Tuesday, September 28, 2004

心情: stupid comments

a friend of mine killed his old blog and did a new one
as boring a I might be
I posted a stupid comment longer then his own "re-open notice"
writting about the way he killed his blog...
I guess I read too much of Mary Higgins Clark's novels this summer... :P

photos: 中秋夜...

high lights:

但忙著吃, 卻沒拍什麼照片...
>starring: basa幫主, BX &健淵馬麻


^ 馬麻打虎拳喔...

Comment: The browser wars part II

As with the recommendation of some US security government to trash IE and the release of Firefox 1.0pr, all the magazines and relating sites started to write about alternative browsers like crazy. Funny, how come these guys suddenly started to recommend switching? It's like they are tolerating the lameness and unstableness of IE for years, and then all of the sudden, they finally "relized" that IE sucks. Come on does it really take you years to figure that out?

I have been using Netscape since it first came out, far before IE even started it's development, and never in my life have I switched to IE. I simply can't stand that slow, unstable, ugly and confusing thing from Microsoft. They even built IE into 98 to kill Netscape. What's more, Netscape(ver. 4.x) used to be very stable on 95, but on 98 it started to crash frequently, and I strongly suspect something dirty in 98 was done to make that happen.

But while IE continued to crash into the XP era, since ver.6, Netscape (now with a mozilla counterpart and a gecko rendering engine) seldom crashed on me. Netscape 7.x, no matter on 98 or XP, never, ever crashed in my face. And since IE is integrated into windows, it might be the only browser on this planet that will open security backdoors to your OS.
^a screenshot of Netscape 7.2 with "google bar" and "multizilla" extensions installed

Ironic as it is, after Microsoft unethicaly trashed Netscape years ago, now the offspring of Netscape, Mozilla Firefox is fighting back, geting all the attention and fame.
firefox 0.9.2
^a screenshot of Mozilla Firefox 0.9.2

(I'm not going to do any deeper coverage since you can read more then you need at any news stand or book store, or farther reading here)

Anyways, for a easier life(with tabbed browsing), less ads(ad blocking), less viruses, less worms, a safer computer and much more great reasons(if you are reading this with IE that is), please click on the links on the sidebar on your right and get a mozilla based browser for free right now!

P.S. Flash player doesn't come with Firefox(but it does come with Netsape), so you should get it your self at www.macromedia.com

Monday, September 27, 2004

Saturday, September 25, 2004

note: 希望の白いウサギは ようこそ~

私の 新しいblogpetは
ここに 住みましたよ~

希望を 持って来ますか?


心情: 等待...

"Everybody's waiting for something..."




opinion: 中秋節吃什麼?





Thursday, September 23, 2004

note: just anotber compatability test


~blogging on myクリエ~

Reval: 關於三菱汽車

Mitsubishi Motors admits to further cover-ups


Comentary: Let the media revolution began!

So, CBS admitted it's "misreport", thanks to a blogger.
This makes me think if I, as a blogger also, have the duty of picking out the media giant's wrong doings.
I am already long unsatisfied with the media, expecially when the TV news in Taiwan sucks like no other, constantly reporting boring stuff such as how "beautiful" some model is, how big is her brest; or praising comunist China as THE superpower of the 21st century; or asking the victims of some disaster stupid questions such as:"How do you feel?"...And much more garbage that makes our whole family ditch TV news more than 6 years ago. What's more, I'm recently ditching radio news because they suck, too. Now, since I've ditched TV and radio altogether, what can I say about the media?
Oh boy, if I can't critisize them, I can still boycott them. And maybe I would post something unreported that I noticed about the world we live in from time to time.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Change of web usage

Last Friday, both teachers of the two classes that I've taken said exactly the same thing: "The 2 worst ways for a collage to waste his/her life are chating on MSN(instant messaging)and fooling around on the BBS system." Not only is the fact it self intresting, with 2 teachers mentioning it in a day, you can already guess it's significance.

But then again, I used to take long hours reading those fourms and other sites when I was at my dorm. And I guess you could say that I was wasting my life in a different but similar way. And that was also during my freshmen year.

Now this is a weird semester, I happened to ditch BBS and IM altogether, not using it for almost a week, and even quit my habbit of going on line everyday before bed. Don't know why, but after that tiresome "frershmen welcome camp", I seem to prefer sleeping to web surfing. I now just check the web for no more then an hour a day, on my clie with WIFI.

