Monday, May 15, 2006

Freshly announced Treo 700p & Vaio UX

Treo 700pAfter all the rumors, the "not so secret" Treo 700p is now officially anounced.

Comparing it with it's predecessor, the Treo 650, it supports EVDO highspeed networking, camera upgraded to 1.3MP, more memory, and the crapy Realplayer is replaced by the amazing PocketTunes(should have long ago).

So much for the incremental upgrades, this is not fun nor exciting, they are just doing a minor upgrade to the 650. (Boring!)

Although the Treo 650 was a big hit, not everyone liked the formfactor. Comeon, man, give us something new!

Vaio44Now for something more exciting...
Sony has been hinting on this release for days with this flash movie.
Behold the Vaio UX ultra mobile PC, the latest update to the Vaio U series.

The Blog jkOnTheRun has a report on this, and many pictures. The Japanese Sony fansite, So-Mo has more on this.

It runs XP pro, instead of Microsoft's new "Origami" : XP tabletPC ed. for UMPC.

What's exciting about this is the way Sony's marketing presented it with a cool adumbrating flash site. It also seems to have many similaritys with Clies, such as the slider (VZ like form factor), a capture button and the Power/hold slide switch. However, it's way too heavy(yet another brick), and too expensive.

Kudos for Sony on the marketing part. Palm should really take a page from Sony's book. However, the price of the UX is restricting it to wealthy techies, it would never be a hit. Wish the next generation would be more friendly.

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