Friday, May 27, 2005

Mood: 夢は綺麗し過ぎる

有些事,幾乎毎部小説,毎部電影,毎本漫画,毎一首流行歌都会出現。但這些事終究還是只屬於虚幻世界,而不可能存在於真実世界。然而,那些不可能実現的東西却時常来煩人, 使心情只有一個乱字可以形容。

Good luck on the exams!

My sister's taking her high school entrance exam today.
Good luck!

Mood: On my recent blog posts...

Just read someone else's blog, and it was so supprising. Never saw someone write out her dispare so boldly and powerful.

As for me, my blog has recently nearly turned into a geeky tech blog.

I guess it's because of me, trying to hide my sad feelings deep inside. Tried to forget about certain things by immersing my self in all those gadgets, spending more and more time on 1src, but deep down inside, I know that it only pulls your attention away temporally, and it comes back when ever I'm free and alone.

Someone told me that nobody likes to share someone else's sadness, so I locked up my ventilation. But, I guess, I'll need to let it out sometime, so I'm venting a little out here.

Just ignore my stupidity on "mood" headded posts if you don't like them.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Simmulating the Mac experience...

If you, like me, like Macs, but just haven't planed to buy a new computer yet, here's some stuff to make your Win box more like a Mac.
1.First, right click on your status bar click preferences and set it to be on the top of the screen.
2.Next, get Object Dock, and tweek to till you like it.(Hay, this thing's free)
3.Then, if your computer is fast enough, try konfabulator, if you like widgets.
4.If, you like the "expose" function of OS X, try winPOLSION, it's real cool.

As for skinning XP to look like OS X, my computer is too slow for that, so I'm not doing it, he he :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

So, palmOne is switching back to it's old name??
Ok, a while ago palm split it's hardware and software divisions into 2 companies.
And the hardware part tells everybody that they are now "palmOne".
When everybody has finnally got used to the name "palmOne", it now says that it is going to buy back the name "palm inc." and switch it's name back to "palm". Are they having an identity crisis, starting to think that the name of the "good old days" is better, or are they just trying to confuse it's customers?

Monday, May 23, 2005


This morning, our dorm was sprayed with pesticide.
Tonight, I see Cockroachs crowling all over the isles...
Do they like pesticides, or are they coming out to get the last of their breath? :D

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Is palm turning into the "apple" of handhelds?

I remember seeing this intresting question some days ago somewhere(but forgot where, sorry :P )
It would be sad if palmOne's market dominance demolished to less then 10%, but let us put it this way. I would wish that palmOS would become clearly superrior to PPCs, just like OS X is so much loveable.(Although I know this would be impossible for the"clearly" part before a cobolt device is released)
But with hardware, at least the new LifeDrive truly looks like a good companion to the Power Mac G5s, expecially the holes on the back :D

Always good for more eye candy.
(If you add in cobolt, it's UI even looks a little like OS X's aqua UI)

Thoughts on the LifeDrive(edited)

LifeDrive mobile manager
(logo from palmOne)

It seems that LifeDrive reviews are multipling at an incredible speed. No wonder, it's one of the releases with the most major feature upgrade(4gig harddrive), and in my opinion, the best looking device they've ever made since the legendary Palm Vx.

Now, it has made a big splash on release. But does this mean big sells in the future? I'd say palmOne is having a PR crisis with all those reviews contradicting each other. Among them, the biggest problems are battery life and harddrive spin up speed.
(Here's the best review I've seen so far, on Gadgeteer)

With battery life, one review said"fantastic", and I've seen others critisize the battery life. Now we need a good overall test to see whether it's good or bad. Come on, palmOne, we need numbers!

And the harddrive spin up speed, there's an extreem debate on this fourm, and once again, one side says "very bad", the other says "acceptable".

Now we need some time for this mess to clear up, but palmOne, if you want this to be a hit, you should clear up this as fast as possible.

Personally, I was really wishing this new line of "mobile managers"would be a good replacement for clies and bulky laptops; and the army to fight back Microsoft.

edit: problems solved
Look here for the battery issue(incredibly long?!)
And this thread for speed issues
Seems that this is really the killer device^^

Nintendo finally came out with something "lookable"

Behold the Game Boy micro


So this is the first Nintendo that you can consider "cool".
Game Boy fan no longer have to carry dull "plastic blocks".
Nice change, Nintendo. Intresting to see how would this effect the market this fall.
(Although, I personally am not that intrested in games, it's still good to see a well designed product :) )

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

palmOne finally made it right

LifeDrive mobile manager
(logo from palmOne)
The much anticipated LifeDrive Mobile Manager is finally officially released^^
And as in the rummers(yes, we have already know almost every single detal of it), this is an incredible device with a built-in 4gig hard drive, WIFI and bluetooth. And we have also known that you can use it as a plug in USB drive, and it can also do "folder sync" which syncs a certein folder on your desktop to the handheld.