But really, I guess I may be just tired of the web because I used it too much during last semester and the summer.

~Blogging on a Clie with WIFI wireless connection~

Saturday, September 18, 2004


當初選這門課大 概只是看它剛好可以塞我的空堂,而且在ptt上評價不錯吧。而且很幸運的在第一階段就選上了。沒想到就這麼stumbled upon a gem。只看課程名稱的話會以為只是一門敎工程師要有職業道德,上面講課,下面睡覺的課。But you can't judge a book by it's cover, 昨天去上了課才知道是怎麼一回事。

首先,光是教室就很特別,竟然是工學院的國際會議廳耶,有舒服的椅子、地毯和冷氣!(此外,這裡的wifi無線網路是免登入,開放式的,而且訊號特強喔) 接著,課程內容更是嚇人。基本上,本課就是每週聽一次演講,做好筆記,期末再交個報告就行啦。重點是,演講人不但有各科系的教授、主任,還有企業主管、經 理,甚至法官都有。演講內容從倫理延伸,包羅萬象。這種可以輕鬆而且不受拘束的學到一堆東西的,才是我要的通識課程!

第一堂課,當然是做課程介紹啦。在介紹完修課的規則後(如評分方式等雜七雜八的)老師先以倫理學的觀點做討論。其中有些東西還蠻有趣的,就列出一些作為food for thought:
>什麼是道德?使人受益、尊重別人、使自己精神上受益。(well that is what I remember...)
>為何要遵守道德?(Intresting, but I can't think of a reasion other then the following: Be ethical if you don't want to screw up your relationship between others!)
>What is right? What is wrong? 我們自己對是非的認定一定是對的嗎?(我想我們的是非觀念來自從小的學習,從中架構出我們的價值觀。而且不時的依照旁人的種種反應和人際互動來把自己的市非觀念修改到一種能被社會接受的地步。這是社會化的一環吧。而修改的準則就是要尊重別人並讓自己安心吧。)
>我們對於法規,只是因對權威的畏懼而遵守,背地裡卻對其毫不尊敬;美國人則會respect the rules。(well, kind of, 只是美國還是會有不尊重法規的吧)
>在大學時是我們很多觀念型成的時候。(So we need to think more...find answers to questions)


但其實老師是要我們從各禮拜的演講中找出答案。也許修完這堂課後,我對這些不容易回答的問題會有全新的見解呢。Anyways, 很期待從這些演講中能吸收到多少東西,當然這並不只包括倫理。

Last note, 緣分不知為何物(we still have too much we can't answer at this age, huh?),但在這堂課中找到的2個我認識的同學竟然都是之前國文課的同學。

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Review: Sony anounced new Clie VZ90

Ok, this is only a news review, because I haven't seen the real thing, and maybe won't even have a chance to see it in the future.

Finally a new Clie!!!
From the website, we can see that this thing is quite similar to the TH55, with only some small differences:
1.A OLED(or by Sony's termanology, organic EL) display.
2.Double sized battery.
3.CF card slot/support.

And some unpractical stuff to make it look cool:
1.Media software(movie& music player and picture viewer) rewritten to look like the "Do Vaio" suite on the new Vaio computers.
2.A disc jog from the famous so505i cell phones sold in Japan.

But the biggest difference I've noticed isn't in the product itself.
1.Advertised as a portable media player instead of a PDA/organizer.
2.DOUBLE THE PRICE of the TH55!!!

The OLED display is indeed beautiful, but if you have to pay double the price, I'd rather go with a transflective TFT-LCD.
And if any one from Sony is reading this, I well tell you that I can do anything the VZ can on a NX. (Yes, I can make a NX play music & movies from a CF) Besides, I got more software(photo editer and photo stand for example) to play with and an additional camera.
So the VZ is great, but unless with the price of a TH55, it won't sell.

Wonder if this is one of those show-off that aren't ment to sell, just like the NZ90. If that's the case, I would be looking forward to a striped down version (maybe a VX80 or something?) for a lower price.

心情: Something about our school

Being a sophomore who already been in this school for a year, I would thought that I've known all about our school, until now, that is.

