Thursday, May 18, 2006

Treo 700p video introduction!

Treo 700pIn my previous post, I was unimpressed with the spec sheet of the new Treo 700p, but after seeing this video, all I could say is: "Wow!"

See the videocast on here.

You've got streaming video, streaming audio, instant news updates, online software searchs... etc. All the great implementation of a next generation broadband mobile network. SprintTV simply rocks!

The sad thing is that this is the next generation of mobile phones, our current GSM/GPRS networks cannot provide this kind of experience. This clearly needs 3G networks, which means global rollout of this model would be slower and harder, since most countrys haven't upgraded to broadband mobile networks.

But finally, we finally see something out of Japan and Korea that makes 3G networks really make sense.

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