Friday, November 11, 2005

Docs2go 8 is now released

The much anticipated next version of Docs2go is now avaliable. However, I'm quite disapointed. Having looking around their web site, it seems that the only difference between Docs2go 7 and 8 is the addition of "PDF to go". That's it? Yup. Over hype, under deliver. This should be released as version 7.5 instead.
Or maybe I was a little spoiled by Sony, since I've been having native PDF support with Picsel viewer on my Clie for years, while Palm user can't do that until recently. But this means that I don't need the update! Actually, Docs2go 6 was good enough. The upgrade to version 7 gives you slower speeds, eye candy and an upgraded slideshow to go that was so buggy that it's almost unusable to me. Now this upgrade gives you the addition of "PDF to go" only. Consider the upgrade fee: 30USD! A rip-off! Palm users can just wait for the open source PalmPDF to come out of beta, and save the money.
By the way, someone said that some bug in slideshow to go 7 is still there. Crap. Picsel viewer also does Powerpoint files better then slideshow to go. Horray to the Clies!

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