Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cyclub president election

That guy just doesn't get it! He is so naive!
He thinks that repairing bikes for the whole school is doable (WTF?), but he hasn't even repaired his own bike! He doesn't understand.

Why are the recreational ride trips so unpopular? They seem too difficult to out siders, but not challanging enough for clubmembers. You wanna advertise for every trip, every week? Fine, get expelled.

He is dreaming a fantacy, but he doesn't know that he isn't so "omnipotent". He has no experience, he can't fathom the hardships, but he THINKs he knows.

Go get experience, go see the world, get the whole picture into your mind, before you attempt to lead us. Before that, I don't want you to ruin this wonderful club. It's be a tragady to kill what you love so dearly by heart, with your own hands.

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