Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sony Cybershot H5

A digital camera with 12x optical zoom. I like it because it's a
consumer grade camera with manual shutter/aperture controls. Yet the
price is too expensive for me at this time. You might ask "Why Sony?
Sony stuff are all expensive." Well it's because I like Sony's user
control interface designs, and I need a camera that uses memory
sticks, which my Clie handheld(PDA) can read.

Seems like the H5 doesn't sell well. Why? At first I though it was
because most people just want a light weight, good looking simple
camera. But today I noticed something else: the price, 17900NT is
close to the Nikon D40 DSLR(with kit), which is 20100NT. So, with such
a close price, most people would just go for the D40. Crap, stupid

Friday, January 26, 2007

One week into winter vacation


寒假,不知大家都在忙什麼,PTT/PTT2 上異常的冷清。若是因為一群人去了花東,那應該只有車社相關的版才會冷清阿。但我常逛的版全都很乾淨,似乎 BBS 是大學生活的一部份,放假了,也從 BBS 放假。不對吧,不是有在忙課業時才要少掛版嗎?

今天晚上,花東團陸續回到各自的家。不過今年,我不再屬於那一團。因為新進社員幾乎都是花東進來的,似乎車社的「世代」也都是以花東的梯次來算的。 共同的回憶、一同入社的,形成一個獨特的世代,與其他世代也就有了那麼一點距離。社版陸續出現花東團的文章,但我這次是個旁人,對於那些東西永遠只能理解 80%。不知不覺的,成為社上老人,比較熟的人一個一個淡出社團;新生的認識也不多。現在的車社,已經不是我熟悉的車社了。時間在流動,我在改變,大家都在改變。我所熟悉的車社將在幾年後只能在回憶中尋找。

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Info Blockage in Taiwan

Some people in Taiwan are short sighted. I don't blame them.

I feel that there is something similar between Taiwan and communist China: Both have communist controlled news media. Some people say that we have great freedom of journalism, we to an extant, yes, the Taiwanese government doesn't control the media; yet it neither
regulates either. Some news company here are partly owned by the Chinese government (Such as that T**S TV news station, which is a company from Hong Kong, which is acquired by the Chinese communists). Some others are just plain biased in their view and reports what ever the Chinese like. So what's the problem here, and what does that has to do with info blockage?

Obviously, these media report from a Chinese point of view. They believe that China is the greatest, and despises all other countries. Other then local Taiwan news, they focus on Chinese events, squeezing out the news from all other countries. Thus, the Taiwanese who only watch TV and/or read Newspapers as their source of news are ignorant of all that's happening else where in the world. Even worse, some news media give people the illusion that "Main land China IS the world" (A concept originating from the old days of emperors when they used "Under the sky / 天下" as an acronym for the Chinese empire, and saw everywhere else as irreverent places of the edge of the world). I know some Taiwanese companies are saying that they want to enter the global market, but instead only went to China, a clear implementation of this illusion.

More over, our notorious news media has a structure of reports consisting of over 70% fiction. They report everything thats "likely, yet not true", sometimes they make the linkages them selves, such as in "it's not hard to imply from this...". But worst of all, they sometime even "act" out fake news, such as that reporter who played with the fire hydrants in several high speed railway stations, claiming that it's too easy to release the alarms "by accident".

So, living in Taiwan, we really should be careful of what we believe. Choose the news source that has less fake news, and to know about the world, read foreign news sites on the web, such as BBC or New York Times. One advantage we have over real Chinese is that we have un restricted internet access, so we are not restricted to the dumb ass fiction news nor the Chinese propaganda.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


在 yahoo blog 看到這篇,覺得很有趣



~2/28 的展覽是
The Flow Market, 販賣各種東西的超市,如勇氣、新鮮空氣...
3/22~5/17 則是展出 Happy Living

Monday, January 22, 2007

BCT 助教工作

根據助教的 email 通知,我們是 BCT (生技核心實驗) 史上第一批大學部的助教


On spam

I am recently reading Michael Crichton's State of Fear, and I came over this interesting paragraph of some guy reading his email inbox:

"Then he checked his emails, sorting through twenty offers to enlarge his p***s, ten offers for tranquilizers, and another ten to get a new mortgage now before rates start to rise..."

