Saturday, June 18, 2005

Cell biology exam info

These are from my notes, if I missed anything, please comment.(BX板上也有小球的必考題整理)

-Search: What is "Yeast-Two Hybrid system"?
-Important: Temperature sensitive mutatent~ a mutant gene product is only defective in function under unnormal tempratures
-one cell is about 10 microns in diameter

-Important: tables 12-2&12-3
-Important: patch clamping research

-Search: What steroid hormone other than progestrone has a membrane receptor?
-Important: FRET~Floresence resonance energy transfer
(Check here for more info on Wikipedia)
-Give an example of the "dominant negative" receptor techneque. (Which is flooding the membrane surface with over expressed truncated receptor.)

By the way, Scirus is much better than NCBI's search engine, it shows abstarcts and searches more databases.

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icetimer said...

function of the membrane may be also important
and about the signal transduction of nerves(direction...)
just guess...dont take it too serious.
thanks for your info about scirus.