Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Plans for the remaining days of my undergrad life

As I start preparing for tests and prior work for grad school applications, I start to feel that I don't have much time left here.

Here's what I'd wish to achieve in the comming 1.5 years before graduation. This is what I call "reasionable day dreaming" :D

Summer 2006
1. UCLA lab work (Horray! I found it!)
2. Buy camera, ソニー サイバショットH3, H5(more control) or N1(coolness)
3. GRE general test
4. Find graduate school targets

Fall 2006
1. GRE subject test, bio & bio-chem
2. send graduate school applications (a least 15, I guess)
3. 家教打工見つける (saving up for biking trips abroad :) )
4. find next lab for the school year (This time, I 'd like to focus on viruses)

?. 北海道自転車旅行(too cold in winter, but I'm busier in summer...)
?. 蘭嶼自転車旅行(all seasons ok)
(of the above, find at least 3 friends, with a max of 6)

Summer 2007
さよなら 大学生活~~!

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(money......err...i'll try my best to save it..)