Sweet. Fully depicted what mail people usually get everyday. I have once read in the news that "enlargement pills" were the No.1 most received email in the world... Holy crap!

The jumbo jet reborn

People love revenge stories, sort of.

Several years ago, Airbus was selling planes at historical new highs, while Boeing seemed to be in big trouble, with scarce orders. Airbus was getting all the news with it's new "full double decker", which was code named the A3XX at the time, while Boeing has it's own inner management problems, and struggled even with coming out with a new product draft. They scrambled to answer the A3XX with an enlarged 747, but it seemed that no one was interested.

Now times has changed and it's quite the other way around. Boeing has got traction with it's sells department and got lots of 777 orders, winning back the fame of the plane company to get the most orders from Airbus. Now it's Airbus that's the one with complex management problems. The much anticipated A380 (the official name of the A3XX) double decker seemed to have many testing problems and the release date was delayed again and again. While Boeing, with it's new alternative concept of fast, agile, fuel conserving and comforting interior design has gotten many orders for it's new 787 (previously dubbed 7E7) dream liner, which would also go into production soon.

The 787 (Photos from

Now, taking the fuel efficient technology and the modern interior design from the 787 development, Boeing is introducing a renewal of the legendary jumbo jet: the 747-8. It uses the same ultra fuel efficient next-gen GE GenX engines, bird-like upward curving wings for better aerodynamics, and is slightly longer then the current 747-400. But for us passengers, the most significant change is the new interior design, with larger, comfortable seats, curved cabin designs for better looks and larger head space, and many other touches to make future flights a more pleasant experience. Of course, airlines may still change this and squeeze in as much seats as they could, as they do now. But at least this is a good start of focusing on the passenger. And as the seats may be changed, I guess at least the new compartments and cabin panals would be still there.
The 747-8 door-two entryway featuring a dramatic sweeping staircase leading to the upper deck photo (Neg#: K63904)
The new 747-8 intercontinental passenger jet is expected to be flying in 2010. Can't wait to get a ride on these new jets.

Boeing's new plane promotion site
Boeing releases new interior for 747-8
Businessweek | Boeing's reborn 747
More photos from BBC news
Wikipedia | 747-8

*Interesting note: A Google search of "747-8" gave me this: 747-8=739...

Saturday, January 20, 2007


All photos



經過九份後,從基隆山登山步道旁的叉路往下滑到金瓜石,發現黃金神社竟然被劃歸黃金博物館園區。票價 70 NTD,學生票 50,害我一度想掉頭回家。還好只要不進博物館就不用買票,只是要牽車進去不能騎就是了。在看導覽圖時,有工作人員熱心的過來解釋,服務態度相當棒。看在服務很棒的份上,下次若帶人來我會心甘情願的買票。









半路有個很有趣的柱子,寫著「世界人類が平和でありますように」與「我們祈禱世界和平」,下面還貼了個有趣的貼紙 :目









看完神社後,離開金瓜石,回到九份接回縣道 北102,繼續往牡丹、雙溪的方向騎。離開了九份,北102變得更漂亮了,而且幾乎沒車,可以自己一個人享受風與自然美景。也許這就是一個人的浪漫吧。





路標標示九份到雙溪要 5km,想說既然我只是要到兩者之間的牡丹就要轉上侯牡公路了,應該一下就結束了。結果,5km 只到雙溪鄉鄉界orz 而牡丹位於雙溪鄉內,結果我總共走了 10km 的山路(前半上坡後半下滑)才到侯牡公路路口。這次下坡時,明顯的感覺到自己載上次摔車後,成為下坡速度不超過 40km/hr ,過彎以 30km/hr 以下壓車的安全騎士T_T 不過可以慶幸的是,這 10km 一路上完全都是視覺享受。而本來想在牡丹補給的,卻只發現一個荒涼的國小,只好在空腹,水又喝光了的狀態下殺上侯牡公路。

