Friday, February 10, 2006

Using the address field of Firefox wisely

The address/URL field, that's where you normally type in the web address of the website your looking for. And I've always used it in it's most traditional and normal way.

However, I noticed that with some sites, like Google or Yahoo, you could omit the "www." and ".com" and just simply typing what's supposed to be in-between. I originaly thought that Firefox just added on the "www." and ".com" for you, but, today, accidentally, I saw what's going on in the status bar at the bottom of the window: when you type a word or phrase that doesn't like an URL, it first tried adding on "http://", then it sent your input to Google, and then shows you the first entry from the Google search! In other words, Firefox clicked on the "I'm feeling lucky" link of Google for you!Also, since it's just a search quary, you could type any language there. You could even get rid of some of your bookmarks.

What if you just wanted to do a google search? There's always the search field on the top right corner of Firefox at your service. But I realized that typing "google ***" (*** being whatever you want to search for), and boom, there it is!

Firefox is sometime much smarter then you think :)
Don't try this in IE, it just takes you to a stupid MSN search page telling you that they can't find what you want. Well to hell with it, who care if MSN search can't find it?

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