Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What has Firefox done for the world?

I'm now playing with IE 7 beta 2. Seems nice, but not as good as Firefox. However, Firefox is clearly what made Microsoft push out IE 7. Let's see what Firefox has done for the world:

  1. Let the world know how IE 6 sucks
  2. Let people know that you aren't stuck with IE, you have a choice
  3. Popularlized the concept of Free software
  4. Popularlized tabbed browsing
  5. Forced Microsoft to work harder on IE 7 (which is, frankly, quite nice)
  6. Forced Opera to strip out the ads and be totally free
  7. Reminded lazy website managers about the importance of standards and browser interoperability.
  8. Made web surfing a much better experience
  9. Taught the world that there's something called a "browser", and it's not "just the blue E"

Now, about IE 7.

The new interface seems nice, clean and provides more space for your webpages. I expecially like the way they made adding new tabs stright foward. But here's the complaints:

  • You need to "click to activate" flash movies before they work.
  • Takes a long time and a reboot to install.
  • There's no way to import bookmarks from other browsers.
  • No bookmarks toolbar, you need to dig-into the favortes menu.
  • Slower then Firefox to activate.

So, IE 7 is my new toy, while Firefox sticks as my main browser :)

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