Sunday, October 03, 2010

Old MacBook

My Old MacBook has been showing it's age for a long time.

It's slow for many tasks, and would shut down it self if I move it. Thus I've relegated it to web surfing only.

Yet recently Adium (my IM client) has been acting up, somehow it always thinks some of my MSN friends are off line; and it always tells me that it couldn't add some friends to my list. Trying to fix it, I reinstall it, and it cannot even log into the MSN messenger network anymore.

I've found that the latest version of Adium fixes all issues, yet that requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). But my old MacBook is still on 10.4 (Tiger).

I wonder should I upgrade my OS. My old computer worked very well on Tiger, so I was just too lazy to upgrade. But now, I also wonder if my old, old hard drive would survive the upgrade...

Ahh... issues with a 5 year-old computer. Why can't MSN just work like it did in the old days? Why should I be forced to upgrade the software?

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