Saturday, April 18, 2009

iSight camera dead

Somehow, my iSight camera on my MacBook died. I don't use it much and internet connections are usually so slow that Skype video can't get through anyways, so it took me months to figure that it's dead. Actually, I still have 2 months till my Applecare extended warrenty is over, but this is my only computer and I can't do anything for 2 weeks if I send it in for repairs. I guess I have no options other then just accept the fact that it's dead and live with it...

My family is the only ones I do Skype video chats with, they told me that I should dump my almost 3 year old MacBook and get a new one. The reason I went with such a nice computer is that I planned to use it for more then 3 years. Seriously, if I've got $1000 to burn, I'd rather spend it on something like a trip to Hawaii... Besides, all the essential functions of my MacBook are still going strong, why change? Add in the factors that I'd need to buy new copys of some software to work on a new computer, more money for Applecare, and I'm not too comfortable with the new OS (Leopard)...... all in all, makes the prospect of getting a new computer less attractive.

Unless, my boss would be willing to pay for it with traning grant money. I don't know if it's okey to ask for that right after joing the lab, doesn't sound right.

Thinking about it, I guess built-in cameras on computing gadgets are always the first to go. Exactly what happened with my previous 2 Clie PDAs. It's funny how the least used component bites the dust first.

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sandra said...

buy a PC camera instead of using the build-in one