Saturday, November 19, 2005

Spotlight on my dorm...


Officially this is a male dorm room of 4, and of course, with 4 residents.
But actually, we have uh... 7, I guess.

3 normal residents, 1 perminent resident
(yes, I mean "always" by perminent, someone is rooted in this room, either in bed, or glued to "The World of Warcraft"...)
2 female weekly residents, and an additional resident who appears frequently.

We have 4 beds, 2 are occupied by 1 each(I'm one of which), another occupied by a couple, and the other occupied by 2 male + 1 female...

Is this a ghost house or what?


Anonymous said...


The "Monster with 4 legs" appeared
And there is not only one


I think u might have the same feels about your roommate as BX XD

intellidryad said...

Let me clarify.

They slept together, but no evidince for any "copulation"...