Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Damn, TOEFL on line registry sucks!

(yet another way Micro$oft is making this a worse world)
Whew, just finished signing up for the exam, was that hard.

At my first try today, on the test day choosing page, I got a blank calender.
Then, after reloading several times and click on the time I wanted, I got a BLANK personal info entry page.
I clicked on "Next" and got a message saying:
"An error occured, please try again later."

Now I started all again from step 1, where you chose your country. All went smooth until I filled the personal info entry form and tried to submit. Then I got another "An error occured, please try again later."

Then even the first page gave me "An error occured, please try again later."

After several "errors" on the first 3 pages, I finally got back to the date selection calender. And then this page crashed Firefox!

After that, proceding to the 3rd step, and clicking "next" once again took me to step one.

Then, finally, I proceded sucessfully to the last step.

Damn, on one of the error pages, I saw it read "Microsoft .NET framework". Now that sucks. Thanks a lot Microshit!

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