Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Official Google Blog: Guess what just turned 34?

GmailOfficial Google Blog: Guess what just turned 34?
And intresting take on email from a developer of Gmail. It's great that we have a company that actually thinks in terms of "how we should serve our customers" instead of "how can we squeze more money from our customers". That's the philosophy that made Gmail so great to use(or did the oppesite make Yahoo mail or Hotmail the Ad cluttered busy beast they are today?). The 2Gig plus free storage is just a gimick that draws people to register and try it out, but it's the fast, clean, unclutered interface and some revolutionary designs within that make people want to stick with Gmail as their main email account. As some like to say, "It's the little things that count." We're seeing this with Apple, Palm and Google, but absolutly not with Micro$oft.

As always, if you're a friend of mine who'd like to try Gmail, contact me, I now have 200 invites^^a

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