Monday, February 28, 2005

Firefox: security update(ver.1.01)

a new security update, firefox 1.01 is out.
it is said on that "The security update for Firefox includes several fixes to guard against spoofing and arbitrary code execution."
I guess you won't feel much difference, but it's a fixed version so it's safer, right?
go over to to update if you'd like to :)


Photos took with Sony Clie NX-73V(j), photo size:640*320pixels

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Alright, clies are dead.

This is a really sad day.

It is said that Sony would stop production of clies in Japan after July.
I guess all we could do is save up and buy a new one before that as a backup PDA.

Although in most markets, new and better thing well eventually phase out the old products, but after a year and a half with my clie, I didn't see any non-clie released afterwards that is better then my clie. PalmOne never did any model right after the Palm Vx; and microsoft stuff is always too complex, buggy. and never user friendly.

Wish my clie can live on for years to come...

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Monday, February 21, 2005


漂著雨 視線不明


得意的往前跳 然後加速繼續

頭微暈 嘴裡流出了紅紅的液體...

我哀怨的騎著車 回到學校



Sunday, February 20, 2005

Rumer: New clie comming out?(also: new Appshelf update)

It is said that Sony might come out with a new clie (in japan, of course) in the new future.
They said that it would be a successor of the TH55, and it would look more like a vaio then a clie.
Some say it would have never to be seen innovations(some say new features, some say new form factor).

...Lets hope that one of those innovations is the use of Palm cobolt(OS6)(this is not in the rumer, though)

1src: new Clie coming soon
mobile read:
A Sony Clie TH55 successor soon? There's hope!
Palm Addict: Rumor of New Clie to replace TH55 in Japan

Also, Appshelf is recently updated to Ver.1.2Beta3
Major improvements that I notced include:(please check the website for a full list)
1. support for the new landscape app for clies, loads seperate wallpapers for landscape and portrait mode.
2. embedded simple file browser.
3. the extension can now be placed on all 4 sides of the screen.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Palm OS not attractive any more to some developers?

Some how, that's what I feel. Here's why:
1.New software for palm don't appear as frequently as before. I'm seeing less new software now.(or is it just me?)
2.Skype made a PPC version, but said there are no plans for a Palm version.
3.Mozilla is looking for Win CE developers for it's new mobile browser project(minimo). But why aren't they looking for Palm developers? (I would like to see Mozilla on my Clie)
4.There are lots of CF and SDIO accessaries on the market, (like CF modems, WIFI cards, GPS recevers...etc), but with few exception, they only come with drivers for PPC, but none for Palm.
5.Almost all the new comers of the handheld market use PPC, we seldom see new Palm licencees.(I've seen some where that there are about 50+ companys making PPC; while the number of Palm licencees are scarce, and many of them haven't came out with new handhelds for a long time.)

I don't know what's the problem, but PPC is getting all the news now a days, and I don't see Palmsource doing anything about it. All I see is cobalt(OS6) siting there for a year with no one intrested yet. Come on, man, DO SOMETHING. I don't want to see Microsoft eating up everything. We already had enough of that bad UI(like digging very deep in to your start menu to do one simple task) and numerous security problems of Windows on PCs. I don't want those problems show up on every phone or PDA on the market. There is still symbian on phones to fight MS, but Palm is the only one who can stop MS from eating up PDAs.(Linux is not optimized enough for handhelds yet, I've seen them, thank you.) So why are you still sitting there waiting for MS to kill you, Palmsource?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


因為無聊, 為了好玩
今天下午1點從位於基隆的家裡騎著單車, 背著家當(一部分啦)
今天先到瑞芳, 轉106號縣道, 往平溪方向爬山
從家裡到瑞芳之間下坡不少, 而且我已騎過無數次
但是一上了106, 就慢下來了, 而且一下子就虛掉了, 前變一下子就切到了最低檔, 時速只剩個位數
體力虛掉, 是我過年期間狂睡, 沒運動的報應吧!
爬到山頂, 只有約6~7km, 卻花了我一個小時, 外加3次休息
平均時數降到了13, 我真的太虛了

接著就是快樂的長下坡, 中途經過十分瀑布, 此下坡一直持續到平溪
十分瀑布本身雖然要收門票, 但光是外面的風景就殺了我不少記憶體
拍完照, 又繼續高速往下滑, 一路標到平溪
店員說25, 我給30然後就到外面開始喝
上車要走時, 才想到"沒找錢!"
很久之後老闆才從裡面的廚房出來, 我說了之後才宣稱他"恍神了"
很好! 我會記得這家店的

離開平溪後又是一段很長的山路, 上上下下, 沒啥感覺, 就騎了20幾公里
經過之前的路程之後, 身體已經進入狀況了吧
路上的汽車都狂超車, 還一直跑到對向車道去...差點被超車的撞XD

不知不覺, 來到了台北
原來除了106中間之外, 其實這些路我都很熟...虧我之前還特地去找地圖說

呵呵, 才4點多就在下班塞車啦.
回到宿舍, 比過年前熱鬧許多, 看來加已經續回來準備開學了

ride time 2:56(+nearly 1hr of rest time)
average speed 19.2km/hr
max speed 55km/hr
distance 56.05km

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A change of walkman recording media

Since Sony came out with the first cassette tape walkman, portable music players were always a hot product. But the recording media kept changing. First was tapes, then came CDs, MDs(which never caught on execpt in japan), then MP3 players with flash memory or hard discs, and all sort of other forgoten ones that never were popular.

