Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gap's Jeans sell

Went to Gap because they are holding a "recycle your old jeans" promotion, where you get 30% off a pair of Jeans if you bring in an old pair; 10% more off if you bring a coupon from Gap's Facebook page.
So I dropped by our local Gap just to realize that all Jeans are 40% off already, no need for any coupon nor old jeans recycle. So the recycle promotion is a joke? Anyways, 40% is nice. But then the Jeans they have don't feel as good as the worn out Gap Jeans I brought in to recycle... And the huge words "MADE IN CHINA" are written in extra large text on the pockets inside. Man, these Jeans are $32 after the discount, and you print this oversized (the area size of a adult's foot) sign of blatent cost cutting? Are you trying to send people to Target and find Jeans for $19.99 instead?
End of Rant, Gap was awesome 5 years ago, not so much anymore.mood

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