Monday, May 29, 2006

Notebook search(2)

Last time I was considering the Vaio FJ(39000NTD) and the Macbook(really cheep, but only avaliable in the US for now), now they're both out of the list. The FJ is too heavy (2.4kg) and made in China. The Macbook also has the same problems (2.36kg & MIC...)

Then, I really liked the Vaio S, which is all well (Made in Japan, great looks, great specs with dedicated graphics, light and under 47000NTD), but discontinued and out of stock.
The new Vaio SZ is too expensive(51000+NTD) and too flashy. (seem to shouts out: "steal me!") It's rumored that the SZ is also out of stock.
And a problem with Vaio's is that they come with no CDs, you can burn your own recovery CD, but can't get all the needed drivers (which is not on the CD, and only some of them are avaliable on their site). So installing a clean new OS on a Vaio is almost impossible.

Then I started considering ASUS (Which is mostly made in Taiwan, nice). Well, their website is crap, with tiny photos, ambiguous specs and no price range. The U5 seems okey, but just okey. Light, reasonable price(39000NTD), and very unimpressive specs. It also has an unimpressive design, sort of blends in with the crowd. The W5 seem better, a little more expensive and heavier, but the camera on the top of the screen doesn't look right, sticks out like a sore thumb.

For the fun of it, I went to see the Dell Inspiron 710m. And boom! Seems like the greatest deal avaliable, nice specs, 12inch, under 2kg, and much cheaper then the closest ASUS U5. It's a WHOOPING 32000NTD!!! Just as I was about to like it, I saw the photo, and boy, this is certainly the most UGLY thing I've ever seen! Behold, the uglyist thick slab of plastic in earth: photos of the Dell Inspiron 710m Sorry Dell, I'd never want to hug that kind of thing around, you're out!

So far, the Apple Macbook seems to have the best combination of specs, design and low price. (1099USD/about 35000NTD) But could only get it in the US. I could goto an Apple store in LA, but then, my software collection would start from scratch. There's less freeware, and our school only provides us with the PC version of Office, which means I'd have to buy it. The Missing Sync for my Clie would be yet another investment. But hay, I might just use boot camp and bring my own copy of Windows and Office... hmm...

Or, I could look for more ASUS's...

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