侯牡公路(印象中是 北37)總長又是個 10km。 前 2km 為陡上,接著下坡 0.5km,然後是跟武嶺有得拼的陡上約 3km,接著就一路滑下去,約在 8km 處進入侯桐,最後 2km 是侯桐通往瑞芳的那段平路 + 一些小坡。前面那兩個陡上還真是夭壽,尤其在能量用完,血糖低的時候。套句客家話:「肚子邊歸農啦」(餓到好像肚皮可以貼到背部去),真是我當時的寫照。但這段縣道好歹也是標示著「示範道路」,一路上路況極佳無坑洞,山中風景很美。而且我還看到一整個家族的台灣藍鵲(只是為了看他們,煞車停下來之後,他們被驚動飛走,而我又要痛苦的上坡起步)。最後,還是回到了熟悉的侯桐。在看到熟悉的景色的瞬間,心裡暗中叫好:「接近瑞芳了,我要補給!」



Max speed: 52.5 km/hr
Distance : 47.51 km
Ride time: 2:54
Avg speed: 16.4 km/hr
Odometer : 5529.9 km

Friday, January 19, 2007


喔 yeah! 總預算沒過耶






奇怪了,既然對於自己想要什麼都已經確定了,還迷惘甚麼? 想要研究病毒作為自己的職業,卻不確定是否能申請上學校。對於她的感覺已經無法再壓抑,卻害怕將來會連朋友都當不成。喜歡旅遊的感覺,卻覺得很花錢,而自己目前為止還是個家中的寄生蟲。



Thursday, January 18, 2007

The 2nd blow

Plutoed from UW applications


Starting to wonder if I would be in the mood to goto Hokkaido this summer...



我一個人獨自在家裡抱著電腦 XDD

Saturday, January 13, 2007


日本 2ch BBS站的可愛動畫

Friday, January 12, 2007



一下車就去騎車到大一女舍前面的 ATM提錢
很自信的想說,我領過幾次了,應該對 ATM 很熟了吧


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So here come the Apple iPhone.

Revolutionary multi touch screen, which could detect more then one touches at the same time. Whole new user interface. Looks real thin and cool.

Here's what I think.
Steve Jobs got a point. Most "smart phones" out there forgot that you make calls with a phone. They got tons of flashy functions, yet it's really hard to make a call. Watching Steve make the call with an iPhone in his presentation seems really simple. I like how all the call related functions are easily accessible, how easy it is to place call, answer calls, and even make conference calls. Yet, I don't like the contact list. It's a long list in alphabetical order, where you need to do extensive scrolling to find what you want. In that perspective, I prefer the Palm OS address book application, where you just write in the name of who you want, and you have it. Other then that, the phone aspect of this gadget is very nice.

The touch screen looks really nice. But with 4 years of experience on touch screens, I would say that these things very from every device, so you could never be sure if you like it or not before you get to use it in person. But no matter how good the touch screen, an on screen is never good. Try typing an email with that thing, you'd be driven crazy before you get to the second paragraph.

The new "swipe & gesture" based control method of the multi-touch
interface seems best for iPod controls. Apple should bring it over to the next version of the iPod.

Safari (the browser), on the phone, seems interesting. It loads quite fast and renders web pages just as a computer would. But that's the problem. It only zooms in and out. What if you find a wide web page with long paragraphs across the screen? Do you want to do excessive scrolling (I did that ocassionally on my PDA, and it is a pain in the ass), or do you squint at the tiny fonts?
With Netfront on my PDA, it wraps the lines fitting the paragraphs on the narrow screen by auto introducing line brakes in the page, eliminating the need for side scrolling. That is a must for mobile web browsing if you don't like itzy-bitzy fonts, yet I don't see it in the presentation.