Last year, the iPod was that star of the market in the US, causing prices of CD and MD models to drop to a level where there tape playing counter parts once had been. In Taiwan, although the iPod was also hot, but "USB thumb drive MP3 players" were more popular because they sell at a price near (or even cheaper) CD players. These tiny players quickly replaced CD walkman into the main show cases.

I always thought it weird that MDs were main stream in Japan. In Taiwan they were simply "highly over priced", so people stuck to CDs, then jumped on to flash based MP3s, by passing the cool but expensive MDs. But I guess the price of MDs were considered acceptable in Japan, and it was so hot that you can even buy albums in MDs instead of CDs. But, intrestingly, even as Sony came out with NetMDs and HiMDs, people are starting to flock to flash and/or HDD based MP3s, with MD sells droping dramatically. (see a Japanese report) I guess everybody likes newer stuff, not just newer modifications.

I, my self,had ditched my tapes , put away my CD player, is using memory cards(flash based) and my Clie PDA as a MP3 player, and considering getting a HDD based player. Maybe a Sony Walkman HD3.

So, guess MP3s are really going to take over. Face the reality and stop being in the way, record companies!


由於已經有外國駕照, 今天只到駕訓班體驗個50分鐘

本來以為自己已經會開了, 只要到駕訓班玩幾次就可以直接去考照了
(若不是聽說有恐怖的感應線, 搞不好會不知死活的直接去考吧)
光是那裡的直線道路, 寬度都最多也只有加州一般"一個線道"的1/3不到
我一直都以2個步驟完成的路邊停車(先倒進去再往前打直), 竟要求倒進去一次完成!
那個S-curve更恐怖, 那寬度和關山的單車專用道差不多, 往前開進去我還可以, 但還要倒出來...(我的罩門T_T)
還有考上坡起步的坡道上的4條感應線, 簡直是沿著一般車子輪胎的邊緣貼上去的, 讓我第一次恨不得要拆掉那個令我看不到前輪的引擎蓋

在台灣考得到駕照的所有人, 技術都是一流的
終於了解為何那些計程車司機能夠"採著油門, 以極快的速度"倒車退出與車同寬的小巷子了!
在台灣考試, 是考你如何成為"小巷子達人"(在沒有其他車輛時); 至於如何在車子很多的一般路上行駛, 考完再自己自生自滅吧!
而在加州只要在監理站附近開車兜一圈, 沒出啥大問題, 就可以過了. 而至於"小巷子", 那邊既然極為稀有, 就不必考吧.

至於我的台灣駕照嘛, 大概還要再練幾年吧(XD), 或乾脆等到真正需要時再考... 我承認我在窄路中技術極差.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

News: 關於火狐狸的3則新聞

火狐狸(firefox)越來越引人注目, 今天赫然發現連自由時報都出現了相關報導 ^^
看來firefox的使用者將會像滾雪球般越來越多吧! 比爾蓋茲閃邊去吧!

隨著firefox的普及, yahoo推出了firefox版的yahoo工具列(雖然還是測試版)
現在只有英文版, 而且只支援美國yahoo的帳號

Newsforge網站上出現了一則報導, 預測今年(2005)將會有人開始鑽firefox的安全漏洞. 很 多人改用firefox都是因為IE的安全漏洞過多, 很多病毒, 木馬, 廣告都會進來. 但當firefox的市佔率高到一定程度時, 這些問題也有可能出現在firefox. 雖然firefox的漏洞較少, 但不可能完全沒有, 而且去年就已經補了幾個. 但是在此, firefox和ie的差異在於firefox是開放原始碼, 雖然較用功的駭客可能會從原始碼中去抓安全漏洞; 但開放原始碼也等於全世界的電腦強者都可以幫忙補漏洞. 而且懂得使用firefox的人也比較懂得保護自己. 這將是一場激戰, 請大家拭目以待, 也準備好經常更新firefox喔!
Get Firefox!

Friday, February 04, 2005

心情: 好人...







糟糕, 雙魚座多愁善感的毛病又發作了
十分抱歉 :P

(驚, 好人卡!!)

Gmail invitations~~

天阿, 剛剛登入Gmail信箱發現我可以發出去的邀請函從7個暴增到50個!!!

My gmail invitations just ballooned from 7 to 50!!
Any one need Gmail? please leave a comment :)

(I don't guarantee you will get one if you are a stranger, though...)

Thursday, February 03, 2005


據說里程有破百, 可惜學生車沒有裝碼表...
anyway, 騎中最特別的是淡水漁人碼頭, 還有從淡水做渡輪到八里喔!
單車社的好好期待下學期的精采修推, 將有不少社上從沒待過的路線吧!
非社員想玩的也歡迎來亂呵, 不知道單車社版在哪的可以問我^^
太多東西了, 懶得po遊記了, 除非有很多人在此post comment要求XD


tamshui fisherman's wharf ; pet pig

pig with yagaga & me

yagaga & me with bike on boat

view from boat ; me on bali wharf Posted by Hello