What supprises me is the new photos if the LifeDrive. In the rummered photos, it looks dull. Also, I don't get any feeling with numbers, so I didn't realize the size. But now, as now photos are comming out, I realize that this thing is a beauty, and keeping in mind that it has a harddrive in it, it seems incredibly small.

a list of reviews

Next time, palmOne should do a "palmbook" with a clam shell form factor(just like the clie UX) with a bigger harddrive, that way, we can have "tiny notebooks" ^^

Saturday, May 14, 2005







從淡水看八里 Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New computing life

Here's something many may have said before: "My PC sucks." Yeah, mine sucks, too. Although mine is already more stable then many of my friends, it still fails to boot once in a while.

So, I find my self using my clie more and more these days. Not only for making notes, music play back and the usual stuff you'd do with a PDA; but, web surfing, word processing, spread sheet editing, reading e-mail, news reading and blogging are all done on my clie(including this post, too) for the past weak. I find doing web surfing on this much better. Since it isn't as smooth, it will prevent me from wasting too much time on the web. And, to me, palm OS feels much better then windows. Most things are much faster due to lack of "junk code".

Yesterday, my PC showed a message saying "we are sorry but windows did not launch successfully", and I responded simply by switching the power supply off. I'd had enough of XP's lousy experiance. And I'm more sure my next one will be a mac if I had the money.

So, just passed a week with my clie as my primary computer, and it was quite pleasent.

Monday, May 09, 2005

The Lifedrive is no longer just a rumor!

palmOne home
palmOne Announces New Category of Mobile-Computing Products
'Mobile Manager' Line Joins Handhelds, Smartphones

So, palmOne it self is anouncing the Mobile Manager line to store a lot of your music, photos, movies and documents. Since it stores that much, and the first of the line is coming later this month(just as told in the lifedrive rumors), this indirectly varified the presence of the lifedrive. :)

Now, I can't wait to see the real thing.

However, I'd wait if they comeout with a 20gig+ model in the future.

The rumors: | 2.more discussion


Get Firefox!
終於可以用firefox上b了, 真感動...
PCMan extension for Mozilla/Firefox

他還很愛國的在pcman extention首頁上放了台灣觀光局的連結呢

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The new sony walkman E series- crippled badly

It was so shinny, it looks like a fragrance bottle, it's so beautiful that you want to own it.
But it's a sony, arn't they notorius for not playing MP3s?
Sony has opened up and it supports MP3s, they tell you.
So it's great, ...
Wait, it's still crippled even if it supports MP3s!

Here's why:
I went to their Q&A site for those walkmans, and this is what I saw:

1.Can I use my own USB cord?
(from what I know, a sony USB cord for PDAs costs about 30USD, what if this one costs the same?)

2.How do I charge?
Plug it in with the supplied USB cord.
(What if I'm on a trip without a computer?


3.Can I see my music on it with the "exploror"in windows?

4.Can it record music?
Use sonicstage.

5.Can I delete songs on it?
No, use sonicstage.

6.Can I change songs titles on it?
No, use sonicstage.

7.Can I load songs on to it with the "exploror"in windows?
No, use sonicstage.

So everything is tided to sonicstage. In fact, that Q&A is unneed, since you can just replace it with one simple sentence: "Answers to all questions are No."

You wanna sell me a crippled sonicstage slave? Eat my shorts!


This is it, I'm staying with my Clie as my main MP3 player.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Are you skining Firefox or are you cloning Safari?

Have been looking for a new Firefox theme to match my mood and for a fresh look. But, as I browse along, I've noticed that about 1/4 of the themes I see are Safari mods, another 1/4 looks exactly like Safari. That makes half of the themes "Safari look-a-likes". Yeah, I know that there are many Apple fans out there (I, in fact, also installed a dock on my XP machine), and yes Apple is real good at eye candy. But that does not meen you've got to flood the web with Safari themes. You like the look of Safari? Fine, go get one of the "meny" choices out there(which all look the same), Download it and use it, thats all. Don't waste your time doing another duplicate to further waste web hosting space. We've had enough.