Friday, October 28, 2005


Just got Hitoto Yo's (一青 窈) latest single. Decided to get it right after the first time I heard it. Regardless of the high cost of singles, I decided if it's really great music, it's still worth the buy.

Hitoto Yo's music always gives you a smooth and sweet mixture of Japanese traditional folk and contemporary style music. Sometimes even with a little twist of Taiwanases folk (She's half Taiwanese). Once again in this release, you get

1. かざぐるま(風車)
The theme track of the movie trailer of 「蝉しぐれ」
You get the feel of the nature, scenery and beauty of ancient Japan, which is the background of the movie. Even though I've never seen the movie, it's still great music. Might be another one of her songs that I never get tired of.

2. Hotch-kiss
Playfuly describing someone who's deeply in love, who wants to kiss all day long, as if the couple was stapled together. (The name of the song is pronounced the same as "stapler" in Japanese.)

3. 空蟬
A sad song with a little blues. The "not-so-good" song of this single.

---Ranting beneath---
It's been a long time since I last saw a CD worth buying. Most of the recent releases are all crap. The kind of albums that contain only about 3 songs that are just "not-bad", the kind that you'll get sick and tired of within 3 weeks. And the rest of the album was filled up with songs that prompt you to press "next song" on your player soon after it started. What's more, I'm seeing them selling those garbage for about 400NT a piece! That's a total rip off! The record companies really should quit whining about MP3 downloads and commit their resorces to produce high quality music that will really keep us from sticking with our old music collection. Give us stuff that we really want to buy even after we downloaded it, damn it!

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