Saturday, February 18, 2006


1. Self-control
I seem to feel much more happier when certain intrinsic desires are inhibited. I on purposely force the unwanted desires out of my ego, into my superego, and with them, getting ridding of the related bad thoughts as well. However, I guess this kind of inhibition needs a clear mind, since whenever I'm tired and overwhelmed with stress, those stupid thoughts start to come back and hector me.

I need to get some good rest, keep a clear mind, and focus on what I have, on what's important, and on the happy side of life.

2. On relationships
Something inside seems to shout at you that you need a mate. You disagree and tell that voice to shut up. For from experience, love only brings sadness and torture while friendships usually brings wisdom and happiness. So you ignore that nagging voice and forcefully set out in search of happiness. However, you still have doubts on how long that voice could be ignored.

3. Back to school
After an insanely busy semester of workaholism and a crazily event filled winter vacation of hedonism, it's back to school again next week. Back to the stressful and lonesome world of study. Hope I could survive without crumbling this semester, since I'd be spending much more time on boring and depressing exam prep.


The firewall of self-protection of the soul is crumbling under the power of inherent desires. Hold on and fight back.

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