Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wissahikon X-country biking (again)


I've always thought the best way to use a sunny day in Philly is to go cross-country cycling on one of the many offroad trails in Fairmount park's Wissahikon valley. You get all the fun, the excitement, the needed exercise, the fresh air, and might stumble upon some good photo shots along the way. Only issue is that offroad trails burn through tires and break pad faster, but the fun makes up for that. The Wissahikon trails are actually neatly managed, and the bikers are overall quite friendly.


sandra said...

phili真是騎車的好地方欸 哪像baltimore@@

intellidryad said...

有錢又實力高強的話可以來念UPenn Wharton商學院阿,每週末都可以騎車喔XDD

sandra said...

沒有錢 沒有實力 XD