Monday, March 27, 2006

"Why does women like dumb men?"

I saw someone ask this funny question in Popular Science's FYI (for your information) section. Intreuging indeed, however is the question it self true? Yes we frequently see women on TV saying how "cute" stupid guys are, but I doubt it's the norm.

Pop Sci answered this from a zoologist's perspective, explaining that in animals, males with big testis have smaller brain, and then goes on to say that it's not necessarily that way with humans. But that's equivocating. Of course woman don't choose mates by the size of their balls(gross...)! Let me elucidate from the view point of evolution.

Let's just hypothesize that women do have more affinity with stupid men. That means that there's a selection towards stupidity, the dolts have better fitness, have more offspring, and in no time, the Human species would be one of the dumbest living beings on the planet! Neat, isn't it? Immagine a world of fools.

The Human race is not fit in many environments without the wit to manipulate it into a preferable one. Homo sepians bereft of intelligence would surely go extinct. This is absolutely un-eugenic. So, if women do gravitate towareds retarded mates, chances are that we would all be long extinct.

(Buy the way, good guys should also be de-selected long ago, why are we still here?)


icetimer said...

Great point!

The reason why "good guys" are still here because good guys are not directly born by Mother Nature. Instead, they are "produced" by those who treat themselves as "good guys" and still can't get out of the limit set by themselves.
There are no innate good guys existing in nature, I belive, it's just the matter that they haven't not find their princess yet. (Receiving denial just means that you found the wrong one, what you have to do is to keep finding, not to give up.)

intellidryad said...

Nice comment!

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