Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pandora: Can you help me discover more music that I'll like?

Find Music You'll Love - Pandora

Just found this amazing web jukebox in an article on rohdesign, and it really amazing!

It's a flash based music player. You first enter an artist you'd like to listen, it then starts playing a computer generated playlist with songs of a similar taste, guessing the type of music you'd like. If it picked one you don't like, you could tell it to choose another one, and it'll refine it's guess, to better suit your taste.

The sound quality is quite nice by on-line streaming audio standards. What I like is that it's just like a personal radio station designed just for you, and you could accidentally stumble upon a piece of music that you like but never heard before.


Mike Rohde said...

Hey, glad you like Pandora! :-)

intellidryad said...

Hi, intresting how you found this place. Guess blog managments softwares are getting more and more amazing.

Welcome! And I liked your blog. It's on my Avantgo RSS :)

Mike Rohde said...

I found it through a Google search I have running on 'rohdesign' which helps me keep up with those who might mention my site, I like thanking them for the links (as you can see).

Thanks for keeping up with my blog in AvantGo -- I'm very honored. :-)

intellidryad said...

I thought you had records of links to your blog from mine on your access log or something :D

Never thought you could use Google that way, though.