Monday, June 27, 2005

Just saw the LifeDrive

It's finally released in here Taiwan.

I tested it today in a store and here's what I think.
The casing is absolutly good looking. The sturdy and cool feel of aluminum is just great. And somehow the design makes you think that the screen is very very big. I had to take out my NX73 to convince myself that it's the same size as my clie's.

The notorious 5sec lags are nonexistant. Everything jumps out almost instantly. (Maybe the complaining guys are comparing it to a palm Vx?) The longest lag I've seen is from pocket tunes, which took 3~4secs indexing just 2 songs. But pocket tunes is a known to have some bugs on the lifedrive, and would have an update soon. And besides, my clie audioplayer also lags sometimes when indexing songs, no big deal here. And you know what, pocket tunes on the lifedrive still loads faster then sony's vaio pocket music player(which is a piece of crap).

Everything is so suprisingly smooth that at one point I was considering to buy it as my next PDA... until I came apon blazer. The sells told me that the lifedrive is that fastest web browsing PDA he had ever seen, and asked me if I ever seen pocket IE on PPCs. I said no, and proceeded my test. He said that he was always a PPC guy, but this thing made him consider switching to palm.(good one here, palmOne)
WIFI connection is slightly faster then my clie, and blazer loads palmOne's moble portal site instantly. But then, I decided to see if it renders normal sites as good as Netfront3.1. I was expecting the same result because Access said on their site that palmOne used their rendering engine in the newest version of Blazer. So I tried the slowest, bulkiest site that I would read with my clie~ . At first I has problems with grafiti anywhere, I don't know how to tell it whether I'm selecting or writing. But eventually, I wrote in the URL. (with grafiti 2, which is also difficult for me) And now, Blazer suffers, slowly rendering the site, with text only, and a window popped up saying "not enough memory" a minute later. Hay man, didn't you have a harddrive built in? And you are telling me you can only show me pure text? I tried to see if I could force it to show not only text but also images, to no avill. Maybe I'm not familer with Blazer, but it's menu is sure confusing. Sorry, Netfront still rules, both on palm and PPC.

That's it, Blazer is that thing that brought me back to reality. The lifedrive lacks 3 essentials: Netfront, Decuma and Picsel viewer. Now, maybe I should get a TH55 as a backup instead.

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