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樓下實驗室一位我很尊敬的研究員因為老闆去世,即將失業;卻因為自己年紀、資歷都不小了大部分可以做的工作都「over qualified」。看他很勉強的擠出一點微笑對我說「回家領失業救濟吧」,感覺真的很惆悵,也不知道該如何回答或安慰他了。


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[普利司東公司/please don't...] 水管阻塞…




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Comprehention and interpretation

Communication has always been an important part of human interaction. However, each concept can be worded in multiple ways; while each string of words can also be interpreted in several different ways. During this communication process between two individuals, the message can thus morph in unintended ways on each side, be it worded wrong or interpreted wrong.

Sometimes a complex concept is familiar to the message initiator, and thus he/she expresses it in a rather simple way. The message receiver, however, might be completely unfamiliar to this concept, and thus unable to decipher the full meaning of the message.

People might assume that the person seems stupid in being unable to comprehend the message. Enter the concept of intelligence. I think it is reasonable to define human intelligence as the ability to make links between concepts. Thus, a person who is generally perceived as "smart" would, for example, upon seeing a new form of tool, make a link of this new input with something pulled out of memory, and thus come up with a new idea of how to use this tool. Or, upon facing a problem, the person would be able to make a link with a solution pulled out of memory, and apply the solution. Coming back to message interpretation, understanding a message requires the ability to link this message to pre-existing concepts in the interpreter's memory. In the case of mis-communication of unfamiliar concepts, if the interpretor is not familiar with the concept that the message initiator is trying to express, then the interpretor has nothing in memory to link this concept to, no matter how smart he/she seems.

In conclusion, life experiences and prior reading that are stored in memory is crucial to expanding the pool of "linkage candidates" upon exposure to new concepts. And thus, our ability to comprehend and interpret is proportional to the amount and range of our previous-storied memories. Meanwhile, assumptions of messages "going through" when it was interpreted in a different way, seems to be an important component of everyday conflicts.

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Old City Coffee: Sulawesi Kalosi Toraja Grade1

Old City Coffee: Sulawesi Kalosi Toraja Grade1

This week's special at Old city coffee (Reading Terminal market) is a uniquely spicy bean from a little island around Indonesia. Low acidity, low in the oils (only slightly creamy), but pretty sweet with a woody flavor, a hint of maple syrup, and leaves a lingering taste of dark chocolate in the mouth. Also, the ground powered gives a slight smell of cinnamon after the infusion.


喝起來感覺弱酸,油質感也很弱。(不知為何Old city今年烘的豆子都不太有油脂感)有種濃烈的甜味,有點像楓糖又有點像麥芽糖的感覺。檀木香還是一直都在。喝完會殘留黑巧克力的口感在舌頭上,像台灣在賣的那種明治85% cacao的感覺。咖啡冷了之後開始有印度香料的感覺,還有一點佛堂線香的香味。

好久沒碰到這麼奇妙的豆子,這隻豆子 Old city coffee只賣到3/8喔,費城的朋友想試試的快去找XD