Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Great places to get wallpapers

Some of my friends like my wallpapers on my clie or my desktop, so here's where I usually get my wallpapers:

  1. JAL壁紙コレクション:
    Japan Airlines has a great colection, renewed monthly usually comes with a calender.
  2. :
    A great site to get art, photograph, GC, skins and much more.
  3. National Geographic:
    I guess everyone knows this is a great destination if you're into photographs.
As for anime, some are great, but I don't like them to be my wallpaper, they usually make it look messy, expecially if you have a desktop full of shortcuts/icons. As a rule for a clean look, I stick with photos and keep the number of icons on my desktop under 5.

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