1.The bright side: our Biochem professor
Before we decide to take a course, we usually look up the profile of the teacher on the BBS. Info we get usually include how much you would learn from the course, is it easy or do you need to work hard, does the teacher give high grades, is it easy to sign on...etc, and all the kind of stuff students usually care about. But, if the course is assigned to you by the faculty, you usually don't bother to look him/her up at all. And that was the case with my Biochemistry. I just took it and sat in class, not knowing what to expect. On tuesday, when I first went to the class, it was just an introduction, and I just felt "not bad", although I kind of recall my former roommate recommending this professor. And today, when I start to think that he is good, he started to show off. He was talking about the history of Biochem, and happend to mention the legendary Linus Paulin, who got a Nobel prize for the discovery of the alpha helix of polypeptides. And then it came. He said that Paulin was his teacher! That means he was at Caltech I guess. And then he proudly showed of a picture of himself with Linus Paulin! Wow! Now I'm really looking foward to what he can teach us.

2.The dark side: No PE class?!
Now for a rediculus one. After you read this, you would think "Wow, a university advertising is self as one of the best in the world can ACTUALLY not have enough PE class!" How sarcastic.
Ok, I can't get to sign on to any tennis class because of some strange reason. No money! Because our government has no money, they cut back on educational funding. So our school has less money, and the faculty cut back on courses, which leaves most of us without PE class simply because there aren't enough. What's more they say that we are having layoffs at the department in charge of our PE classes. Now, we are paying more fees each for education, and we are having less courses to choose from, and it would be worse with each passing year. And yeah, our government is poor, because some politician was constantly riding around in a chopter, and guzzling up billions so his son can have several grand mansions in the US. And he still denies it. Now that's enough.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

notice: another new title bar

就迫不及待的在中秋節2個禮拜前, 換上了
(糟糕, 中秋節過後我可能會捨不得拿下來吧...)

心情: 選課與加選

這學期選課特別難選, 於是之前就把希望寄託再加簽上. 但才開學2天就發覺加簽更難. 動物組織實驗應為人太多, 加開晚上第三班, 結果我必須在下午的植物多樣性實驗一做完, 在10分鐘內解決掉晚餐, 然後又緊接著做動物組織實驗, 也就是連看6個小時的玻片/標本. 然後俄國文學欣賞(通識), 因人數過多, 下禮拜再決定是否簽; 日文則直接不簽; 網球則抽籤沒抽中. 一堆課簽不到, 使我的課表頓時異常乾淨. 讓我開始有要衝醫學院加簽那超有料的免疫學概論的衝動. 課表太涼了...

一天前還在為如何排出輕鬆一點的課表而煩惱說, 尤其剛發現動物組織實驗要晚上做時還真的很不爽. 但是今天在查到她們系上必修的生理/解剖的時間竟然是一整天123456789再加上第二天1234時, 我真的嚇到了. 她們系上比我想像中更接近醫學系... 那課表比我的操很多, 而且還要在2個校區間來回, 我的課表跟她比起來還算輕鬆吧. 忽然想通了, 來這裡唸書並不是只為了過快樂而輕鬆的大學生活, 而是來努力求知的. 好吧, 既然如此, 就衝一個, 能修多少就盡量, 能學到越多越好.

好, 就放棄日文, 衝免疫學概論吧! 那豐富而有趣的內容真是令人熱血沸騰啊, 念這個學校就是要用力的"吸"知識的!!

只是, 好不容易開始覺得愛情接近時, 生活的重心又要回到課業了..., wonder when well we both have time again, but even though I don't have the answer, I believe that there will eventually be a chance, and I will hang on to my hopes and wait, 'cause hope is my source of energy for me to go on.
爆肝的日子, 我來報到了...
肝, 肝, 肝肝肝,...

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

notice: 要去宿營~~

Gone camping
so won't be blogging for a while

Monday, September 06, 2004

notice: 耶換了新的title樣式

intellidryad's blog 換新衣

下回預告:中秋節版即將現身, 敬請期待!!!

隨筆: 恭喜桃園的臨時抽水管線完工


有問題應該要趕快解決, 而不是只知道政治鬥爭; 人家缺水, 你們還在打口水戰? 獎懲也應該是完工後再檢討, 而不是在解決問題前先打擊士氣.

自來水公司以非人的速度完成工程, 是應該獎勵的, 其實5天完成這樣一個大工程是有點誇張. 只希望臨時趕工的工程品質不要太差.

