also applies to anything else associated with life?

News:(kind of old news though) Bush gets to stay in DC for another 4 years

Looks like Bush won by a slight difference again. Actually, from an american point of view, I don't think there's much difference between Bush and Kerry. (Well, if you ignore the jokes on the tonight show that Kerry and his partner are constantly kissing and hugging like gay...) And I think that's why the 2 got a similar number of votes. But from a Taiwanese point of view, I'd say I'm happy because Bush is less likely it butter up China, and is more friendly to Taiwan. Which means that we could live safely for another 4 year, with a less possibility of war with China, since Bush will protect Taiwan.
Anyways, congrats to Mr. Bush, and good to see Kerry's a good person who is willing to admit he lost.
Good thing that he didn't went around saying" Not fair", shouting "Vote not valid", sueing everybody, creating riots, and practically messing up the whole country~~like some loser did when he wasn't elected the Taiwanese president(may be hard to understand if you're not a Taiwanese, but some people are really childlike). 1 or 2 bad losers is enough to mess up this country, those guys should see Mr. John Kerry as a role model.
Maybe we should write a law that says:"Losers who didn't behave well after an election can never apply to race again in their life."

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

心得: 植多實驗畫圖原則




(當然還有最基本的 1.用點呈現陰影 2.線條不要交叉)