Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Power outage at dorm

The power just went out. All of a sudden everyone started to walk out of their rooms and talk with friends. Everyone depreved of internet access, the normally quiet hallways are now filled with the noise of chatting people. What a difference! Dormmates are finally talking with each other. These guys normally don't talk, they just sit on their seats, their eyes glued to their screens for hours. There's even sounds of playing guitars, fireworks and cheers.

The long lost interactions between humans, deprieved by technology, are ephemeraly restored by the temporary outage of a modern power grid.

Me? Now blogging on my handheld :)

Just went outside to see the commotion. It was full of laughter, full of people, fireworks going of here and there. Someone even put a "firework wand" in front of their bike and rode around, in the end setting the bike on fire accidentally. The atmosphere was totally bacchanalian!

It was said that some TaiPower guy accidentally cut of the power to the whole campus... Geez.

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