Thursday, February 02, 2006

GRE prep: Damn, I'm so in trouble

I just bought that blasted GRE preparation book today, and read through the introductions. As with any exam introduction, it includes examples of the questions that might appear in the test, one for each question type. Going through it, I realized that I don't understand even one of them.

The uncomprehensionable sentances, the never-ever seen words, the twisted logic. The fear added on with each minute I read on, eventually morphing into panic, the panic of the realization of my own weakness.



As I finished the whole introductory literature, I finally calmed down and layed out my conclusions.

  • My poor vocabalary must be improved.
  • I must invest much time and energy in this, compared to GRE, TOEFL is like child's play.
  • The math part of the GRE, however, is so easy that it's almost ignorable.
  • I must further slim down the classes/credits I take for the next semester. This is not a time to take intresting but unnecessary classes.
  • The next helf year of my life would be one of much more cortisol (stress hormone).
  • My temper would be really bad for the next half year.

And my plans:
  • Read a vocabalary builder daily.
  • Dig deep into that book, daily.
  • Find more resources, expecially more books.
  • Although the math part is much more enjoyable, restrict the time invested on it. Of which, my skills should be good enough.
  • Manage time better, throw out the unnecessary, including computer play time and unneeded class taking.
  • Workout a rough schedule for the time I have in the States this summer. Find a slot for GRE test taking and register.
Hope I could pull it off nicely like I did with my high school and university entrence exams. Wish me luck.

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