新聞上有一張照片, 一個小女孩高興的拿著容器在水龍頭下裝水, 只可惜水還是的...

我怎麼突然開始關心起桃園了呢? XD

Review: Netscape7.2

First of all, I'll answer the question in my last post on Netscape7.2. Upgrade? If you are using 7.1, upgrade if you like, but you don't have to. But if you're using something older, I would say that it would be best if you upgrade to at least 7.1, since it blocks popup ads.

What new stuff do you get from the upgrade?

Most stuff mentioned on their "what's new" page are already in 7.1. And the new search functions from Netscape bar are already present in google bar.
Actually I don't notice much difference between 7.1&7.2. I've only noticed 2: 1.A new Netscape tool bar for quick access to the netscape portal site. The tool bar also has buttons that highlight the words you searched (which also comes with Google bar), one to turn on/off the pop-up blocker, another to clear the browser's history, and one to automatically fill in forms(of course with info it previously collected from other forms). Over all, it's quite handy, but Google bar is still better, so I normally hide it when I don't need it. 2.some minnor tweaks to the preferences window which give you a little more control over your privacy & security settings. Other then that, when you upgrade, it dumps all your old themes, and you would need to reinstall some 3ed party add-ons/ extensions.

Ok, if you are happy with your 7.1, don't care for the Netscape tool bar, and won't use any extensions that require the newest release, then you don't need to bother.

But if you are still using ie, it is best that you use ANYTHING but ie. For the safety of your computer from ie directed viruses and adware, a browser that isn't ie should be used. As for the popular KKMAN in Taiwan, it's a ie add on, so I wouldn't consider that as a different browser.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

just a note

耶 觀站人數破百了!

但怎麼沒幾個人回文呢?(ok, 事實上只有一個)

另外, 若是同學用Anonymous回文
若能加住一下自己的綽號或ptt id

comment: Just another stupid typhoon

So after all the warning, preperation and inconvinence, typhoon songda decided to attack japan instead. All that trouble for nothing!
All right, it's still much better with no typhoon. I don't want to see more disasters, more chaos and more "fooling around at home doing nothing". And I finally can enjoy my last part of this summer vacation.

惡搞: 哇下次總統大選真熱鬧




從小勵志當總統的許信良要不要try again?

just kidding



Comment:Just watched The Terminal

After "a hell of a night", I had a great night yesterday. An unpleasant night for the next day's superb experience, huh? Now, is that what you call redemption?

Since another typhoon is coming (bummer), we went to see it on the first day it got on the big screen (why "we"? you can post your guesses as comments ^^), and with ahead planning of just well an hour I guess, was that exciting!

Great movie

Can't believe Tom Hanks is still sooooo good! Although he is American he still acts so good that you could swear he was a foreigner, and from an imaginary inexistent country. The point is that he not just acts as if his English isn't good. (With the answer "yes" for every question. Just like what my aunt said a Mexican in America would do) He showed us warmth, love, kindness, generosity and integrity that you could only find in some less wealthy places. (Which is what I like about the people from southern Taiwan, they are so kind to people) And these are just what we are losing in an urban society, pulling the distance between people farther and farther apart. And these qualities are what makes everybody crazy for him. Something, but I don't know how to say it, makes people feel that this guy is much easer to get together with then the guy in charge of airport safety, or even that flight attendant he liked. It's what makes people think he is interesting or likeable. And from this movie and the movie Forest Gump, we can see that this is what Tom Hanks is best at.

"We are all waiting..."

That's what the guy told the flight attendant. Yes, we are all waiting for something. Waiting for the freedom of being a college student. Waiting for a girl to come into your life. Waiting for a chance to work for your own money. Waiting for the time when you can afford a car...etc. For me, some are pass tense, some are still somewhere in the future. I guess you wait for something because you believe it will come, and this faith in the future is what we call HOPE, something that gives us the will and the power to live on.

Background of the story

The guy came from a country that was unstable, which made him a "somebody from nowhere". This reminds us of how some people in East Europe are still struggling. Even at the exact same time I'm typing this, and listening to music, there's still people in Russia and Chechnya suffering from some kind of sad power struggle or war or something else... Which reminds me how fortunate we are, living in a wealthy and recently peaceful Asian country such as Taiwan. Although we live quite well now, we cannot forget the fact that our neighbor China is blood thirsty (looking back in history, I wonder why the communists of the late USSR and North Korea also seem blood thirsty? I don't think Marx promoted communism as a pleasure to kill), and prepared to attack us at any moment. But all we can do for now is wish that someday the communists would change their minds and realize the preciousness of peace.

