Friday, October 14, 2005

At the handheld shop

3 days ago, I brought my beloved Clie NX73 to the handheld shop where I bought it 2 years ago. I wrote down 7 problems (yeah, that's quite a lot) on a post-it note, stick it on my Clie, and told the guy there I wanted to send it in for repairs. Some how, he can't log in to the computer that prints the recipts, so I waited for him to fix it.

Then there came a girl with a Palm Tungsten E. There was this thought for a second in my mind: "Boy, is she beautiful!" But then I went: "oh, what the hell, you have nothing to do with her..." But really, I've never seen a girl with a Palm, and it's amazing how an elagant device adds style to a person. There was this cute little sticker with her name on it, on the back of the TE, and overall, it's well protected, with few scratchs. She said that it was dead (yeah, after a summer vacation without touching it, but wait, a summer vacation? Means she's a student, right?), and the guy tried soft and hard resets, to no avail.

Oh well, eventually she decided that she doesn't want to wait (and doesn't seem happy that repairing needs $$) and left. And I eventually got that repair recipt, and off my Clie went to a pricy repair.

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