Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cyclub website new design

I'm planing to give the NTUCyclub site a face lift + an English version site
So, off to sketching!

This is my latest design, black & white blockyness, Japanese style. The main idea, came from Sony Japan's Walkman site, though.
But, still, need to ask for suggestions for this one before we move on to the computer.

This is my first remake. Thought it was cool, with colorful gradients and photos, also a washed out background photo. However, when my friend saw this, she asked:"Is this the drawing of the present one?" Then it hit me, yup, this just look like the recent one, marked up with some minor changes that are brought over from the current Wuling site.

However, the wild card in this project is that it could not be done if I couldn't get a new notebook for the summer. (Couldn't do image manipulation on a handheld, could I?) And now, Mom doesn't seem to like the idea of buying my a notebook... (I want a Sony Vaio, but it's too expensive, and also out of stock...) If unfortunately I can't get a notebook, I'd have to just translate the current website to English, which is quite boring; by editing raw HTML code on my handheld, which would be painstaking :(

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