Ok, so much for the politics (I still think too much, do I?) After loads of thrillers full of special effects and nothing more (e.g. The Fifth Element, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman and The Day After Tomorrow), I'm very happy that there's finally a new movie that emphasizes on our hearts, not more booms, splashes, flashes, whams and bangs. We've waited long enough for a good story, not just big scenes, dazzling colors and ear splitting sounds. Although The Terminal still has the old "kissing scene" that was once ubiquitous in every Hollywood Movie, as a whole it is still great. And I would be glad to recommend it, really.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

A thought on maturity

I once read in a book: "Maturity beganes to grow when you can sense your concern for others outweighing your concern for yourself"
But then you agonize when you can't do much but worry.
Which means you've got more growing up to do.

Having fun with Mozilla/Netscape

Have stumbled upon a website about easter eggs (which are little stuff programmers put into softwares just for fun). And if you use a Mozilla browser (Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla...etc. ) , try this: type in


in the location bar and see what you get! Different versions get different stuff I guess.
After that, there's this "book of Mozilla" at

Now that's funny.

Oh, and try this:

Hate vent: A hell of a typhoon

All bad stuff comes in just an hour...
首先是我灌在PDA內的離線瀏覽器在搞怪, 但那還是小事. 最大的問題是, 因為最近每週一颱, 這禮拜輪到"桑達"攻臺--我們辛苦準備的宿營極可能延期; 若真的延期那內容和參加人數可能大減, 甚至人力格大亂. 然後一回到家, 爸就突然說筆電不能帶去宿營(我猜他可能要用來"監控"桑達颱風的動向). 雖然對於他昨天才答應, 今天又變卦有點不滿, 但那臺notebook也不是我的, 只好怪那颱風. 好吧桑達罪加一等. 也只好緊急通知相關負責的同學去跟別人借. 結果我共打了7通電話, 其中有一組空號, 一組打錯的(他手機門號換了...), 一個沒開機, 一堆沒人接...總之只有一通電話找到了該找的人.
All right, this is the first year I start to hate typhoons. One tropical storm per week? GIVE ME A BREAK. At first I was just forced to garrison at home, hanging around doing nothing, practically wasting my life. Fine, at least no harm done except feeling boring for a day or so. And then the last one prevented me from going to this movie date that I really wanted to go. Now it's getting on my nerves. Then the same one cut out the water suply to the home of this person I really cared about. (For more then 8 days, and it's not over yet) And now the latest one's going to ruin all the hard work we've done for more then a whole month. Now I'm angry. CAN'T THOSE STORMS JUST LEAVE US ALONE?

Panasonic boomboxes aren't made for humans...

While DJ-ing at school yesterday with a Panasonic boom box, I totally experienced how ridiculous it's user interface was designed. I guess the guys at Mitsushita only wanted their stuff to look cool, but it never occurred to their mind that gadgets should be "actually used by normal humans"; not to be "admired by geeks".

First of all, it uses a jog wheel to control CD song selection instead of volume; as for the volume, you use some hard to press buttons. The result is that when you try to jump to the next song, you may go "oops" and turn that extremely loose wheel too far, which make it skip 5(or any imaginable number other then1) songs instead of 1. And if you would like to charge up the volume from a scale of 20 to max (which is 50), congrats! You've got the opportunity to press that damned button 30times at a rate of 1 press per second, so you've got 30 seconds before you hear the max volume you wanted.

Second, the stop button double as the CD/tape switch. So when you want to stop a CD, and you accidentally pressed twice, congrats! You're in tape mode, and all CD controls are automatically disabled until you switch back to CD mode.

And since it's a CD/Tape combo, the guys at Mitsushita are doing what they are good at once again-mixing all the buttons together into a mess which prevents you to figure out which are for which function or which are for both.

OK, so the UI (user interface) is crap. What about the look which is intended to be cool? Well, I guess you can't expect too much from a boom box. The one I was using is OK, and the only model I would consider "cool" was the JVC that looked like a cannon (and was introduced years ago).

So the UI is mediocre and it only looks "OK". I would only buy that if it was something like half the price of others.

Starting to hate typhoons...

I hate Sonda...