Friday, October 07, 2005

Once again, raining when I was planing to go biking

Some how, you feel that something or someone is against you.

Just this summer, a typhoon forced me to postpone my biking trip around the island; last time, another typhoon prevented me from going to Tamshui. And the trip to Hualain, where I should've been going today, is a total mess. First, yet-another-typhoon a week ago caused land slides which picked out our main destination, forced us to do an emergancy route change. Then, the one who's in charge of plaining the trip had an accident, forcing farther plain and personal changes. And now, a big rain(or should I call it a storm?) moved in for the kill and terminated our ill fated trip.


Almost all the filth F-words that I could think of I had already said to my self. But what else could I say?

So much for all the work, plaining and anticipation. Yet another precious 3 day holiday, wasted.

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