Sunday, April 12, 2009


To pick the most exciting adventure, I decided to make the tough decision to give up on HIV and switch to work on immunology. Maybe I'll steer the project toward a virological direction whenever I have a chance, since I am and always will be a virologist at heart.

Also, I want to cut the dependence on personal computers and quota restrictions of a pre-paid phone altogether. I shell have more freedom and more mobile. Hope I'll be a little more social without the restrictions. Well, once the Palm Pre is out, I'm on the band wagon!



sandra said...


sandra said...

i also want to cut my dependence on PC. ~ especially when i am not chatting with frnds.

i would like to use cellphone more~
maybe i should try to call frnds in the U.S.

intellidryad said...

You should first make sure your pre-paid family plan don't run out of minutes XDD

I was considering going on a $80 per month plan, which comes with 450 minutes talk time, and unlimited everything else (3G internet access, email, text, GPS map data downloading). There's a new smartphone that's coming out next month (called the Palm Pre) that I really hope to get. It's a phone that's designed to be online all the time, thus needs an unlimited plan.

sandra said...

haha. actually i dont have lots of minutes to use.

but, do you have that many frnds in the U.S. to contact?

intellidryad said...

Well, not really :P
I usually only have a small circle of close friends, no matter where I am. Many friends drift farther and become those that you contact once a month or once a year.