Monday, November 28, 2005

The abserdity of the Sony Walkman A series

ソニ☆モバ: 本田雅一さんもウォークマンAへ失望

Seems like the new "Connect player" desktop software that "was supposed to sync with" the Walkman A series, is even less stable then the notorious Windows95. You get constant crashs, errors, and corrupt databases. The funny part, is that in this Japanese article, it mentioned something in the Q&A of that walkman, which instructed you what to do after you installed "Connect player". You'll fail to launch it, and you'd have to go to "task mannager" and "force application termination". In other words, please use "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" to close "Connect player"! This is pethetic. Releasing a software that is as stable as "Alpha-software" is like selling a gadget's innereds, and telling you to find out how to assemble it your self.

Sony fans are waiting for a good walkman because they don't like iPods. Now Sony is disapointing them with this crap? Well I guess the iPod nano is already the best music player. It's cool, sleak, small, stable and works as you expect it would. The only reason I haven't get one is that my Clie is doing just fine. However, although I like Sony, I would never buy such crap as the Walkman A. I would happily recommend anybody to get an iPod nano. No matter how strong your brand is, no one will buy unusable garbage. (Well, with the exception of Microsoft, though. Never figured why so many people liked their unstable stuff...)


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