Tuesday, August 31, 2004

delete notice

由於選課時間已過, 為免我的課表被挪作他用(如摸清某人底細以利虛擬綁架詐財)

心得: 有機讀書會結束了...

耶, 終於念完了. 今天講到課本的最後一個章節時, 有種莫名的成就感.
上個學期結束時, 還是對有機沒什麼感覺. 念了半天, 結果考期末考時, 竟對考題感到陌生, 感覺好像沒念過一樣. 最後還很心虛的拿了6字頭的學期總成績. 難道這就是一學年的東西在一學期內塞完&小小打混的加成效果?
雖然我是在大家已經進行一半時(7月底)才加入的, 也因此沒有機會上臺導讀. 但還是感覺效果不錯. 雖然如果叫我明天就去考試, 我可能還是會爆; 但至少現在已經對the big picture 較有概念了, 感覺比暑假剛開始時踏實多了. 感謝各個導讀人的付出, 更感謝taco發起這個讀書會.
讀書會若有好的組織和規劃, 還真的會有很好的效果.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Netscape7.2 fresh from the oven...so should I upgrade?

While adding the "Get Netscape" link to my template
yesterday, I noticed that Netscape7.2 is already
avalible for download. While still happy with 7.1 ,
it's always nice to have something new to play with.
But most of the feature on mentioned on the site are
already present in 7.1, with this new version, I guess
all you get is faster speed& unnoticable minor tweaks.
And what I'm concerned of is 7.2 maybe won't accept my
old theme that I used with 7.1. But it might also be
another "under promoted" great product. So I guess
I'll get 7.2 and play with it for a while, and maybe
write a review after that.

Saturday, August 28, 2004


連續一個禮拜每天到校上班, 衝完道具組之後, 各個活動練完又練, 驗完又驗; 無數的練習, 無數的驗收, 讓我越來越煩...
結果今天練早操一和二時當了逃兵, 在漁房睡大頭覺.
完了, 我竟在宿營一個禮拜前失去了動力.
雖然知道當活動結束後, 一切的努力都值得了

Friday, August 27, 2004

心情: 死撥接...



Comment: The battle of handheld devices

PDAs were like all so good last year(that's when I bought my Sony Clie NX73V), with several old companies coming out with lots of new models(eg. HP, palmone, sony...), and some newbies comming in to the market with more new models(eg.garman, tapwave). But just about at the turn of the year, sales dropped, sony ditched the clie(sadly) and others bleeding. And many people started to say stuff like "smart phones are going to kill traditional PDAs" or "Microsoft is starting to kick Palm's ass". But I diagree with both.
There are 2 kinds of smart phones: the phones with all the whistles and bells(well the more common kind), and the PDA phone combos(like the treo & the P900) With the first kind, I think they are still just phones, and I would never want to "multi tap" everything into my datebook or todo list with a phones' tiny number board. As with the second kind, by the standards of a phone, they are bricks; but on the other hand, their tiny screens would never compare to my NX73's 320x480 transflective LCD--both are too small.
And with the battle of OS, I still prefere PalmOS's simplicity. I would hate to tap that many times (starting from that crazy start menu) to get what I want. And I certainly wouldn't want to "release memory" once in a while just because programs are still running in the background after you thought you told it to exit. As with SymbianOS, yes, much simpler than "You know what"OS, but I guess it supports too little software, they are still catching up. As for multimedia, yes that was once a weakness of palm, but not after the OS5 clies came out. I think clies' software does much better then PPC's media player.
After a year happy with my clie NX73 and a black and white screened simple PHS(not GSM) phone with email capability, I think phones should still be phones, and PDAs still do better in everything else you would expect from a great hand held device.

Thursday, August 26, 2004


Hi, everybody!