Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Another new start at the lab

After that major setback 2 weeks ago, I was considering giving it up all together, and just focus on my studies and exams. But, I guess it's just not easy to give up something you love so much.

Since the exams is no longer that intense this week, I returned to the lab today, with plans to take care of all the undone stuff, and finish off my project, prepare it for the next one to come and tackle it. However, this morning, as the time to go gets near, I got excited, and all the hope seemed to kick in again. I rewrote my plans as soon as I got to the lab. After a discussion with my instructor and an acknowledgement of the whole situation, it turnes out that I still have the materials to start off midway. A fresh and slow new start is not nessecery. HOPE, it's really back. Haven't had this sense of hope for a long time. I'm more excited now.

OK, this time, I'll do it slowly, carefully. This maybe the last tackle at this project, since I don't have much time left. Much more major exams are closing in. With a whole new attatude, but not a fresh start, I hope I can do it right this time.

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