600USD with a 2 year contract? Yuck! You could get 3 Treos (with contract) for that.

So it is revolutionary, but not affordable at launch. It could take off if prices drop, though. Also, it's not out till June, Apple still might make changes to it, so the problems apparent now, may not be in the future production product.

Apple - iPhone
Apple - Presentation video
LAtimes hands-on report by David Pouge

The first reply

" I regret to inform you that we are not able to offer you admission to graduate study at the University of California San Francisco."

Okay, 1 dead, 7 to go.

Actually, UCSF's program doesn't focus that much on virology, thus it's not the best choice for me. However, this is like a reality check, and it reminds me this:

1. I've got crappy GPAs, and not that good GRE scores. Other then that, I have no special experience nor rewards to report. Yet I only applied for the top schools, where the competition is most fierce. At first I thought only U Penn is the top choice, and other are OK; but I realised later on that all of them are top schools, way to late. Thus, due to my stupidity, my chance of getting an admission is not very high.
2. I still haven't got any idea of what to do if I was rejected by all of them. Do I try for another year? Do I try to find a job in biotech? Do I change courses, and get any job I could get in any field? One thing for sure, job less and without an admission in the US feels like a vegabond far away from everything that I've known.

I usually do not believe in my luck, since it usually sucks, but PLEASE, PLEASE, let my luck be a little better in this critical year of my life, when I am is this incertainty.


Loving someone means that you should take care of that special one, and not let them be worried about you.

Yet, it is at your weakest or most confusing moment when you wish the most that there is someone there for you.

I need to be strong, I need to be brave, I need to be confident.

Monday, January 08, 2007



  • Creamy feel: 只要淺培就可以出來的有如牛奶的淡淡又舒服的滑順感
  • Buttery feel: 深培之後出來的濃郁的感覺,有如奶油一般厚實。


Should I hide my feeling or show it all out?

If I put it all out, will someone suffer under the weight?

One thing for sure, we are all learning as we go.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Grad school applications

So glad to say that all applications are finally submitted.

Now on I have to keep track on the process if every thing is properly received, and hope to get interview notices soon.

Interestingly, favorite application targets change. At first, I hope to stay in California so I could stay with friends and family, but now, from a research topic perspective, UPenn and U of Pittsburgh is my favorites due to their great selection of viral labs. I can choose to work on almost any virus I please at UPenn, and the group that discovered Kaposi's sarcoma herpes virus (KSHV), which is one of the most interesting viruses to me, is at Pittsburgh (what a surprise!). As for the 4 UC's, they don't have as much viral studies, so I need to aim on specific labs. And, U of Washington, which I previously assumed to be a safeshot, turns out to be one of the top research institutes... So, turns out that I didn't chose any safeshots, I am either getting to be a one of the best, or failing completely. Isn't that exciting??

Friday, January 05, 2007


昨天, 我的膝蓋重獲自由.

器材部分, 已經補買了手套&車燈, 同樣摔爆的背包, 還在考慮要買新的還是直接繼續使用破背包......

北海道的日期嘛......煩耶, 障礙越來越多, 而且全是人為因素

Tuesday, January 02, 2007



一同到 San Diego 玩的朋友中,竟有其中一個被另一個發了卡。看來這半年來也發生了不少事呢。不過怎麼這樣呢,這麼一來,我的朋友中又多了一個好人。


Monday, January 01, 2007

First day of the new year

因為週五到新竹玩,當晚只睡了2~3 hours,然後隔天又到苗栗馬那邦山爬了 6hours 的山(photos here) ,回來累的不得了。雖然週日睡了很多,今天元旦還是睡到快中午,吃完午飯又繼續狂睡。新的一年以萎靡的一天開始XD


下午睡飽後,上P2,發現糖果版有了不少正面而陽光的文章,心情連帶的被帶起來。恩,新的一年還是要抱著希望 : )

總之呢,新的一年從一顆學生頭開始 XD


最後,A happy new year to every one !