Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More clones? this time with PPCs

Pocket LOOX v70 特長へ
Do these 2 look alike? These are the Fujitsu pocket Loox v70 and Asus Mypal A730W
Specs look the same, and the casing is defenently the same. My guess is that Asus made this as an OEM for Fujitsu, but also sold it under the Asus brand in Taiwan. I recall the 2 already did this kind of thing with some notebook before.

Looks good, was one of the only 2 PPC I'd be intrested to play with (the other is the iPaq with the touch pad) and is the only PPC I'd consider "nearly as good" as my clie. However, I still see no reason to switch to the darkside. Start menus just downright suck.

Yes, I stick with PalmOS unless palm screwed-up badly.

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