Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Which book? Macbook or Vaio FJ?

The new Macbook or the Vaio FJ?
Just as I was about to decide on the Vaio, Apple released the new intel Macbook that replaced the iBook G4. Previously, I hated the white & cubic "plastic feel" of the iBook. But now, it thinner, it's lighter, and there's a black model, removing all that I hate about the iBook. What's more, the Macbook's pricing is really nice. With a similar hardware spec list, it's cheaper then the Vaio, but it's dual-core, while the vaio isn't. And it's got the ever-stable and friendly MacOS X!

But, what disapoints me is that the Macbook isn't avaliable here in Taiwan yet, and the cheepest model is still white. The black casing is restricted to the top model, which is too expensive to me. What's more, most 3rd party Mac apps arn't universal, or intel compatible, yet(requiring the rosetta powerPC emulator).

On the other hand, with the Vaio, it's got Sony eyecandy, but since it's the cheapest vaio, the specs are so-so. And, it may suffer if you load Vista on it in the future.

Macs have problems with processor transition; while PCs with OS transition. But damn, I need a notebook in this freakn' time period.

Should I just pass and depend on my Clie for the 2 months of summer? (Doesn't seem too good to me...)

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