Thursday, March 23, 2006

PDA usage

Here's an intresting article from PDA24/7 describing how a notebook couldn't replace a PDA.
Can a notebook really replace a PDA?

Makes me think of how much things I replaced with my own PDA. People usually give me curious looks or say how "affluent" I look.

Actually, it saves money, here's how:

What it replaces:
1. MP3 walkman, lets say a 1 gig color screen model, maybe 4000NT
2. Basic functions of notebook, with more portability. Let's count 1/4 the price of a typical notebook: 30000/4= 7500NT
3. Good Scientific Calculator: say 1000NT
4. Alarm clock, let's be stingy, let the cell phone cover that, 0NT
5. portable games and movie player, let's just count half the price of a PSP, 3500NT
6. e-book reader, well, most people don't use this, so doesn't count
7. Cheep camera, this usually adds about 1500NT to the price of cell phones, I guess.
8. Dayplaner, make that 500NT
9. Voice recorder, let's add 500NT to the price of a multi-purpose MP3 player
10. e-dictionary: make it a cheep model 3000NT

Total: 4000+7500+1000+0+3500+1500+500+500+3000= 21500NT
While my TH55 with the 1gig memory stick costs about 12800+3400=16200NT

I saved at least 5300NT, and much more convenience.

Farther more, without a notebook, I don't need to carry a heavy "brick" on my back, count in the medical bills for spinal cord injury... :D

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